Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love my babies!

Let's do some catching up,eh?
Myles is doing so good in first grade.
Just little growing pains here and there...therapy has been a success..
he is using more words to express his thoughts and ideas...he loves to draw pictures on his magna doodle...his mind is a steel trap..what a memory!!...he loves his books and is really embracing his role as big brother now!
We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving...OH MY!
This kid can hang some ornaments!!
We've made gingerbread cookies...the first year in a new tradition!!
And Myles # was selected in the PDD waiver....(this is a list we have been on for 2 years.. he is now eligible for Applied Behavior Therapy Services...for as many as 3 years... or until we become wealthy enough to afford this service on our own...)
HUGE ! this is!

We cut Sammy's hair last week..
I've been holding on to his crazy great hair..he really does have great hair..fine lemony goodness.. but Lee was referring to him as we made the decision..
and he looks so grown up..
a whole new personality is showing in him now!
He likes to look at his forehead and the expressions it makes..
Sam is starting to read sight words from flash cards.
he knows so many...getting a head start on Kindergarten for next year!
ofcourse "spaghetti" made the list! :)
I thought i might reintroduce casein (milk products) to him...
I changed my mind...he had a stomach bug the week we started to give him some new yogurt..
the whole thing was so stressful deciding if it was a reaction to the yogurt or the crazy stomach bug that was going around...we just hit the 1 year mark for being Gluten and Casein free.. and have seen the most consistent improvement in these last several months...
why mess with a good thing??
What else about our sweet Sammy??
His # was selected as well for the PDD waiver! They were just 1 number away from each other.
We just found out last week!
This is such an awesome BLESSING!!
We will have several therapists coming to our home for awhile after school and perhaps even on Saturdays..
HUGE... this news!
Many of my Facebook and regular buddies already
know this...this is where all of my energy has been..
What a first trimester!!!
I am so relieved to be out of there!
Please pray for our little one as he or she is growing in my womb!
We are so in love.
I had always anticipated 3 children...
and with the lives we have with the boys, clearly it wasn't the right time before now...
Within just months 2..of this news I had (finally)sold most of our baby things in our yard sale..
(except all the stripey onesies and shirts to make a blanket out of)
and the week before, shared with my Bestest that i thought we might be finished with little ones...that my heart was nearing the edge of letting go..
my test confirmed i was
My heart sings...Oh happy Day!
I am expecting a miracle.
I hope to be back more now that I am feeling better (alive) again!
Praise the LORD!!
Have a lOvE-FuLlY!!
ps..Elise..i have a box of fabric for sorry friend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I hope everyone has had a nice week!

Last weekend i played around with my other blog header..
and this is what i came up with...
so much to share..

waiting for Dada to come home...

he's everyone's favorite pal!!


We are collecting Box Tops..are you??
My Mom and Dad have been clipping away as well....AND some of our super sweet best friends have been saving them for us also !!!
Is anyone else interested in donating their box tops to our classroom too???
Let me know...
every 10 box tops equals $1.00...
I will reward the same discount in either of my shops for collected boxtops!!
and I say thankyou so much...
there are only 4 children in our classroom..
YOU would be making a difference!!

The last gardenia of the summer!!
I am the longest good-bye-er...
Word on the street is that autumn starts next week!!
Is this true??
Say it ain't so!!
I can feel the blues a comin'..

THIS should keep me cheery!!
I'm not the biggest fan of ice cream...not like my husband..
seriously..he could eat it every night.
I must, however, be an ice cream snob!
I found this in my grocer's freezer..
fancy tin canister..(i'll be saving it for baubles later)
I eat it right out of the canister..
with a hanky wrapped around it because of it's ultimate coldness..
and see my favorite spoon!!??
I think this is a sugar spoon.
It's my favorite..
I heart cold icecream spoons..
do you??

Have a Love-Fully Weekend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

5 Years ago..

Sammy came into our lives!

Our sweet boy

we love you so much!

you see this world so differently than the rest of us..

you take an extra close look at everything..

you are cool like that..

and delicious, i might add!

and irresistable..

you've been in the thick of your own place..where you have not needed much from me,
only coming out of your place so briefly to be loved upon..
to retreat until you were ready again for more of our world..
you've been so surprising..

so laid back..

so intensly comfortable with yourself..

approaching all of life with the same intensity..

your laughter is so contagious..
you are such a light to gaze upon.

you were created so wonderfully!

this was such a lucky yellow spent SOOO much time soaring to new heights
on this yellow swing

and this hammock...
lucky little hammock!

you've been emerging from your cocoon..

at your own pace..

and we are so excited for you!!

for all of the newness you are experiencing..

even the little things are big for you

( this one had to go in this montage... elmo underwear...Mommy's shoes.. and a view...)

you've been taking your time..

that's just like you..
you know when it's time to rest..
you know when you've had too much..
you know so much!!

you know life shouldn't be about doing everything so fast..

you've perfected the art of savoring..
of dwelling...

and forever..dwell... is what you will do in my heart..

my perfectly made..
one of a kind.
Joy of my life!
Sammy Bear!

Dada and Mommy went to your school with cupcakes for your Special day!!


you haven't always...
actually, you just started liking them a couple months ago..
hooray you!

There is no doubt now!!

We had your favorite meal..

with a few decorations..

you were satisfied..

which was a perfect ending..

to the day we celebrated YOU!!!
I adore you Baby Bear!


Have a Love-fully!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


These pictures could not be more random!!
I haven't posted in awhile, and my sweet summer is coming to a close..and it saddens me so!!
So I added the brightest YELLOW to my background...must hold on for!!
and went back through some summer pictures that i downloaded on June 30th!
I was lovin' me some happy yummy coffee drinks this summer!

I found THESE!!
Have you found them too??
Cashews.. oh cashews!
These are so good..not much on the artificial side..appealing!
crunchy...sweet...a tiny salty...just a little smackerel of Yum! may fall in love!

on one of our park adventures..Smylie...and
Charlie and Roary!

Knitting and journaling...
my poor knitting...
what's that?
is it finished?
I'm not even really sure what IT is...
an aweful mess...
Yet...Way to Go for me...Trying something new!

My sweet Sammy...
words cannot describe him!
Here...peak into my heart...
see what i mean..???

Switched bedrooms this summer...
painted the boy's room(our old room)
wall by wall, moving furniture as i onto our new room...and the hall way...too much organizing to share right now...Yeeks!

I scored some chenille blankets from my mom's yard sale this summer...
we tore them in half so we could each have some to work with on projects and what not..
Sammy has claimed them...

HE LOVES TO BE UNDER BLANKETS...this just started on one of our long trips this summer...
and now he nearly tries to suffocate me into having fun with him too...
I've been lured into a pillowcase people...
i say, "no Sammy...Mommy doesn't want that pillowcase over my head..with you inside it too..there's not enough...."
And there we are...BOTH in the pillowcase..
He is so happy!
And this is one thing that is HIS thing!
He is "inviting" me into his world... and although it may be tight quarters..i'd rather be within 2 inches of his sweet face under a blanket, or in a pillowcase, than not in his world at all!

Just some summer doodling...of the solar system.

Chicken Tacos!
Sammy has spaghetti with chicken taco meat in it..
we are eating together..
we are so happy!

This was by far our best summer ever!
We were so busy doing FUN stuff!
And we are back in the swing of things now.
back to school.
we even have a new member of our family.
(story coming soon)
we are so blessed.
so blessed.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable~
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy~
think about such things.
Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me~ put it into practice.
And the God of peace will be with you!

Phillipians 4:8-9

Have a Love~FULLY day!





The Nester

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