Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's The Deal!

Look at this Beauty!!
This is my Giveaway for the week!
It is the biggest wreath i have ever made
at least 22 inches in diameter
and overflowing with beautiful colors that just shout
This giveaway has some rules...
My Etsy shop has TONS of Falling prices...
in 2 sections mainly..
"The end cap" and "Super Sale Items!"
You are not going to believe this sale...and now is the time to buy something you may have had your eyes on...
(Crazy yummy chalkboard....???)
So..this wreath is going to be priced at $40
not really THIS one....but the largest sized wreath is $40!
If YOU are the first to purchase $40.00 worth of goodies from my shop (not including shipping).....
If more than one of you goes all nutty buying fun stuff from
don't fret....i'll make another wreath just for YOU!!!
So Go..what are you waiting for???
unless you want to see what I am thankfull for!!

Could i be wearing more pink?? Hello!!!
(i love this jumpsuit..so soft and velvety..but definitely
Bubble Yummy...Hubs wanted to know where my comic strip was!!)
Back to Thank-fullness..
Look at sweet sammy drinking from his cup...
this is milk...warm and cozy..in his footy jammies...
AND reading a book...This is HUGE!!!
he usually just likes to look at the cover or only one page..or the bar code for that matter!!
This was such a great moment for the Mommy!
Thank full!

Yes!! That is our Christmas tree!!! I am so Thankfull for it too!
Huge end cap clearance last year...and i have always wanted a big old tinsel tree...she is white and beautiful!! WE just decorated it a little bit..not too much..just right!! I plan on putting more pictures on it and little noties of what makes me so thankfull!

These pictures are backwards...but... you get the picture
Okay..now..go shopping...and come back and tell me what YOU are so thankfull for!!
Have a Love-fully!


Nanna said...

I am thankful for loving family and beautiful fall colors! I enjoy your blog!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy!!!! I just went shopping!!! Yippeee!!!! I hope, hope, hope, I am the winner! I love everything you make, my friend! And your prices are incredible!! What a SALE!!! Big Hugs! That wreath is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Lori

Chrissie Grace said...

You have a cute blog and great sales. I love the wreath!!
I am grateful for my health, my family, and our Everlasting God!
Chrissie grace

ChelseaP said...

Okay, I love it. I love it all. I want the wreath. It would look great to usher fall in on my front door for many years to come! And I love your tree. I was telling Drew about it this morning, but the pictures are FABULOUS- so much better than in my head. I am so thankful for YOU (a great friend even in this busy stage) for my family, for chocolate, for heat (brr!!), for sleep. :o) OKay, off to check out your shop. I know I shouldn't tempt myself, but I can hide a portion of our grocery budget this week, right? :o)
Beautiful post, friend!

Amy said...

Great wreath! Love the Christmas tree. I got a little red one myself a couple of years back. I'm thankful that I'm loved by a great God just the way I am! And that He loves my kids, too, just the way they are!

sara's art house said...

I LOVE your wreaths!!! And the Christmas tree is gorgeous!!!!

dylee's mom said...

I really like the tree. You gave me a great idea.. maybe I should have a thanksgiving tree of thanks. I am thankful for my family, my health and that no matter what God loves me :o)

Hope Greenwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FunJenD said...

Where did joyfullness go? I miss her.





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