Monday, March 31, 2008


Sammy and i are home from our mini vacation!! It rained the whole weekend and our feet never touched the sand... but we are glad for the time we spent and grateful for our safe return home!! Tomorrow, is our work day...and hopefully sewing for me... this Thursday night i have a business conference with my Etsy shop manager...My Beautiful Big Sister... ooH!ooH! will this go right to her??? Oh! And my public relations executive has been so encouraging to me these past few weeks...okay..all my life... she's my MOM (tee hee..i will be so tickled if that works!) So lots to do!! They're all pulling for me!! And i have to keep my mind off my other half still on vacation... and my sweet smylie... i miss them so already! beach pictures to post!! ugh!! but more fun is always to come!!
Must go to sleep... must go try to figure out our alarm clock!! Hubster usually takes care of that for me... rut row!!
More tomorrow!!

When the King smiles, there is life; His favor refreshes like a spring rain. Proverbs 16:15

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fine......fine motor skills!!

Myles stringing wooden beads..


What a week!! We are gearing up for the weekend now with suitcases.. and laundry.. mostly clean.. we are going to the beach!!!! Hooray!! I know the boys will have such a great time..they get that from me!!! I love the feeling of sand in between my toes..and the smell of water babies sun screen on my babies!!!! mmmmmm...aaahhhhh! I just went on a Target run for some sandals for the boys.. and some suits for the Dada and me!! I will have to go back tomorrow...sizing issues... i will have to resist the LOBSTER next door!! Use what you have!!! Anyway..posting with a fave picture of Myles from this past Thanksgiving... he's with the DADA !!

Oh Happy day!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! Where did they go!!!...Oh..i found them!! tee hee!!
Just look at my guys!! So Happy!!



It worked but i have no idea how!! and i'm not the most happy with it.. you will have to press play... now enjoy some picts!!

maybe now!!

did it work??


That didn't work!!! i'll keep trying!!


Trying some music...lets see..

What a day!!!

We went to Monkey Joe's (an indoor inflatable play palace) today... our first time.. but our friends had been and were very excited about going!!! So, the doors open at 10 am.. we were there!!! until 2!!! I was so nervous about our boys going.. too much for them!! What do i know..?? They did great!! Myles had such a blast climbing and sliding...and climbing... and sliding!!! Sammy ran all over the place and was very chatty!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Then we took a break and headed to the park!! It was such a beautiful day today...we had a fantastic time!! These are the days!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Sweets!!!!

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonder-full Easter!! It was the perfect day to spend with our little family!
The boys had just about 20 cereal bars in their Easter baskets, along with new music, and bubbles, and Sammy got a "ring bell for assistance" practice using his pointer finger instead of usually his thumbs.. he likes it!!! Ofcourse animal crackers made an appearance in Smylie's basket..along with "POLar bear..POLar bear...."....and Sammy got a Baby Einstein book collection of the alphabet....Myles likes that too!! It really feels like spring now!!! The boys just love it outside... i've been eyeing the plastic swimmy pools...we need an upgrade from our first one when Myles was a baby!! We just leave the door open and they come in and out as they please....the pollen is about to start falling so we will keep the doors closed for that.. Sam actually is our door monitor.. he likes it to stay shut....running clear across the yard to be sure of it!! I am finishing up a bunch of sewing.. ETSY here i come... this week for sure.. here is a preview!!! I need to work on my pictures..with dino-cam!!
As i was going through to find these pictures i saw some cuties of the boys.. i will post again to share... just a minute!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Here he is!!! He is playing with split peas, barley, potato flakes, and flour!!!! He and sammy were playing together and sam was LOVING myles throwing everything into the air... laughing and SIGNING his version of more...( looks like when you pound on your chest like a gorilla...but much cuter) Dada (Lee for those who don't know him)came home in the midst of this...i think he may have some sensory issues regarding messy food items... oh well... i cleaned it up and all is well!!!
Smylie is almost the big 4!!! We cannot bee-lee-vee!! He just Loves the " How does a Dinosaur .."books and can pretty much recite them word for word... you would not bee-lee-vee!!! I type sometimes...if you haven't noticed...the way he talks... bee-lee-vee is from the LITTLE EINSTEINS..( truely, his favorite the world)..Quincy says it alot...and it was one of the first phrases Myles ever said! "I cannot BEE-LEE-VEE".. so if you see that from time to time..that is why.. and also..just about anything we would like for him to buckle his carseat...has to be just as exciting as the LEs... "SEAT BELTS BUCKLED!!! " It's fun ! and it's one of HIS things... REAL little people he can model his life after..!! and " they're really smart too"
okay..that's probably enough LE-lingo!!
I have to take this picture of'll see.
Have a LOVELY!!!!

Poor Baby Boy!!!

Sammy fell down the back porch yesterday!!!
He was holding his book and just forgot to step!! completely missing 3 steps and just landing on his nose...Dada and i were, ofcourse, running towards him in slow motion!!! what an awful feeling... as you can see ...he is still super sweet..
he makes me smile..
It is bee-YOU-tea-Full today... i am so tempted to go to the "LOBSTER"... but i still have more stuffs to makes with whats i've gots!!!!. Use what you have ...isn't that what they say... my "they" says it alot!!
Boy news... Myles doesn't have school (MMO) this week or next week... so today, he went with us to OT!! he was really good, and then we went to the bank and he got his lollipop!
PURPLE!!! mmmmmmm! sammy gets one too.. he just likes to hold it!! Sammy did some repeating
mimicking Nikki with babababababababab! It was so clear and very exciting!! Hooray for babababab! And he is making so much eye contact now when we call his name... so wonder-FULL to see my baby's baby blues!!
They are being so good right now as i type.. just playing.. and not needing too much from me... When we came home from our outing this am, we went straight outside..
Sammy found the rain water in the jogger/walker and then i found him sitting in it with a card board book soaking it soggy..oh, and somewhat drinking the water!!!! BLEGH!( insert other sounds difficult to type...)
we came straight inside to the shower... could spend half the day in there!!! Since i had trouble putting 2 pictures in last night...i will post again with a Smylie picture..
see you soon..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here they are!!!

i had to give them a try!!!...>>>>>>>>

Sweet oven!

Do you know the /MUT-MAN/ man....????
Our new oven came this weekend!!! 3 long months without warm baked goodness....except when our sweet friend would let us borrow her convection oven... within 20 minutes of being hooked up... we were getting hooked up with Yummy chocolatey goodness!!! MUFFINS!! (with carrots and yellow squash hidden inside, ofcourse)
*if i knew how to send you to Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious, with one of those fancy highlighted links...i would put it here!!!* i'm still learning. So our Smylie (Myles) was so happy...and that made mommy happy!!! Can you smell the Yummy goodness...??

* i also am having trouble with the placement of more than one picture...clearly!!! why wouldn't this let me put the muffins down here... ??????ugh!!..
* okay, so i pressed backspace and erased all of the pictures...there were 2 of the same pictures of muffins...accidentally placed..and now misplaced.... and the oven...sweet i just went back and put her back up... but where are my muffins???!! Well, i just tried it AGAIN.... can't figure it out!!! You won't be able to smell the goodness...sorry!!..
* Love this color!!
*gotta get some sleep!!!!!! more tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rut Row!!!!

I forgot the picture!!! And now it won't let me.....:(
Maybe later!! sorry.
so now it is really thursday...i was able to do it this time...all my ducks (chicks) a row....not a rut row..anymore!! Yay!!
New pictures to be posted tomorrow of the boys... FRIDAY!...

So Late

It is so late... but i thought i would try another picture... the rest of our day was great... big showers.. Sammy and i got caught in it ...but he liked it...he got to sit in a sterilite box filled with dried beans today at speech... he thought it was funny... i got him his own box for home! :) All sorts of textures...rice too!! it's back to work tomorrow, i'll try to post later... scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and take a looksee!! I want it to be the header and ofcourse all on one line, but it isn't cooperating!! ugh! Trying again tomorrow... nighty night!!

Picture Putter Inner

lets try again!!
Ooooo! it worked this time....
This is our sweet Sammy at OT with Nikki!!!! We LOVE NIKKI!!
He is having so much fun on that chair!!!Zooooming down the hallway!! WEEEEEEE! will post more later..we are off to speech after lunch... gotta run!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday!.... Tuesday.....

What a big day for me and my guys... we went to work and had a good morning watching LE and MMCH...... and then Martha for me....then it was off to play outside.... we were put in charge of cleaning up the toys...broken, unloved... to the trash!!! was so cold ..but it was still nice to get the fresh air!! Sammy, ofcourse got to swing for a long time... we had lunch outside...then at 2:30, came in for a restful movie.. LION KING!!!... and then back outside for a bit longer ...then home!!! Both of the boys are sound asleep right now as i type quickly!!. it is so peaceful here and still daylight!!.. We have Kathryn tomorrw for Myles, and Sammy goes to speech... i think Lee works in the morning..but will be off the rest of the day... i have to remember to make a LE reward card for Myles schedule tomorrow... .....I was missing the computer today..this thing sure is addictive, even though all i really know how to do is spy on other bloggers... my mom calls it blurfing.... i think i'll call it splogging... until i make some friends and i figure out my secret code in order to post a comment.... so don't lose your code... i love comments!!!
Have a great night!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, Monday!

I thought i would start the week off ...sunny side up!!!
We have a busy day today..Myles has a Kathryn visit today. He actually is still's 8:25 am... Sammy is keeping me company though...not to worry, i'm not all by myself now!!
After Kathryn visits, its off to see Nikki at OT.. it is such a pretty day today, Surely, we will go outside to play.. must call doctor to put in another rx for Myles... has rash on face.. on bum... and is sneezing... and is sleeeeeeeping!!! LOVE allergy season!! I made spaghetti sauce yesterday for Sam and he ate the largest plate ever... So dinner is made for us again tonight... grilled cheese for Myles, ofcourse...oh, and a run to the post office.. and more sewing...and then "It's a DADA" will be home.... then phase 47 of the day will be well on its way!!!.. But Spring is here..well, soon..and now i must leave you.. only an hour to go before ...
AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (that does not sound like when you sit back in your nice warm, sudsy, lavender scented bubbly bath.. fyi :} ) anyway.... but there might be time to check what's on sale at "THE LOBSTER"....more to come...
Have a lovely!!

All by MYSELF!!!

Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot be-lee-vey!!! Not a creature is stirring.... and I AM ON MY BLOG!!
WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!..This is all i am going to type ...i have to see what it looks like... Hooray for me!!





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