Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Is this a new Yoga move?? (Miss Nikki??Erin??)

Dada painted the kitchen closet with chalkboard paint!!
(I feel so Sara Mincy)

The boys took to it immediately!!

Ofcourse..Myles chose an elephant as his first drawing on the wall!!

...and Sam's drawing below it..

and.... what an elephant says......
coming right out of the trunk was...
"Haaa Brrrrr"
(can you hear it??)

And sweet little one..
taking our breath away..
this is TOTALLY the profile of our babies.. I was so tickled to see the same little profile of our boys..baby is moving around like crazy...
stats...approximately 7 inches long..or tall..:)
and just under 1 lb..
have you seen my belly??
and besides..
i just can't get over that this picture above depicts the features of an amazing little person that is only 15 ounces!!
There are legs and arms..
feet with tiny toes..and hands with little fingers..
all growing up a storm in my ever expanding belly!!
I know i have done this twice before already..
but i think this time...
(as my 6 year old says from the other room..."hey Mom...I LOVE YOU!)
...this time i have been savoring this simmering life we have grown so fond of..
this slow paced..amazing...jam-packed with LOVE...life we have..
and to think another little life is getting ready to be added to it..
this perfectly placed human being...
at just the right pace..
and moment..
please continue to pray for each and every moment to come..
for all the growing still to be done..
for the welcoming of our early summer sunny spot...
for the boys as we continue introducing little one into their lives..
did i mention the growing still to be done..
and have a love-fully!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days= Sew days

As many of you know..
we are snowed in!!

We loved getting out for just enough time yesterday to play in the snow!!

Myles was so helpful clearing off the snow...we haven't even been in the van yet..
Dada has been going to work and today is his first day off...
They did close down the PUBLIX early on Monday and Tuesday!!
We LOVED having him home extra these past couple days!!
Oh How they loved it outside!!
Sam wasn't as excited the last time during Christmas... but after the rain over the soft snow...he couldn't get enough of the crackling snow beneath his feet!!
It was a weird but really neat feeling!!
I could see why he loved it so much!!

Myles was very protective of his snowman!!
Sweet boy!

Played our homemade version of HEADBANDZ today..
it is a game we play at therapy...
have you played it..
Lee drew this picture of Saturn... then we told Myles all sorts of clues about this picture on his headband... and then he guessed...
when it was my turn...i ask..."Am I something you can drive in??"
"Am I an animal??" "Am i green??" and Myles answers accordingly


We couldn't let all that snow go to waste outside...
so we brought it inside!!

Sensory Winter Wonderland!!

Look at that crazy icicle!!

I was happy sewing!!
I just put it in the shop today!!

and this little pillow cover!!
What a great week to stay home with our little family...
we have rescheduled for our 21 week visit next week...
and welcome the many pictures of our sweet little one...
which incidently...is getting MUCH bigger!!
That's what I think..surely it has nothing to do with the amount of food I am devouring daily!!
Have a Love-fully!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Stitcha-Roo and Shop Redo..

I was able to get some crafting done the other day and found some stitching that Myles had started ...

he found a clear spot in the (crazy messy) craft room..

and started stitching away..

I love how he is wearing his boots and his Dada's old high school t-shirt!!
WE were stitching together!!

Some new things went in the shop today!!
some pretty hair clippies!!

my stitching..
you know i'm loving this word...

a vintagey pillow..

a valentiney door hanger

and my new header for the shop...
I have had my shop since 2008...
and had never changed out my header.. Yeeks..
which wouldn't have been so bad if it was a cute little header like this one..(you think??)
Go check out my shop and let me know what you think..
I haven't gotten my destash stuff together yet...
but it's growing... let me know if there is anything you may like...
in my mind i have some piles set aside for some of you already..
like ...some Beads and buttons for LORI (morning glories lori)
...some fabric for SARA (art house)
....i would love to send you a little package...
and JEN(lipstick and laundry)
and LORA (eager hands)
and my non bloggy buddies that know me best..
and then there is still tons of stuff..
we need to make room for this baby..so don't be shy!! k??
also...we are under about 8 inches of snow right now..
we were supposed to see the baby today... 20 weeks..
we'll be rescheduling for next week...
Waiting to hear from you!!
ALSO ALSO ALSO...you guys really know how to make a growing girl feel pretty..
Thankyou for all of your sweet preggo comments!!
I will post another growing picture this week...I think I grew some more over the weekend!!
Have a Love-fully!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Joy...You look like....

I went to Sammy's school today for "terrific tuesday"
the word of the day was "beginning"..
and keeping with the sound of music theme our family has been on...i thought we would start from the very beginning...a very good place to start!!
I had the children watch a clip from the movie...you know the one...
Maria and the children are on her mountain..and she is teaching them to sing...
they were captivated..
then we moved on to singing it ourselves, and all the children had a paper plate with "Do", "Ray", "Me"...on it...and off we went..it.was.so.much.fun.for.me...!!
They even remembered the word of the day after all of that great singing!!
So, the children have not seen me in a couple weeks, Christmas break,..
and upon everyone sitting in circle, one of the little friends said to me...
"Miss Joy...you look like you...

just ate!!!!"

I do look like i just downed the most gigantic plate of spaghetti in history!!

So...I only have 2 pairs of pants that are officially comfortable..
but i have managed to alter my favorite jeans
for the time being..

see my hair tie/button is too far away... fastener...
and my zipper surely won't go up all the way..
so i made my own BEBAND...
I just cut a tight fitting tank top at the bottom and it helps keep my pants fastening contraption smooth(er)..

i am so proud of myself!!!

Sammy came in to see what i was taking pictures for..

see some of his art work from a week ago when i thought i could take a shower ever so quickly...and Mauldin would do a fine job at keeping the mischeif to a minimum...
only to come out to the loveliest of art work on the wall...and armoire...oh..the mirror was completely covered in orange dry erase marker too...Who could have done all of that though???
hmmmm....I found Sam with his body included in the marking...
He drew his favorite person on his face too..i wish i had a picture..

Some Sammy Bear love!!

Just the other day...
I gotta remember to keep those markers up higher..
THIS is Sammy's favorite thing to draw..
He says..
"Draw face...
Two eyes..
draw nose..
draw ears..draw ears..
draw hair...
draw body...
two arms..
draw hands..
draw feet
draw feet..
He says it EVERY TIME!!
i imagine that he did this when he drew on himself as well!!
Ahhhh! sigh!
I gotta go..
Hubs is on his way home with hotdog buns...
I'm gonna look like I just ate again!!

Have a Love-fully!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, That Great Shepherd of the sheep, may he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever, Amen! Hebrews 13:20-21
I have been admiring the work of LORA over at Eagerhands for awhile now.
I asked her if she would make a custom piece for me.
All of her pieces have a verse that comes with it..she creates the pieces with the scripture in mind...and heart... and her work is truly a mission and a powerful gift!
I had seen a pendant that she had already made with the word "chosen" on it..but no specific verse... i asked her if she would consider a verse for me..and she grabbed a hold of my heart with this one from Hebrews.
So many times...ALL THE TIME...we are chosen and don't even realize it!!
We don't take hold of the responsibility that we have been HAND CHOSEN to fulfill!!!
We can't even grasp the magnitude of the tiniest of gifts...and we are always waiting for the BIG moment went our life is going to change for the better...
I am holding on to the truth that I have been, and am Being, CHOSEN, daily to fulfill my responsibilities...my daily lot of hugging..and squeezing every ounce of love i can into this life i have been gifted!!!
I do walk with trepidation...but i know this choosing would not be without much forethought..
He knows and has a fantastic plan for us!!
I am so excited for this new year!!

We had a lovely Christmas and are finishing up our holiday break this weekend..
It snowed here for Christmas..
we admired it closely the Monday after...

my crazy sweet boy..

my crazy wrinkly sharpe' forehead...
trust me..this was the least wrinkly one...
Myles was so much fun...

i took about 200 pictures...i started to get a cramp in my hand..

Sam is growing up right before our eyes..
he is actually testing the waters...
now that his language is starting to blossom...i am hoping by spring he will be communicating like a field of wildflowers..
he seems grumpy, and dissatisfied...VERY 3!!! and we haven't really had to deal with this
issue with him on a regular basis. We've seen some tantrums..YIKES!! and he has spent much time in his thinking chair...but he also gives us TONS of hugs and is initiating much of our interactions..so we say HOORAY!! He no longer needs a pullup at night...so we are free from all diapers for 5 more months!! Hooray!! Hooray!!
He is changing so much i wonder who he is sometimes...are you still my sweet baby bear in there??

Myles is on a TV detox... no kid tv or commercials for nearly 3 weeks...
although they did see THE SOUND OF MUSIC yesterday..
this kid remembers everything..
One of his teachers and good friend of mine one used the analogy of a loop...
like all the information is on a big loop and every-so-often it comes running past his thoughts..
and he can't help but talk about it...TV TALK..is what we call it...he does this with books too, but it is more subtle.
I knew it was time when Myles said, "Hey Mom, Dove is a proud sponsor of the Oprah Winfrey Show.."
So we have been listening alot to Pandora Radio...
and his imagination has been rocking out!!

He is reading a Lion King book here.

pretty icicles!!

funny doggie!
Mauldin Loved the snow!
I think he really loved that we were out there with him too..


is everywhere..

even the swing is smiling!! :)

i thought this looked like a snow cone...

Here is my sweet bloggy friend ELISE!!
She only lives about 2 hours from me... and she happened to be traveling through to get a couch..
and we met up at Chick-fil-A.
She was with her friend Leah..and we chatted it up for almost 3 hours..
She encouraged me to show more house photos...
she kept asking me what kind of house we have and making crazy sweet comments on how she likes our house (from the pictures i have posted over the years) but wants to see MORE MORE MORE of it!!
So....seeing as how i like to be accommodating...
AND we are redecorating/decluttering/organizing/hurling things into the garbage..
i'm actually excited about sharing our "new" house.

We purchased a few new things with some (VERY GENEROUS INLAWS) Christmas money!
A new Dining room table and chairs from Target...and the room dividing double bookshelves..

this is how it usually looks...toys all over the place..
well, cuz..we have kids that like to play with their toys!!!

I like how having the rooms divided actually makes the entire space seem bigger...
i felt like the dining room was always trying to encroach upon the living room...

and here is our new (to us) couch..we got it at a consignment store..
It is just right..we have had our share of couches...and this one has to be my favorite..
it is completely/professionally slip covered..and had 5 pillows that i am going to slipcover with vintagey goodness... YUM!!

as soon as i get this craft room decluttered/ bulldozed...you know, whatever it takes...
no seriously..THIS is going to be the baby's room.../ crafting supplies stored in here until i miraculously have time to craft...anything....we are going to get a IKEA shelving unit.. which means a trip to IKEA may be happening... (maybe i can come see you Sara)

i mean this is going to take me all day....

easy. :/
see the sweet yellow fabric..???..that is the baby's curtain fabric...i am totally motivated by yummy fabric!!
and chocolate...
and all of you knowing that this is what my crafty-room looks like.

i will probably need to sell a ton of stuff...
i 've been looking on etsy for destash listings..
what do you think as far as receiving a bunch of random crafties..
would you buy them??
how would you like them presented??
how much would you pay??
like fabric..i have lots of small pieces..that someone surely could make a gazillion yoyos out of..
or fabric covered buttons...i would keep them for myself...but time is of the essence..
oh i have beads too..and some scrapbooky stuff...i totally have stampin' up stuff too... I really love sewing and think i am going to limit my crafties to that...i've tried so much..and have, well...
you get the picture!!

Truly..please let me know what you think...
I always wonder if someone is willing to pay for an item AND pay for shipping too...
Welcoming them with open arms!!!!
Like this new year!!
I hope yours is off to a fantastic start!!
Have a love-fully!





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