Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little peeps!

I am not sure what happened here with the picture all the way over there...but anyway..
Look what we brought down from the attic!!
I used to play with these Fisher Price toys when i was i little girl,mostly my A-Frame cottage,
and several years back i went on an all out quest to find as many of the Little people that i could!
Here's me....
in my sporty green car!
(does someone have some chapstick to spare...those lips are lookin kind of dry!!)

And here's the boys...
and a friend...
we are NOT pregnant
for those of you who may be thinking that!
(but her name would be Ruby...if she was a girl..
and we
but we are not...)
okay..i just hit a button i should not you may be reading an incomplete post...
here is sweet Sammy Loving the new toys..

is anybody home??

it looks like he is getting ready to do the ring the doorbell and run maneuver..leaving new baby with baseball cap in cradle for

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher-Price!!

Ha ha! tee hee!

now he is just going to take the whole family with him...

talk about a mobile home

we got some new toothbrushes for the boys!!

costing only a small fortune...

they don't vibrate..but they do sing a song..

Sammy's is "HakunaMatata"...and Myles' is "Bare Neccessities"

The first time we brushed Sammy's teeth with it..he screamed

so hard...we were beginning to regret the choice to have a sensory input toothbrush experience... Now..He Loves it!!

We (i) tried it myself before giving it over to the boys..and it is really can't really hear the music very strong until you put it in your mouth..a little strange..but..maybe Sammy will start to say something!!

maybe....."HakunaMatata!!" ?

Here's #3 in the Great Pear Down!!

little papers..embellishments...brads..swirly metal pieces

more papers

more ribbons

and what's this!!!

A Joxlette!!!

Just leave a comment....

tell me what your favorite childhood toy was!!

Did you play with Fisher Price Little People too???

As always..

Have a Love-fully!!!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

How glad the boys are enJOYing your toys too!...As I told you on the phone today, my favorite toy when I was little, was a stuffed Panda bear my grandmother made for me...named Sooty....& I still have him, too. Love you lots....miss you more...mommy

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- Your Fisher Price toys are in fabulous shape! Can I come over and play?? We found the king and queen and another little guy the other day at our house. How did they get there?? I can bring them when I come over for a play date.:)

I loved Fisher Price and my Barbie Dolls so much! I also had a big Holly Hobbie doll that I slept with. I know you are a fan, too, my friend.:)

Please don't include me in your giveaway as you have spoiled me so much already.:) I will post about this on my blog, though!:)


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i really loved my teddy ruxbin! and my fisher price toys were trashed by aged 10, haha.

Ruth Ann said...

Hello! Great giveaway! My favorite childhood toy believe it or not was paper dolls! I could sit all day and play with them! Kids now a days play with toys that involve no real imagination! It's a shame.

Sandy Toes said...

My favorite childhood toy were my barbies...I loved them..I made houses for them...cut their fun!
-Sandy toes

Katrina said...

my favorite toy was the lite brite! My parents would get me one, so I would always break out the one at grandmas house when we went to visit! I still want to get one! =)

linda said...

Just stopping by and thought I'd leave a comment...hope you don't mind.

You asked about favorite childhood toys. I loved my slinky, etch-a-sketch, susie bake oven, light bright, and roller skates. Now those were some good!

Sounds like your having a great giveaway...I'd love to be included as I LOVE ALL THINGS PAPER!

Tristan said...

Please..Enter me!!

My fav. toy was my little ponies!

Preppy Mama said...

OMG!! You totally brought me down memory lane with that fisher price house!! You know we still have them at the pre-school I work at and the kids love them!!! I think my favorite toy was the sit and spin. I loved getting dizzy on that thing!!

Elise said...

You don't have to enter me, I just wanted to say what a foxy lady that is driving the zippy little green car!! It feels familiar-that little set. Not sure if I had one or not. I know that I played with my Barbies until I was about 13 or so, and I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids.

AwtemNymf said...

Yes- I played with the Fisher Price toys! But my fave childhood toy would be Strawberry Shortcake & Friends and Raggedy Annie.
The SS for their scents- way cool! I still have some of my collection (original dolls) as well as the newer version too! I just LOVE her!
Great give-away! I followed you thru Lori's blog!

Anonymous said...

what sweet sweet pics!
hmmm. let's fave was probably my dollhouse that my grampa built. yep. definately.

hey, i gave you an award!!!
come see!!
love ya :)

Artfulife said...

I loved playing with Fisher Price toys too. At one point my uncle D had bought me a little jointed monkey when he took me to the circus. Well, you know how cheaply circus toys are made, and the little guy fell apart a few days later. My Dad fixed him and he fell apart again. So we had a funeral. Yup. Looking back as a parent I realize my parents never buried that shoebox with Mr. Monkey (I am pretty positive he rests in a landfill somewhere). Well my Uncle D felt so bad because I was so devastated about this stupid monkey that he had bought. So he went and bought me this really odd looking bear. Not of your normal stuffed bear variety. Nope. He was special. I couldn't have been happier. I slept with, played with, swam with and pretty much loved almost all the shine off his little bear nose. For years and years. I still have that little bear. He sits on a shelf in my girls room because they took no interest in playing with him. I'm too old to sleep with stuffed animals now, but I don't have the heart to part with him. His name is BooBoo Bear.

Amy said...

When I saw those Fisher-Price toys I smiled! I always wanted the farm that the doors went "moo" when you opened them! Do you remember weeble-woobles? "They weeble, wobble, but they don't fall down?" My daughter now has my old Barbie dolls. Unfortunately, my sister ripped the head off my Ken doll....

dylee's mom said...

I just love being a mom and playing down memory lane. Barbies were my favorite. I loved doing their hair and it is the bestEST to now play Barbies with my daughter who loves doing hair, too. It is so much fun introducing the little ones to the things we once enjoyed. Fraggles and smurfs are a big hit too!!

dylee's mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

Well... I am pregnant, am having a girl and my first choice name above all others is RUBY!!! Too bad it is my husband's zillionth choice. Boo hoo. No Ruby for me. ANyway, I was all about the Little People. I had the school, the cabin, the grocery store.... Wishing that my mom didn't get rid of them when I grew up. The new Little People are cute, but no where near as charming!

Tocky's Daddy said...

Does food count as a favorite toy? If so, put me down for the Big Mac as my favorite toy. I hope I win!

Rainy said...

Wow, I feel really old. I babysat a little girl who had all the fisher price toys and I loved playing with them with her. My favorite toy was probably a stuffed white bear. When he would get real dirty my Mom would hand was him with carpet cleaner and hang him by his ears on the clothes line and I would get upset when I would see him hanging outside. Unfortunately I had my things stored in a shed after being married and it leaked and ruined most of my childhood things. Boy that breaks my heart now more than ever since my Mom has passed and that really comes back strong. Take Care

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a fun walk down memory lane! I haven't seen Fisher Price toys like yours in AGES! How fun that you saved them for your kiddos :)

I have to say my favorite toy was my bike. I was outside all the time! Next to that my crafty things.

Have a fabulous weekend!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- I will start putting together some red, pink, "ugly" green, white and sparkly buttons together for you! I will e-mail first to see what you think.:) What fun things are you cooking up for Christmas in your shop?:) Lori

Darlene said...

Those Fisher Price toys are in fabulous condition...WOW!!

My all time favorite toys were baby dolls. I had a LOT of them and played and played with them. Usually I was a teacher and taught them oh so much. What fun memories!

Lori-Girl said...

we probably played with little people these together as children....but my favorite toy was all our (Staci's too...we shared!) barbies...we would take our coloring books and open them up (standing up) and make a house for them....we were creative even as little girls!





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