Saturday, April 16, 2011

New in the shop!!

Okay...not quite in the shop yet~

these are my destash bottles...

filled with yummy baubles and trinkets for scrapping or other projects...

I asked Myles to take a picture of one of my "Blue Ribbon Prize" pins.... I think he did a great job... This one isn't actually listed...but the one below...and 6 others are in the shop right now!!
There are other things in there too.....

My mom is here right now sewing curtains for the baby's room...

can you hear the hum of the machine...


Lee started painting the room today...

I've been putting things in the shop and keeping the boys occupied...

I have 2 bags to add ....sneek peek after supper!!

Happy Weekend!!

Have a Love-fully!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preggy Picts..and other stuffs..

I thought i would share my growing belly with you...

First..i want you to see what Lori made for me... (i'm actually wearing it right

look at this A.DOR.ABLE. necklace!!!

It should be called "Joyfullness" has brought me so much already!!

Thankyou sweet friend!!

This was me yesterday...

so comfy..

I usually wear this dress in the summer...but it was perfect for layering..over the bump..:)

This is what you would find me in on an average day...

even in the summer..


My favorite preggy jeans... $7.00 on the clearance rack at Target!!

I wear them every-other-day...

they are people still say Hip???

It's probably not hip to say hip...but jeans ARE HIP!!!

anyway..a tank...and a cardi...and i'm on my way!!

my sweet Smylie has been home with me Mon-Wed...

EVERY year he has a brutal welcoming of allergy season!!

We go to an official allergist on Monday!!

I'll be so glad to get him all fixed up..

this year, in addition to the coughing..he has this incredible acne breakout...


I counted 6 this morning...

I've enjoyed having him at home with me...

but wish he wasn't so miserable.


another belly shot..

Lora gave me this necklace at the walk... LOOK HOW STUNNING!!! i love the green bead....and my word...and the puzzle piece!! Thankyou so much!! I am still coming down from my high from your visit!! sigh!! Speaking of BLOOMING!! Lee cut these beauties from the yard yesterday. Look how HUGE they are!!
I put them next to my bed...

in a simple mason jar..


I have some new stuff to put in the shop...

I am trying to clear away room for baby..

This weekend...we paint!!

I am so excited about finally making those pretty curtains..

My Mom is coming over on Saturday..

(Did you guys know that my parents MOVED here??? up their stuff..sold their house...found a great house here... and it only takes 35 minutes to get to them now...instead of 8-10 HOURS people!!!MOVED!!!

Lee and I still cannot believe it...We are so blessed!!..

I mean..people say that all the time, right??

but for reals...what an amazing blessed year this has been...

What a faithful, patient God we serve!!)

(just sayin')


new stuff in shop.


Baby room


another peek around the house...

for now...

Have a Love-FULLY!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Autism Awareness Month

We are at that time of year again...

APRIL is Autism awareness month


I have been busy for a few months making autismblooms!!

Since January, Myles has been receiving ABA therapy..and Sammy started shortly after in February...


come over every day...and the boys....(AND I).... LOVE THEM SO!!!!

Sam has made HUGE progress..

He spontaneously does so much...

makes eye contact...sings songs....plays...Yeah..PLAYS.... puts together 25-42 piece puzzles..

HUGS....loves babies....this will be so valuable in just a few short weeks...

he is really coming into a significant place of happiness...



So today was the Strides for Autism Walk!

Our third year participating...but my first year as a vendor!!

This has been my main crafy focus for months now...

Here is my AWESOME friend Lora...THE Lora from Eagerhands...

she made my Chosen necklace, remember???

So, I asked her if she would like to make some special pieces for the walk and i would sell them at the event....well...she lives 2 hours from me...and CAME!!!

What a Blessing!!!

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting her on her blog or her etsy shop, I highly recommend it!!

I am so encouraged after spending this morning with her!!

Thankyou friend!!

Sam loved exploring the firetruck that was there!!

My guys... playing...

and enjoying each other!!

Smylie, doing his best cheeseburger pose..

I sat at the table the whole time...but Lee said the boys had a great time!!

He said Myles held Sammy's hand the whole time around the walking course.


And our official table!!

I was going with a farmer's market type of a look..

Hubby picked out fresh flowers for the set up...and the boy's pictures in their annual t-shirts were on display too!! What a day!!

We saw so many familiar faces..oh my!!

I am beyond blessed and honored that so many of our friends came out to say hello and show their support.. friends...

and our special guys!!

I am one humbled Mommy!

I would NEVER have guessed that this day would BRIGHTLY overshadow (does that make sense) the weight of Autism in our lives!!

That this day would cast it's delicious warmth on us.

Thankyou Lord.

We are approaching our three year anniversary... of finding out.

I was asked recently why i chose "Autism Blooms"

as my name for my etsy shop..etc...

and i joked saying...

"I thought it sounded better than Autism Sucks"

because sometimes it does!

for reals!

But that is only sometimes!!

All the time.... we are concentrating on loving.


and Autism is a part of our children... a part we have learned to LOVE too!

The Lord has used Autism as a platform...


What an honor.


In other news...

we have 7 weeks left!


Belly pictures all week!!

Have a Love-FULLY!!!

For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Plans to give you HOPE and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11





The Nester

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