Saturday, February 14, 2009

The story of THE LOBSTER!!!

I refer to THE LOBSTER often..and it occurred to me that you may not know what i am speaking of!!
I am very allergic to shell fish...and have a terrible reaction when i eat it... swollen lips...eyes...lymphatic system...
throat...yeah..pretty much..i could stop breathing... seems i have a saying "No"...upon arriving at my Hobby Lobby !!! (no swelling...don't worry)
I try to NOT get a buggy to avoid heavy purchasing..
but you know..these Mommy arms can hold a 50 lb kiddo ..
so imagine the damage i can do...with just my arms...
anyway..that's the story of THE LOBSTER!!
and the little wooden lobster pully toy..i got at..
MY GOODWILL..for only $2.00...
It was handmade in Maine..and still had the original price tag on it...Larry Lobster =$25.00..
Wowwee!! it is Valentine's Day today...
my computer is making all sorts of cracklin' sounds...i think there's a little hamster on a squeeky wheel in there...
oh dear!! So I have tons of pictures to share with you..but i don't want the computer to, when Cracklin' Rosie is gone..i'll be back...hopefully it won't be St Patty's day then..
Have a super LoVe-FULLY
Valentiney Day!!
mmmmmmmchwwwaah!(that was a kiss)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've never been good at math...but this adds up!!

I highly recommend a palette of water colors for your use in the bathtub!!
Easy Peasy cleanup!!!
super excitement for the kids....
almost an hour of blissful entertainment on a day that is too cold to do anything else!!
*note to self...get more watercolor paints!!

Sammy has been spending a lot of time at the "watertable"
ours is super fancy... doubling as a kitchen sink and all..
this kid can't get enough...he pulls his little chair on over to the counter..

tests the water...

poses for a picture..

or two.. many as i can get... i love how the light makes his little face even more angelic than it already is..possible??

i gave him all sorts of measuring paraphanalia and soap and toys and he was one happy boy!!
I Love Him So!!
Shop update ..Valentiney sale!!
go see!!
Have a lovefully!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Finds!!

This is what i scored at My Goodwill last week!!

This is the best picture i could get..seriously.. it is a jacket..that i plan on make a plaid zebra rug..just kidding...but not is to help accent my little corner..

thinking maybe a pillow..shaped like a zebra..just kidding...or am i??!!

But the best part...ONE Ugly Jacket...would have cost me $20.00 in the "better jacket" section of My Goodwill...but it had a blue tag on it..and blue tags were only $1.00!!!

What in the world!!

this sweet piece of sunshine is growing in our kitchen window...

Sammy got it as a seed last fall at Papa Bruce's Farm ..a field trip

with his little class...growing in a little styrofoam cup..this flower just keeps growing..and today..opened her pretty face to see the world...

Our Friends Clay and Rhonda just had their first Baby Tuesday morning!!

Sweet Baby Charis

9 lbs 4 oz.

21 1/2 inches..!!

Welcome sweet girl!!

can i get you a drink for your pretty coaster!!??

more Goodwill finds... look what a $1 total can do for my little window..
in the little corner of my world!!

oh..a much better picture...

some of my little shadowboxes.. these i made a couple years ago..when i must have bought about 3 dozen of these frames...i just took scraps of fabric that coordinated with our pillows and curtains...and a piece of heavy black cardstock...this actually was going to be my template..and i was going to trace and precisely cut out the letters again..but i decided..these did the trick!!
i just used my handwriting with a pencil..and as i was coloring it in to create the thickness of the letter, the pencil made the black paper seem as if it was actually a metal... these are to the right of our door as you are walking out!!
so this is one use..
in the bathroom you will find these two shadowboxes of my guys...
gotta love a comfy, cozy bath picture..

..or two..

and still some more shadowboxes..
hubby got them for me to put the boys "come home from the hospital outfits" in!!
these are to the right, just before the boys room...along with their hands "Stitched in time"
at 7 weeks old..My Mom made these..and i just love them..fingers so so big!!
I am finally all better..and Sammy too...we've been down for the count for the past few days...
he's back at school..and i am back to i come cloud nine!!
Have a Love-fully day!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Funny

don't try to click on it to make it bigger..i tried that already...sorry..i know nothing .... says..
"Aww crimony Elaine...did you even LOOK at the dry cleaning when you picked it up?"

My Mom sent this to me the other day!
Just a little funny for today..
feeling a little scratchy throated..
pretty descent headache..
sipping hot tea..
needed a laugh!!
I hope you all are feeling "over the weather"
i'll be taking more pictures today...
you won't believe what i got at MY GOODWILL last week..
it actually ..probably ..won't be as exciting to you...
nevertheless...i will show you anyway..
cuz i'm coo-kie like that...
did someone say cookie???
I gotta go...
Have a Lovefully Day Friends!!





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