Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new day!

 Our Vacation is officially over today!!
Dada went back to work an hour ago..
i sure will miss having him around everyday..
we went to the Foster Family reunion again this year, but we had our own cabin..
what a difference for the boys..

 new locations are always a little tricky..
the newness..the exploring...the light switches!!
So much to be interested in..
we decided to get our own place to be accomodating to our children..
and other family members...and OUR SANITY!!
What a great blessing this was!!
 Cute baby alert!!!
 We ventured out on the property one was HOT there just like everywhere else..but the fresh mountain air was a delight!!
Sam really is an explorer!
so much more this year than ever before!!
 he is also an artist..more often than not, you can find him with the bucket of crayons..
 or watercolor paints!!
97 cents...atleast 30 minutes of creative wonder!!
 Mauldin came on vacation with us!!
He did great!
The car ride was perfect..we looked like the Clampets..bringing everything possible to accomodate our family of 5!!err...6 w/ Mauldin..
we hadn't even left the driveway and Myles asked.."are we going on vacation?"
a close second to "are we there yet?" which was equally asked throughout the trip..!
 more painting!!
Move over Picasso!
My little dream boat!
I am forever saying.."Come look at him...look! Look! ooh..he's smiling...he's laughing!!
Oh I love him!! Look!Look!"...
 Even something very planned can feel spontaneous for us!!
After therapy on Monday, We took the boys for a picnic at Pooh's've seen us there before..remember the huge Winnie the Pooh statue?? hence the reason we call it Pooh's park..
we survived the initial onslaught of the obvious
"where's Pooh?" questions..
we enjoyed our picnic..and then pulled out Myles' bike and went for a little ride..
until in POURED buckets on us!!
Myles LOVED this...Lee really did too..
Sam ran behind the two of them chuckling and sporting his silly self..
owen and i brought up the rear in the stroller...
BUCKETS of rain people!!
One of our favorite summer memories so far!!

 Look at him!!:)
 My Mom came over one day last week..we had a craft day...
she made a fun robot with the boys from the Family Circle magazine..
and hemmed 2 pairs of jeans for me...and made a Mrs.Roper dress into a skirt... for me!!
This is a silly picture of her..but i think she is adorable!!
"Look at her!!!" :)
 Sweet Sammy listening to Owen on the "telephone"..
baby monitor!! He cracks me up!

 the begginings of a quilt i've started..
Look At Him!!

Have a love-FULLY day dear friends!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday week!!

Look at this sweet face!!!

This was this morning after his morning snack...we dropped his brothers off at therapy and had some bonding time...

 He makes this face alot...classic Owen!!

 Myles earned a trip to the zoo on Sunday..he had 5 days of leaving Charlie (his favorite elephant) in the van when we went places...trying to phase out the OCHoarding of all of his faves everywhere we go! It was a scorcher this weekend..and i had never seen his nose and forehead with beads of sweat on it before.. :)

 His favorite spot at the zoo....!
 Sweet Sammy after a morning playing outside!!
 he has a new facination with mud!!
 "he's very dirty Mommy!!"
getting ready to make some  
 worth it!!
in other news...
yesterday was my birthday!!!
i'm having a sale in my shop all week...
enter promotion/coupon code
at check out..
35% off everything...not including shipping, ofcourse!!
I am saving up to by me some of these...
you'll be helping contribute to my sassy red boot fund!!

have a love FULLY!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We are settling in to this wonderful new life here..
Sammy absolutely LOVES Owen!!
We all do...
What's not to love??
One of our Dearest friends, Rhonda Danner, took some family portraits on Owen's first week of life.. I will be posting more of these..i just can't get enough of all of our "living" that she captured!!
Thankyou so much!!
Both of the big boys (i have to get use to distinguishing...there are 3 boys here now, you know)
go to therapy every day now...
They are really making such progress and it is exciting to see..

this is at Mamas and Papas house a few weeks ago...Sammy and Dada were exploring their property...
the whirlwind...a day by myself...with all three..there's laundry, my blog music..and a blurry kiddo running thru the house... :)
oh sweet sleepy baby...
his daily pattern has become more evident... the mornings are filled with little kitty cat naps..and the afternoons hold a solid stretch of 4 hours of peaceful sleep...we have even been able to consistently get 4-6 hours of sleep at a time every night!!
What a blessing!!
this is what the mornings usually look like...
everyone piles on the couch and i try to down a good cup of coffee..
myles is writing a line from one of our favorite songs..
"M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E...D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E!"
that's us alright!!
this pictures was taken weeks ago...he has grown so much..
Are you wearing your sunscreen this year??? should be wearing it everyday all year long anyway...but i know many of you aren't and won't...for almost 2 years i have been seeing a dermatologist..each time i go he finds another suspicious spot on my body...the latest one was under my eye..he removed the cancer using MOHS surgery..Lee came with me to watch was a 3 hour procedure..they got it all..
hopefully my next appointment will leave me in the clear!!
Please wear your sunscreen...
a shot glass worth of it everyday..
I haven't always..clearly...and now i wish i had!!
some new decor...
when we had Myles, this room was a chocolate brown...very coffee shopish...
after Sam was born, we painted it yellow...sunny and happy!!
now with Owen we have gone gray..the new neutral... with pops of color everywhere..
i'm thinking about painting the fireplace a fun color...??
orange even??? what do you think?? maybe yellow?? or blue??like the robin's egg in the frames..

Every between naps....Owen likes to spend some nice time on my lap..everyday his smile seems to come more readily...he really is engaging with me..some coos even...:)...
He is so dear to me!
sweet toes..
peaches are in!!! we have gotten many of them already!!
My Mom has made a couple cobblers...oooh..the taste of summer!!
my view.
every 2-4 hours..
not even close to tiring of this!!





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