Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's The Deal!

Look at this Beauty!!
This is my Giveaway for the week!
It is the biggest wreath i have ever made
at least 22 inches in diameter
and overflowing with beautiful colors that just shout
This giveaway has some rules...
My Etsy shop has TONS of Falling prices...
in 2 sections mainly..
"The end cap" and "Super Sale Items!"
You are not going to believe this sale...and now is the time to buy something you may have had your eyes on...
(Crazy yummy chalkboard....???)
So..this wreath is going to be priced at $40
not really THIS one....but the largest sized wreath is $40!
If YOU are the first to purchase $40.00 worth of goodies from my shop (not including shipping).....
If more than one of you goes all nutty buying fun stuff from
don't fret....i'll make another wreath just for YOU!!!
So Go..what are you waiting for???
unless you want to see what I am thankfull for!!

Could i be wearing more pink?? Hello!!!
(i love this jumpsuit..so soft and velvety..but definitely
Bubble Yummy...Hubs wanted to know where my comic strip was!!)
Back to Thank-fullness..
Look at sweet sammy drinking from his cup...
this is milk...warm and cozy..in his footy jammies...
AND reading a book...This is HUGE!!!
he usually just likes to look at the cover or only one page..or the bar code for that matter!!
This was such a great moment for the Mommy!
Thank full!

Yes!! That is our Christmas tree!!! I am so Thankfull for it too!
Huge end cap clearance last year...and i have always wanted a big old tinsel tree...she is white and beautiful!! WE just decorated it a little bit..not too much..just right!! I plan on putting more pictures on it and little noties of what makes me so thankfull!

These pictures are backwards...but... you get the picture
Okay..now..go shopping...and come back and tell me what YOU are so thankfull for!!
Have a Love-fully!

Monday, October 27, 2008

And the Winner is..

I am obsessed with my wreaths!!
I am so thrilled that they look so full and yummy!
I have been busy this weekend getting just the right combinations of fabrics and colors.........
They are coming to the shop at the end of the week..
but not before, my biggest giveaway ever!!
Posting about the details later...
so come back!
I had so much fun reading about everyone's favorite toys from their childhood! Thank you so much for all of the comments...
I am feeling like a wealthy gal in blogland...considering i usually only have a couple comments from my closest friends..and my mom!.Thanks for the big pay day friends!!
For last weeks giveaway...

The winner is... LINDA!!!

Congratulations from South Carolina all the way to California!
Please contact me so i can send your goodies ASAP!
Have a Love-fully DAY!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little peeps!

I am not sure what happened here with the picture all the way over there...but anyway..
Look what we brought down from the attic!!
I used to play with these Fisher Price toys when i was i little girl,mostly my A-Frame cottage,
and several years back i went on an all out quest to find as many of the Little people that i could!
Here's me....
in my sporty green car!
(does someone have some chapstick to spare...those lips are lookin kind of dry!!)

And here's the boys...
and a friend...
we are NOT pregnant
for those of you who may be thinking that!
(but her name would be Ruby...if she was a girl..
and we were...um..preggers..
but we are not...)
okay..i just hit a button i should not have...so you may be reading an incomplete post...
here is sweet Sammy Loving the new toys..

is anybody home??

it looks like he is getting ready to do the ring the doorbell and run maneuver..leaving new baby with baseball cap in cradle for

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher-Price!!

Ha ha! tee hee!

now he is just going to take the whole family with him...

talk about a mobile home

we got some new toothbrushes for the boys!!

costing only a small fortune...

they don't vibrate..but they do sing a song..

Sammy's is "HakunaMatata"...and Myles' is "Bare Neccessities"

The first time we brushed Sammy's teeth with it..he screamed

so hard...we were beginning to regret the choice to have a sensory input toothbrush experience... Now..He Loves it!!

We (i) tried it myself before giving it over to the boys..and it is really neat...you can't really hear the music very strong until you put it in your mouth..a little strange..but..maybe Sammy will start to say something!!

maybe....."HakunaMatata!!" ?

Here's #3 in the Great Pear Down!!

little papers..embellishments...brads..swirly metal pieces

more papers

more ribbons

and what's this!!!

A Joxlette!!!

Just leave a comment....

tell me what your favorite childhood toy was!!

Did you play with Fisher Price Little People too???

As always..

Have a Love-fully!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Yummy Weekend!

This is what inspired all of my other jewelry making!!
My Big Sister Jenny asked if i would make something to donate to a fundraiser..and this is what she got!!

A Pretty Yummy lanyard..to clip your identification on!!

I made one for her a couple years ago..and she has really put it to good use!! This one reminds me of her...not actually the colors she loves..but her Birthday is in November..topaz!!

I hope she likes it!! i hope someone else likes it even more!!

And on Saturday.....we went to the pumpkin patch!!
This was so much fun...and there are many pictures to show..
so get comfy cozy!!
If you know something funny about Myles it is that he and spiders are not BFF's!!
This was on the hayride...and thank goodness we were safe from this guy!!

keeping my eyes on him...

that was close!!

my baby bunny with some other bunnies!!

can anyone say...bunnies for Christmas!!

some more great pictures...

"Uhhh...i'll take the pumpkin with the blue pants on please!!"

she was just hoppin around the farm....

i just love these bright beautiful mums...

and this guy!!sweet hands..sweet face...and look at those eye lashes!!

a fun maze...lost the pumpkin with the blue pants in here a couple times!!

and just some information on children with Autism.....

We are forever longing for "eyes"

"look at mommy's eyes"..."let me see your eyes"

and this is very typical for us..and maybe you too even if you don't have children with autism..

so these next few are my efforts for some "eyes"

(this will make a great thanksgiving picture...he IS giving "lubber" a hug)

even the pig got in on the action....no eyes here..

well then...

i do however get eyes when there's trouble..

or chance..

or a miracle!!

my little pumpkins!!

and look what was waiting for me when we got home!!

my package from sweet Lori

a hand written notie...

and the yummiest packaging!!

(UGLY green!!!! this girl went all out!!)

and here she is...my very own Creme brulee bracelet that she made just for me!! I am in love!!! It chatters on my wrist whisperings of a friend i have never met..yet hope to someday!

Thank you so very much Lori!! I LOVE IT!!

and now i am off to our first teacher's conference... just updates...and maybe some talk about eyes... but..more later..

another giveaway!!

Have a love-fully day!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay ... It clearly is NOT Tuesday night...what happened??
The winner of the Spooktacular garland is
and i am very sad to report that i am unable to post pictures at this time...fussy computer...and quite tempermental!!
but LOOK..I was able to post 3 NEW necklaces in my shop!!
I hope this lines up to the shop...
Will see what we can do when hubs can come to the rescue!!
I hope everyone is happy and healthy!!
Have a Love-fully day!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Here is our Smylie...a bit grainy picture..but look at him with his blankie....hangin out with his elephant!!Sweet boy!!

We had the great opportunity to go play soccer yesterday at an indoor soccer place...with volunteers and generosity in abundance...hosting the event for children on the Autism Spectrum...we thought for sure that Sammy would take to the soccer field immediately...and he did...Smylie wasn't crazy about the whistle being blown..but he actually kicked the ball several times...he carried it more than you should in the game of soccer, i think....but he really liked the child he was paired up with..isn't that great..each child had a little mentor..kids volunteering for the benefit of other children...so heart warming!!...and when it was time to go..i asked Myles to say goodbye to Ryan...and he looked at him and gave him a hug!!

Here are some more pictures of the event!!

Can you say GOALIE!!!

and i was busy Friday night working on these yummy

"Oh my goodnesses!!"

A little Pumpkin Spice

and some Creamy Cinnamon Coffee

and this Boo-T-Full Halloweenie...(that didn't sound right!?)

What are these girls all- a- chatter about???

Another giveaway!!!

What in the world!!??

This Spooktacular garland is the giveaway for today!!

Leave a comment today or tomorrow and your name will be entered...will draw Tuesday night...and send Wednesday!!

Also...go see my new stuff in the shop...and have a Love-fully!!





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