Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Here is our Smylie...a bit grainy picture..but look at him with his blankie....hangin out with his elephant!!Sweet boy!!

We had the great opportunity to go play soccer yesterday at an indoor soccer place...with volunteers and generosity in the event for children on the Autism Spectrum...we thought for sure that Sammy would take to the soccer field immediately...and he did...Smylie wasn't crazy about the whistle being blown..but he actually kicked the ball several times...he carried it more than you should in the game of soccer, i think....but he really liked the child he was paired up with..isn't that great..each child had a little volunteering for the benefit of other heart warming!!...and when it was time to go..i asked Myles to say goodbye to Ryan...and he looked at him and gave him a hug!!

Here are some more pictures of the event!!

Can you say GOALIE!!!

and i was busy Friday night working on these yummy

"Oh my goodnesses!!"

A little Pumpkin Spice

and some Creamy Cinnamon Coffee

and this Boo-T-Full Halloweenie...(that didn't sound right!?)

What are these girls all- a- chatter about???

Another giveaway!!!

What in the world!!??

This Spooktacular garland is the giveaway for today!!

Leave a comment today or tomorrow and your name will be entered...will draw Tuesday night...and send Wednesday!!

Also...go see my new stuff in the shop...and have a Love-fully!!


Anonymous said...

that garland is the CUTEST!! you are endlessly clever, my friend. :) and i am so glad you stocked your shop with all this goodness!
hope your monday is blessed,
much love, jes

Rambling Girl said...

I love the garland! Love the tassels! Gosh I love all this stuff...gotta run over to your shop and check things out!

Nanna said...

Cute garland and beautiful bracelets!

ChelseaP said...

Fun boy play time- mine would have loved that, too! I'm glad that was a good experience for you. We need to catch up... I don't know how I missed your call earlier but I just saw it and another on my phone. Sorry! Try tomorrow?

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy-Please don't count me in for the giveaway- You have spoiled me so much already!:) I ordered one of your DARLING tassels today and I am thrilled! Lori

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

YUMMY-licious "cutest boys ever"...miss you all lots....looking forward to a visit. Your tassle girls are SOOOOOO UNIQUE-ly yours!, mommy

Tocky's Daddy said...

Can you please explain to those of us who do not understand what these things are (the crafts, not your children) what one might do with them. I'm afraid, if I bought one, the person I gave it to might ask "okay, now what do I do with it?" And I'd have no idea what to tell them. Ladies, can you help me out?

Tristan said...

oh, if its not to late..I would love to be entered!

Elise said...

Just wanted to let you know that I received some very fun stuff in my mailbox yesterday!! Thank you sooo much!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got my gorgeous Pumpkin Spice bracelet yesterday! It is GORGEOUS and matches my favorite Starbuck's delight! Love the combination of sparkle and fluff- kind of like me!:D lol! Let me know when your little treasure arrives!:) Lori





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