Monday, March 30, 2009

New Shirts

NeWoooooo Cute shirt for Sammy..
he loves a little block that has an owl on i thought i would make him a shirt..
i don't have a sewing machine (yet) so...i haven't done the edges...
the boys and i will be going to visit Mama and Papa in Tennessee and an extra sewing machine
is mine for the keeping....Yay...WHOOOO knows what i may create now??

last year i made Myles a
"Dino 4"
shirt...he wears it every week...
and he is almost too old to wear it!!
so i put this one together for this year..
the elephant ear goes around the back of the shirt....i still have to sew the eye on..a large snap closure am pleased with them..i just loved doing these..
i wish i would have started when they were one...but, i'll just have to get in as many as i can before they don't like appliqued shirts anymore...
(discriptive was highly suggested by someone in the public relations department
that APPLIQUE be changed to IRON ON..
seemingly more fit for a boy!!!)
You Likey??
Have a Love-fully!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great things come in small packages!!

My Tweet Birdie package came from LORI today!!
I just had to come out of hiding and shout my Thanks!!!
Look at these little friends...the sweetest little faces...

and my morning face...Thank you so much Lori for this cup...I just bought 4 bowls that match it this week...weeeeee!

fun new notie cards..i needed some of those BAD!!!
for someone who is crafty..i can never seem to get my hands on the cutest cards that I made...or have enough sense and TIME to whip one up real fast... I LOVE THESE!!

look at this CHARMING pretty..

okay..this was supposed to be first...
I love the first moment of opening a box from afar..
it it the next moment after they were the same place..
sending all sorts of love and happy thoughts your way...

be still my heart!!
could it be???
the bracelet i was LOVING!!!
and now AM Loving!!
Oh My!!
Look at that zebra print!!
Myles came in to the room while i was taking the pictures and said "Joy"
which sounds a little like joh-we..sweet
i thought he was just trying to get my attention...
nope..just reading my pretty new letters. missing her i was taking this one, the blue ribboned egg
got shy and rolled out of the scene... they are back together again up on the mantel
and i will ALWAYS and FOREVER
be a hand written notie LOVER!!!
This are worth the extra time...!!!
This is my love you know about love languages??

OOOOHHH!!!!!!! and my very own PINK "blue bird of happiness".
If you have received one of my business cards, or have seen my little picture on Etsy,
you have seen my blue bird of happiness...and now, a friend!!
Thankyou so much Lori!!
and treasure your friendship!!
You are the perfect reason to post again!!
I've missed being able to post..
i am up to my eyeballs in kiddo stuff...
how does everyone else manage so well??
Thankyou for still checking in on me...
and welcoming me back...
sometimes, i'm paralyzed by the thought of posting after not for so long..
and i think..where would i even start??
I am not pushing sales...i get too overwhelmed with what to make...and how new and exciting it might be...i can't tell you how many things i have started, and not finished...until the next season...or YEAR!!!
I am doing tons of fun things with the boys...some,my ideas..LOTS, from other fantastic moms who have it all together!! My Mom keeps sending me more links that she finds...and i just go there...and get the great ideas..(Thanks Mommy)
just a little crafting....
i vow to post with no pressure..
just me..
i may go back into my shell for some refuge every so often..
but i just need to sometimes...
it's a cute shell...all decorated for EASTER....and overflowing with plastic eggs right now...
i just love all the pastels
and the pretty chocolate....
and the LOVE
of our heavenly Father..
i changed up some of my music on my playlist..
i hope you take some time to listen..and reflect with me...
may you feel pursued as i do so often...
How Love-fully!!





The Nester

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