Friday, April 30, 2010


I am so GRATEFUL!!!
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to everyone who donated for the walk!
It was a beautiful day..
The night before the walk, I was on a official date with my hubs.. Our amazing therapists had a date night offering for several families..
What a huge blessing!
We went out for pizza at Happy Pie, then we went to Barnes and Noble..just browsing..
then to get a coffee at Starbucks...and back to get the boys..
3 hours people!!
This was big!
and we were told that the boys did great!

The coffee was much needed as i stayed up late pushing these shirts through my machine!
Nothing like the last minute, huh?
I work best under pressure..what's up with that?

Sammy sporting his new puzzle tee..

Dada with his new shirt too..
A few of our closest friends came..and it was so nice to spend this time together..
Thankyou, our sweet friends!

Just sayin'.
Have a love-fully weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Queen Of Procrastination....

Hello My Friends!!'s April AGAIN!!!!
Autism Awareness Month.
I am sure you have been noticing all of the memorabilia and news and ads asking for and sharing support. Every time i see a puzzle piece or Autism information out where everyone else can see it, i sort of feel exposed and vulnerable when you trip and wonder if anyone saw that..maybe that is not the best example..I am not embarrassed in any way, i just feel like all of our efforts to BLEND in are realized as more and more people KNOW..

I wear one of my Autism blooms nearly everyday... an accessory i am so proud to wear.
I started a 6 week class called "playing 5th base-learning a new parenting game" just this past week. WOW!! So many sweet families that are there...soooooo early on in their "finding out"..
We are only 2 years in...
and the progress..Oh the progress!
Our perspective continues to change...
we have felt carried through this...the boys have worked so hard to overcome their obstacles, and we have had an amazing support system.
Ever reliant on our God... for
the Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

being the queen of procrastination that i am...
panic has ensued..
The Strides for Autism walk is next Saturday...that's one week from yesterday!!!
We have a team..AutismBlooms...and a goal to raise $2000.00.!
So far we have $ we are a tad short.. I think we can raise it only 1 week!!
what do you think???
That's like...1,850 giving only $1.00
or 925 people giving $2.00
0r 462.5 people giving $4.00 :)
Now I don't have many facebook friends or followers for that matter...but i know some of you are naturally social butterflies and HAVE 1, 850 or so friends who may or may not have an extra $1.00 to spare...
to our team
and click on DONATE...
Just $1.00
I would be so tickled to see what the Lord would do with this ONE week!!!
and just $1.00 from everyone !
I would also ADORE my dear friends to walk wherever you are next Saturday...
and take a picture... It would be so sweet for my heart to see you walking for AUTISM..
for our boys and so many others..
WE are planning on wearing yellow or red..the boys favorite colors!!
Will you do the same??
Have a Love-fully day...and Thankyou so very much!
Much Love,





The Nester

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