Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!

Did you guess how many????
I cannot believe that nobody got the exact #!!
I did not even know..until minutes ago...but i was guessing somewhere in the 40's..low 40's..
There were exactly 50!!
So the closest guesser without going over is the lovely
(email me with info..details..etc...)

So....what does one make with so many yummy pompoms?? her weekend so giddy she can barely stand it...making these!!!!

Yummy pompom braceletes!!

Oh My! The colors...the sparkle..the texture!!

Pure "Falling in Love" style!!

Remember when i dared you to take a chance (post on your own blog) and ask some of your friends to join in the pompom fun...

Well......the winners of these 2 braceletes are

Debbie (she's my mom...and she is giving someone else who posted on my pompom post something special....go see if it was you!!!) from Studio Bee Creations
and Lori from Morning Glories and Moonflowers

Congratulations ladies...and thankyou so much for the bloggy love!!

Looky what else i've been up satisfying to my senses!!

...a pretty little tassel ball!!

Trying to use what i have...i am not leaving this beauty outside...she is hanging proudly from our plain Jane lamp in the living room....Schmancy she is!!

and more of Miss Pammy....from "Too many pears"
by: Jackie French and Bruce Whatley
Pamela liked pear pie and whipped cream.

Pamela liked picking pears.

So did Amy and Grandma.

"We have to save our pears!"cried Amy.

"Pears are my favorite!"

Amy picked lots of pears.

But Pamela picked more!

Grandpa built a fence around a pear tree.

But Pamela crawled through a wombat hole under the fence.

Grandma tied Pamela up.

But Pamela took the tree pear-picking too.

"We'll never get any pears!" everyone moaned.
"I know what to do,"declared Amy.
(love her pear light bulb!!)
more next time .......
Have a Love-fully day!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- First of all, let me tell you what I found in my mailbox 15 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!! You, my sweet friend, are way too good to me! I had no idea I was the hostess with the mostest!:) I am literally doing a happy dance right now!! Thank you soooooooo much for the beautiful gift package! I will be wearing my joxlette all over town and taking your business card with me.:) And the stationery- oh my! So pretty, I want to frame it! Everything is wrapped so lovely, too. And the darling candy corn and sweet tags! Joy!!!!! And you are giving me one of those amazingly fabulous bracelets, too???? I don't know what to say! They are FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much, Joy!! I will post all these treasures later today.:) Thank you, thank you, thank you dear friend.... Lori

Anonymous said...

where do you keep all your creative juices? they are just oozing out of you! how wonderful are those new goodies?! you MUST start making tassels and jewelry for your shop. :)
hope your day has been just lovely.

Elise said...

I won?? I can't believe it!!

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,
I came to visit you from Morning Glories and Moonflowers.

Your blog is just delightful!!! Love that jar of pom-poms and what a cute bracelet you made for the winner!! CUTE, cute pom tassel too! I'll be back to visit again. Have a fabulous day!





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