Thursday, October 1, 2009

A craft i was so excited about this little craft i whipped up!
a fancy mailbox cover!!!
every step of the way was delicious...
except the plastic covering...yeah, need some practice with sewing plastic...VERY tempermental it/I was....
so...i got it all done...after the rain stopped, i put it out...admired it for a day...and then it rained again...poo-wie!
condensation is pooling at the bottom seams...what should i do??
there is just enough space for the moisture to get in through the stitches...or maybe it is something more scientific..too much for this crafty brain...
i may just make another one with only plastic, and spray it with scotch guard..
what do you think...Do you want one???
i mean, it's not like i don't have enough fabric to make another one...for every day of the week...
from now until eternity... okay, maybe not THAT much fabric...
but it was fun to make...
and it DOES make our mailbox look exceptionally adorable..i think.

and now showing on the side of my Minivan (yeah, i was supposed to do a post on the arrival of our mini back in the spring...i LOVE it...i feel more safe...when i drive in our tiny car now, i feel like my hiney is on the ground...anyway..LOVE My MINIVAN!!!)
I am not the happiest with this car magnet..."free" at Vistaprints
I really want an Autismbloom on there...but they are all so patterned that it is hard to get the writing/info on it to stand out..i'm still playing with it...
i've posted next door at AutismBlooms
so go see...
and have a Love-fully!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Thankyou my friend!!
Lori sent me this sweet cup of "me"
I just love it!
Look at the fine yummy green detail at the base...mmmm!
"Happiness is Having Someone to care for"
and the perfcet slogan for my week...since..

A sweet little baby girl will be my new companion...
yesterday was my first go at it...
She was great!
I am trying to be hospitable to her..
i want her to like it here, you know...
She LOVED the baby strappy to yourself carrier..
my babies loved it too...
i miss them while they are at school...
but the (pink) keeping me occupied nicely!!
As well as my crafting..both of my shops are filling up..
i'll be having a special each week of some sort..
gotta get some traffic through there you know!!
let me know if you have any coo-ky ideas...
Thankyou so much to the amazing friends who took advantage of my 50% off sale yesterday!
No more Oh My Word Crazy Yummy YoYO swag!!!
and Elise..where is the follower thingy...on my other blog the follower icon just showed up... where do i find one for this blog? You make me laugh...followers...of MY blog!!??!!
anyway..i'll do it for you friend!!
just show me the way...
okay, gotta go..must SHOWER!!
then lunch at school with Smylie..
Heaven...LOUD heaven, but heaven!!
Have a love-fully!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A mini ..."get your girl scout on" banner...
this would be great on your mantel..or in your little girl's room..or a doorway..or a window...
I am choosing Jen!!!
because she was the first to get in on the giveaway..which means...she keeps an eye on me for any emerging from my cave...
so it is yours JEN!!!
(please email me with your addy...@
But wait... LORI...sweet getting a sursie too...
she went OTT (over the top) in the comment department!!
Thankyou my friend!!!
(I did get MY sursie in the mail..i am sipping from it right now....mmmmmmm! Thankyou so much!)
For those who commented on this giveaway....
I am giving a special discount in my shop!!!
you won't believe it!!
50% off....ANYTHING!!!!!Everything!!!
but only TODAY!!! (9/17/09)
whatcha waitin' for....
if you didn't get a chance to leave a comment....
you'll know better next time!!
for week....
i'll be giving away another secret sursie...
Have a Love-fully!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I feel a giveaway coming....

What do you think it will be?????
Leave me a comment...
give us a hint??
okay i will..
i made it.
you'll love it!
leave lots of comments... you know, if you want to...
i'm feeling generous...
How are you feeling?
Have a Happy..
...fabulous..secret..prize ...entry gathering.. lunchish...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New new and more new

My dream is coming true...
i started a new blog my friends...
my heart has been calling me in this direction.
i must answer.
i have been so busy with my free....eager hands....both of the boys are back in school now.
Our angel teacher is carving her name upon our hearts...we are in love.
10 days in...timeout(s) everyday.... yesterday..NO TIMEOUTS!!!
we celebrated big...1 huge cookie from Publix please!!
today...only 1 timeout...Myles did not want to come in from jumping rope...
oh well.
Sammy is so happy in his class..same teacher (of the year) as last year!!
we are so blessed.
we know it.
Lookee in my shop at my new goodies...
Happy fall is almost i'm on my way to the shop to slash some old prices...
go see here.
But my heart...Autism Blooms.
I am opening another little store too..with only Autism related pretties...
i have lots of things already made and can't wait to show everyone...
i'm crafty people...not a computer wiz hang in there..
I hope everyone is enjoying this early fall season... I wore my new (from a thrift store) brown sweater yesterday!!! I am soooo Mr. Rogers' beloved... I could wear a sweater everyday..i could change out of my outside sweater and put on my inside sweater...and change into my slippers..
i could even go around singing a song about our neighborhood...
what's become of this young gal??
ancient, i tell you!!
I also like house coats now..seriously... Mrs. Roper..or Rogers...Rogers-Roper???
I'd be so glad if you checked out my other little blog...and gave me a little hootie-hoo...
you'll be glad you did!
Thanks so much friends!!
Have a Love-fully!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glass of Joy

A generous man will prosper;
he who refreshes others
will himself be refreshed
Proverbs 11:25
Have a Love-fully day!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Box of Books..Box of LOVE

We always have...
Sammy simply adores the puppets..
They make him laugh uncontrolably
and they are a constant source of information that he seems able and willing to process...
he LOVES the books...
seriously LOVES!!!
he is carrying one right has a dog and cat and duck and frog and bird and sun on the front.. as i type he keeps coming over to show me these pictures...and HE IS saying the words... Sun sounds like /sah/
and duck sounds like /guack guack/

MMMMMM! the sound of his voice is such a treasure to me.. so here we are on the blanket under the tree out in our backyard....with a box of books i pulled down from the attic... atleast an hour was spent looking at each and every page..the bright, captivating pictures are interesting to Sam now...he wants to know what the pictures are..he takes my hand and puts my finger on each picture as if to say.."tell me about this Mommy"...
Sam, not too long ago, had no interest in being told about anything in a book...he only liked to line them up and look at the back of the books...
Seriously...we are so blessed!
We are so grateful for the entire line of Baby Einstein products
It is single handedly our "Go to"
favorite for both of the boys...and the cds and music in the dvds are easy on the ears for the Mommy and Dada
and what could be better than hearing your little guys, who have such a hard time relating to this world....actually
become an active part in what they are seeing, reading, and hearing!!
Have a Love-fully!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Heart Tree Huggers

Here is his favorite tree...the Mimosa...
a close second is the Magnolia a few pictures down

His favorite buddy

Okay...i may get in trouble for this one...
I DO let my kids go barefoot ALOT!!!
I prefer to be shoeless...and i think they do too..
it's summer...and we have seen ALOT of dirty, squirmy toes these days..
I just love these toesies...
I miss the tiny-ness of them when he was so new and fresh from my womb...
they fit within the center of my palm...i would lay with my first tiny guy on my belly, rubbing his tiny feet..all pink and rosey..perfectly wrinkly...delishishness....
You know the first!!( this tiny overall delight did not stop at baby two was simply yummy and surprisingly..there was so much more to don't think there is...but God is so purposeful in His choosing of hearts we are to fall in LOVE with...) Everything seemed so intense with Myles overwhelmed i felt, with adoration for this child of mine...weeping at the drop of a hat to sweet sappy music about Mommy's and their babies...and holding them all the time because one day they would be too...tooooo...BIG ...we aren't quite there yet...
but he IS rapidly growing...and those toesies are climbing trees now...
but i still love them...and

they take him places he likes going...
way up trees that wish they were bigger and stronger...enough to keep up with this kid...

clearly..this Magnolia is not quite made to be a climbing tree just yet...but..
That hasn't stopped him...
I Heart my tree lovin', toe showin', crazy climbin' of mine!!!
Have a Love-fully!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From The Hand of (MY) Babe

So....Smylie comes to me with his hand open...ready to show me his first treasure..
I was so excited..even if the treasure was a snakie...i was so ready to recieve this sweet offering!!
He had been playing at the bottom of one of his favorite trees...and crossed the whole yard to bring this to me...

Sweet ladybug..

Sweeter BOY!!

a little pat on the back...


I can't wait to see what he brings me next!!
Have a Love-fully day!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A breath of fresh air!!

This kid is going to be a Zoo Keeper one day!!
In our very last IEP meeting this past year..i was told that NEXT year..
I would NOT be able to hang out at the school all day long!!
And that Myles will be a big boy...and that he will need to be responsible for getting himself into his classroom all by himself...yadayada..
and i was thinking of all sorts of pictures schedule/symbols to make the transition go smoothly..
like, taking pictures of his friend Charlie..his little all sorts of new places at his new the cafeteria...and the library...on the playground...and i was told by someone at that meeting...who makes me really nervous at all of these meetings by the way...that Myles may need to start "phasing out" of his love for animals...
I said...OUTLOUD...."Seriously...Myles might be a zoo keeper one day, because of his crazy love for all animals...and you are telling me he may need to start phasing animals out of his life..i mean out of his very HEART!!!"
So...we went to the zoo on thursday...and oh my..this kid is no where near a phase out plan...
I need to go through all of our old zoo pictures...
most people have a growth chart on a corner of their wall at home...
we could measure Myles growth in front of that Elephant exhibit...
the guard rail/bar, keeps getting lower and lower on his body..
or he is growing into the little zookeeper he was made to be...

I Finally got my necklaces in the really i did....
here's one...

oh...and smell this...a gardenia...ahhhhhhhhh!mmmmmmm!

here's fave!!

and another Fisher Price appearance...getting some fresh air after a long stay on the bottom of the toybox!!
ahhh...i think she cam smell that gardenia..she looks happy!!
Okay friends...
Have a Happy...Love-fully...Joy-fully day!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 233rd Sweet America

Just lounging by the (baby)pool today celebrating!!

Hubs is hard at work and the boys and I are holding down the fort...What a day!!

First, it is so beautiful today!!

The Boys are happy!!Mommy's happy!!and we have much to be Thankful for!!I put this new song by Lee Greenwood on my playlist for today..I remember the first time i heard it..

It was on one of our family vacations as a teenager...
I actually liked when we would go was always far, since we lived in Ft.Lauderdale, just about everything was a good distance...anyway...on our way back home from a trip to Kentucky, we went to Stone Mountain in Georgia...
Oh My!! We were like the fourth family there...which was SO great...let me set this up a little better...we were there to watch the Fourth of July Light show being cast off the side of the mountain including fireworks..and oh, tens of thousands of other families that arrived after us..remember, we were family #4!! We picnicked, we became rained...
we laughed...a lot...under garbage bags...
and then the sun went down...and the laser light show began!!
This was when i first heard the song "Proud to be an American"
As a teenager, well, a person on the whole, i'm kinda sensitive anyway...but, as a teenager, with heightened senses...I WILL NEVER FORGET THOSE MOMENTS!!!
I have never been able to hear this song again without tears gushing from my face...and it is so true...
...Where at least i know i'm free....
my Home away from Home....
sometimes, as i lift my face from the bathroom sink after brushing my teeth,and never have a thought about how much water will be available to me... and see my face...a face among so many like Gabillion faces...and mine has always had the privilege of American freedom...the freedom to spend the day with my baby boys, snapping pictures of them as they go about their day...
The freedom to tell those i love how incredibly wonderful they are to me..the freedom to Love my God without fear...
My America...My Home away from Home...
I will always remember "STANDING UP" next to all of those other thousands of families during that Fourth of July..
Now as a actual grownup and all....I am immensely grateful to all of the men and women who have and are putting themselves...their freedom, on hold for ours...for our America..
Thankyou, deeply, from just another family...who you help keep Free!!!
MY God will Bless you...
Sweet America!!

And another thing i whipped up....
my CRAZY YUMMY necklace!!!

I'm sorry i didn't get this one in the shop in time for The Fourth of July....but i am enjoying wearing it today....
I made the first of these necklaces over the course of probably 3 months!! Okay, not start to finish, no sleep for me, fingers to the bone...but it does have many steps to it!!!
I bought a couple sweet rings from Sara Mincey at Sara's art house..and she sent me a small stack of little circles from some of the paper SHE paints to create her masterpieces....
I carefully looked at each of them, wiping drool as i admired the tiny pieces of art in my hands..I envisioned this necklace immediately!! I had to wear the art!!!
and i now have four more ...3/4 of the way done...
look for them in the shop Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this next week!!!
Please go have a Love-fully Fourth!!!
I'll proudly stand up next to the line for watermelon and American flag dessert!!!
You go first....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Summer!!!

hello friends!!!

i've been heckled..and i am sooo glad!!

having so many posts running thru my mind over these passed several weeks...ahem, months..???...many times i have thought..this would make a great post!!

like, just for instance.....

The sweet Singer i was given by my mom and dad said,

"No Thankyou..we cannot be friends..."

so..hubby got me another Singer for Mothers day!!

(Hey..happy Mother's day everyone!!)

She is AWESOME!!!

I have been sewing like crazy... and i finally put my bobbin in right, so..we are getting to know each other really well....

I've made bunting, now hanging in the boys room...sorry no picture...and a pillowcase top..oh my!! This was such fun, and i couldn't believe i was actually doing it!! I have been so inspired lately by Soule Mama's Blog

and Julie from Joy's Hope

(sorry i don't have linky do powers tonight)

and i have made some pillows...and some appliqued onesies for gifts for little girls...

and i even dove right into a quilt top as i have been following the quilt along from Old Red Barn Quilt Co. Blog...

What in the world was i thinking????

I cannot quilt with my sweet little singer...

she would totally dump me if i tried to shove a full sized quilt through her needle for say....257 HOURS!!!


My mom says i should hand tie the next one...

i think pillows are working nicely for me though!!

What do you think??

One of our favorite-est things to do is go driving around in our
car in the evenings..
we get the boys in their jammies..
make hot tea/coffe to go..and head out...we LOVE looking at homes we may live in one day...
our conversations as of lately have revolved around "Our dream home"..what is that???
we love our little home now...i have been especially fond of the fact that we brought our babies home to this house..and they have learned so much me it is covered with tiny details in my mind of all the days we have been here...all 5 years..
which doesn't seem like a very long time as i am typing this...but it is for my heart..
okay, so i was inspired to make the pillows after we were out the other night doing our favorite route...
wouldn't a house with pompom fringe be such fun!??

And this little chickie i made in the spring, yeah, like really February...i was on top of things for spring time baby..
...they just made it into the shop tonight!!!

another home...

a little something i whipped up...
a summer photo album....
i have another..that i may get around to pretty-ing up too..

Oh these two!!!
They are having a great summer so far!!
Sammy is saying so many words when cued/prompted!!
Even MOMMY!!!!

So many things to share...including..
new wheels..
new name...
new necklace....
and projects galore!!!
I Have to go to sleep now though...must...close ...mine...eyes..
Have a Love-fully...
night night.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here we are.... Looking upon the sign that says

"Magic Kingdom"

Mickey Mouse was on the sign so that got some attentions!

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of Myles!!
We are on the the front with the pilot,
on our way to the Magic Kingdom!!!
Such excitement!! My heart was racing...just like a kid!!

Me casa et Su casa??

Merry Christmas from The Fosters!!
It's never too early...especially for get started on Christmas Greetings!!
Love this picture..
kids corralled...not fussy...castle backdrop!!

Brought our own $5.00 hotdoggies for us thankyou!!
Did I mention we got in for FREE!!
Dada's friend from High school swiped us in...
not knowing how the boys would do...we were prepared to leave on a moments notice... after the Castle picture, of course!
but they were PERFECT!!!
No issues...we waited in line like the rest of the folks..
FYI..we'll be Fast Passing it the next time...
i held Sammy a lot while we waited..but it was a good upper body workout i had not been keeping up with ..and what better weight to wait with!!


can you say Magical Carousel?

Sweetest Dada and Sammy Bear!

30 minute wait...
1 minute ride!!
This kid was mesmerized...i know he was thinking..
"Are we actually going to ride on those Elephants!!??"
he was so patient!!

And finally!!!
60 seconds of bliss!!

and back to the buggy!
we did a good bit of rides...
and stayed for much longer than my anticipated 30 minute time!
Myles favorite ride was the Jungle Cruise!!
When we ask him now if he went to Disney World, he says,
"Jungle Cruise"

As we were leaving, we caught some of the parade...
If you have never had the privilege of witnessing a Disney Parade...get yourself some tickets and make sure you watch one of the best parades you will ever see!!
I Don't remember the exact words they were singing...but i remember it going something like...
"You can do are the best...believe in yourself..did i Rock...a lot!!!...and you are beautiful...and you are loved....oooooh......oooooooh.....
YOooooooou......Can do it...just believe in yourself.....i believe in you.....( magic fairy dust falling simultaneously )"
Yes...I quoted that...from my memory...
I had a huge lump in my throat this whole time....

Look at this!!
Our Family..
Our Little Family!!
At Disney World...for 7 hours...
no whining...
(okay, maybe once , but that was me)
watching a parade...
telling us how much we rock!!
Hubs said...when we got to the edge of the parade that he was going to put Myles on his shoulders...
I said..."He's fine"
Dada said..."I'm going to....That's what Dadas do!!!"
I Love him!!
I am sure if he could do this when they are 20...he would..
cuz..that's his job!!

And here we are at the pool!
Grandma Rose and PawPaw put it in last year..
it was SOOOOOOOOO Cold!!!
You think 85 degrees is comfy....
we only stayed in for 30 minutes at a time...but the boys really liked this mid-day activity...
here's our ninja turtle..

and our biggest surprise...Mr. Adventure!!

My sweetie and me!!

an afternoon at the park..

My totter on a teeter!!

Totally made for a kid on the spectrum!!!
a spinny, top like..sit in bucket...whirly go round..!!!
We were at this park a couple years ago and Myles liked it then...he found it again this time and was entranced!!
We had such a great, relaxing vacation...
the 10 hour ride to Orlando was just long enough..we rented a Mac daddy Mini van...and were there in what seemed like half the time it would have taken us in our little sardine can on wheels...Trusty sardine can...we love you and you have delivered us so safely to so many places...but it was time..
you deserved a vacation too...
When we got back in our TRUSTY felt like we had to put a large key in the rear of it and turn it a few times to go where we needed to go....humbling...
we have settled in nicely back into the routine....
only 3 weeks of school left for our guys...
and then a short 5 weeks of summer school...i can't wait to have them home more...
The sun is so shiny here!!!!
I hope your days have been sunny and fun!!
Have a Beautiful, you can do it.. amazing ,perfect, rockin' person...ooohhhhhh!oooohhhhhh!Yoooooooouuuuuu!!!
and have a
Love-fully whilst you are at it!!
Happy Day!





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