Saturday, January 31, 2009

i came..i saw...i was conquered ..But WAIT!!

(WAIT!!! It's down there....i goofed...silly me...)
I did the post...but it isn't here..
i may have to check my settings..maybe my time is wrong..
boy..that's a shocker!!
maybe in another hour ..or two..
what in the world!!??

How to..get my ZEBRA fix on!!

first..i started crafting early on Thursday!!
Dada took the kiddos to school..and it was just me and a couple cups of coffee..okay..3 cups!!
and i was on CLOUD NINE!! (after a few potty breaks)
so then...i have a couple of these frames left over from several projects i have done for family and friends and ourselves..i should post some of those, huh?
anyway..these are from dollar general..just a dollar!!...
a lovely little shadow box!!
so..i opened it up and tore out the lovely...

and put..a mystery Joxy in there..
i wonder what it looks like??

and stuck some red felt on the backing..

and Voila..there she is!!
That's how I get
My Zebra Fix ON!!
I still have the coasters and fancy tablecloth to show you!!
and..when i don't feel like keeping my Joxy all closed up in a glass house..
I can wear her..if i wasn't wearing the other one i already picture..
all for $1.20 in Zebra fabric!!

And look at that plate..
just a simple white plate..
i got the idea from Sara at Sara's arthouse..
she got a black plate from HER Goodwill..not mine..
and painted white circles on it!! She's really fantastic and artistic like that..
amazing..she'll paint anything..and everything..or put her some fancy papers all over it..and it is a work of art!! I, on the other hand.. was afraid to use paint...but i love me a dry erase marker!!
and it is just the right balance for my Zebra obsession..
speaking of obsession...did you see my new "Loving" on the left sidebar..
oh my!!
who knew..??
Zebra..AND...UGLY green..
okay..i need to take some pictures of more shadow boxes..
hopefully this pre-posting works!!
Have a VERY Love-fully Day!!

Some LOVE!!

New in the shop!!
These bags..with..

huge tags!!

and coming later today...just a little peek!!
I worked so long on it..
like off and on since last spring!! Yikes!
But it's ready now...and YU-MMY!!

Ohhh..and not going in the shop today...
take a look at this Yummy!!

He is saying
"I did it!" here!!

Smylie has issues with pants...

atleast he is wearing his jacket!!

these pictures were taken while i was visiting school one day.. i surprised Myles...

and got some eyes..

and some teeth!!

And Looky here!!
oh my!!
be still my heart!!

Have a love-fully!
More later..
I am going to try to pre-post..
for 3 o' time..
let's see if i can do it!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Trough of JOY!!

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened

and the ears of the deaf unstopped.

Then will the lame leap like a deer,

and the mute tongue


Isaiah 35:5&6

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cloud Nine?

Okay...just as i promised....
Ya ready?

I worked so hard on my room this week...
Hubby was such a big help...
keeping the kiddos from climbing up on Sunday..
and then using his strong muscles to put everything "upstairs"
on Thursday...and he hasn't even seen it yet...
the finished project...
so much fun for me....and him!

and just a little side table, by the window...gotta have some charm!
I haven't made anything yet...
I'm hoping soon!

Exhibit A
These are my second favorite cookies..
they actually are fast becoming my 1st favorite...
sooooo yummy!!

The recipe!!

From such a great book!
It is filled with such great ideas for entertaining your weekend guests, or a dear friend..
or yourself...
see exhibit A
There is no evidence of actual baked goodies...
but i did bake them... and eat some...and share many!!

Oh My!! many Zebra sightings have you made lately!!
I have seen this print everywhere..
is everyone else obsessed with this print like me??
Elise told me there were zebra print rugs at Target!
And she wasn't kidding...
they had towels...and pillows...and vases...
oh my!!
I didn't get anything...
But next door at The LOBSTER...
I found this little bit of fabric in the clearance section..for $1.60.
so..i'm gonna make me some coasters...
to go along with my new no sew side table cloth...
you know i'm so excited!!
oh...and a Joxy too...a zebra Joxy...
I started on a black and white swag and wreath last spring and haven't finished them quite yet...
zebra print??
maybe that is why i am drawn to the black and white..
i Love black and white Mary Engelbreit..
they are in my kitchen curtain and a cakestand that hubs gave me before we got married..
i am being cautious to not go overboard...
i mean, who loves THAT much zebra print??
maybe a Momma Zebra loving her babies...
and maybe me...
so far...i've got a no sew table cloth...(a piece of zebra fabric laying across my tiny side table...)
and coasters...
i better go work on those in my new studio..
should i call it something??
I like Cloud Nine..
but i'm not gonna be doing any sleepin' up there!
What do you think!!??
Any and all suggestions welcomed!!
And have a Joy-filled day!!
See you tomorrow for another Cup Of Joy!!

ps..i just went over to Elise's blog to linky-do...
oh my goodness...GO see what she made!!
Oh my goodness...i thought for sure it was for me..
it wasn't..
i'm sad.
tell her she needs to make these for her shop...
she is wondering if she should...
i say YES!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silly Love

Oh the paparazzi!!
Sweeet Sammy...
I am sure you all have heard about this muffin tin idea..
all the most fabulous bloggy super moms have talked this one up...i got these shiny disposable tins from our Publix..and they are doing the trick..we usually just use a divided tray type of plate..or just a plate...or a paper towel...or our hands..
anyway...i love this idea..and i wish some super mommy would have had this idea when i was growing up...i don't like my food to touch..well, NOW i don't mind...but THEN....yucky!

let's see..what are we having??
12 o'clock...chicky, strawberry yogurt, peaches, craisins, cucumbers, cheese...
and, although there is only some protest, the tin is emptied!!

Which's ALL worth it!!

Just a reminder!!

New in the shop!!
Go see..
Have a Joyfull day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cup Of Joy....Returns

oooh....more of the surprise..

all of your comments about your Valentine's were so great.
Sounds like we all got some pretty great guys!!
so supportive of our love of crafting...
and the mess(es) we leave...

This repurposed tin is Yours!!
This was so much fun to make..
and i hope you enjoy it for what ever purpose you can think of!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!
We have been very productive...
we have eaten as a family at every meal..
we saw some snowy flurries this morning...
and today i spent the afternoon in the attic... new craft room...
it still has a good ways to go...and again..quite primitive..but a tour is definitely happening this week..
i can't wait to get up there and make something!!

I choose these few verses for our first Cup Of Joy of the year.
This is my Bible..and you can see, i am a "mark in my Bible kinda gal"...(are you?) i am not sure when i did this..but it is fitting...
Just as yucky tarnished silver can be polished to a beautiful shine..we too are made to be polished by our Maker. It isn't always an easy task... we have been exposed to so many things throughout our lives...influences...hurts...and our tarnish has built up in such an ugly way...

The Lord longs to polish our wash and cleanse us , blotting out our iniquity..He wants to create and renew in us.. and restore in us the JOY of our salvation....

verses from Psalm 51:7-12

We wish , and hope, and pray for these things...yet are we longing for such a way that ..

as we sit on the Goodwill shelves of LIFE...all dark and oxidized..tarnished like...are we longing so hard to ASK these things of Him... Longing to be pursued by Him...

and accepting the WAY He pursues us!

He sees us as beautiful, and shiny already...

He sees our potential!

Isn't that such a comfort?

I hope you have a Joyful start to your week!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Clean Fun

This is insane!!
This is my side of the bedroom....
This has to change!!

I am inspired to clean up my act!!
we have a tiny home...and i have a serious craft problem..
and so it goes...i NEED MORE SPACE!!!
(or hubby says..LESS STUFF)
so i was looking around in the attic the other day..
yeah, just looking...
and thought..i could totally use this whole (smallest) part of the attic..for my crafts...yes...quite primitive it would be...but, I Love Little House on the Prairie
"Aah, Pa...can i please make this part of the attic my little craft room???"
Let me tell you...Pa is all for reclaiming our bedroom for it's original purpose..if you catch my drift!!??
So..a little purging...a little sweeping...a little face mask so i don't inhale all sorts of insulation...
i just may have a new craft room!!
Think Happy Thoughts...

How did these get in here?

more clean fun... I Love some nice soap and lotion by the sink..
I have given this as a giftie to a few friends...and family..
I call it the sink side saver...
I spend so much time at the kitchen sink...washing dishes, hands...dishes...and i have grown to really enjoy this time..
perspective friends..
some pretty pink soap...a pretty window...and a pile of dirty dishes..okay..i may be stretching it...but think of all the other amazing women standing at their sink taking care of their dreaded pile of dirty dishes...(or laundry...or(craft rooms))
They are taking care of so much more at that moment...
The plates and cups and bowls that held nourishment for their families... the food that they prepared...
I am feeling sentimental about food right now because our children ARE eating the food i prepare for them...
not just pbnjsandwiches...and banana pancakes...
we're talking, rotisserie chicken and steamed broccoli friends!
And we are sitting at the table...together!!
So...when there is nothing on the plates to scrape into the trash..
I delight in washing those dishes!!
I delight in knowing how far we have come...
I delight in knowing the Lord is whispering to so many of us Mommy's as we wash the dishes
for our families... we are serving more than these people under our roof...we are serving our Lord!
So go get some pretty pink soap...and
Praise God you have dishes...and serving ...and LOVING to do!!


and after...
I love silver...yucky tarnished silver is even better!!
and silver polish!!
If you have never polished silver before go find something at Your Goodwill...get some silver polish and put on some yellow dish gloves...and see what you get..
Most will be something so beautiful
under that yucky tarnish...
(this may not be every one's favorite activity...but just FYI..
i LOVE it!!)
Don't you wish silver polish worked on OUR yucky tarnish??
to be continued tomorrow...
come back for a new cup of JOY!!
Have a Joyfull day!

ps...the boys love playing with these hearts on my necklace...
i got the first heart shortly after Smylie was heart was no longer my own..
it was as if part of my heart was now living outside of me..
when he would sit in my lap i would ask him this question..
"Is that Mommy's heart"
and he would smile...and shake his head....
as i said..."Noooo, you're my're my heart......."
now, Sammy's in on the game...and gets so tickled just by my question...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm feeling...

Ofcourse!! dishes?? check!

new goodies in the shop??? check!
(this one didn't get in...etsy had a hiccup...maybe i will just give it away...what is it you say...???
a surprise!!)

Getting ready for a long weekend with my guys??
Look at my great new calendar...MY goodwill!!
My Mom joked about a calendar from goodwill...
"Did it have the "Smith's" schedule on it already?"
no silly..
it was NEW..and only a dollar!!
Look at the cute stickers too...animals, ofcourse...
looks like we have a little elephant checkup on Monday!!

The boys had a field trip yesterday!!
I was on standby to go...i was all ready to hang on to the back of the bus...but there was an opening..and i was able to get on the bus for the actual ride!! Yippee!!
I went on Smylie's bus..

we sat in the back...with his sweet buddy Ash..

and the bus was a big hit!

not so much, for the first...but a few minutes in and he was clapping and repeating many of the lines..
Yeah, the lady on the microphone asked for all of the parents and teachers to turn off cell phones and cameras..and to remove disruptive kiddos during the performance...
Yikes... all of the teachers (7) from our school, looked at me right after pressure...
Smylie tried every little phrase he could to get out of the show..
"almost done"..."all done"..."Bye-Bye"..."Oh no!!!"
he sat on my lap...and covered his eyes...and then peaked through...and before he knew it...he was loving the show!!
It was little skits from children's books like
If You Give a Pig a Pancake..
ahhhh....we did it!!

That's my guy!!

I got some fun mail this week!!
No..Not yummy toaster pastries!!

another cottage for me collection!

and the flowers were a surprise along with my beautiful green buttons...and look at the envelopes..i love them!!
i will keep them on display by the kitchen sink and think of my sweet friend in California...Thank you so much Jes!!

and my super strong clippy magnets!!
Our fridge is getting an upgrade on her accessories!!
So...i guess that's all..
I'm feeling happy!!
I guess i'm having a giveaway too....
a surprise giveaway...
so...tell me something...
tell me...what qualities you look for in "Your Valentine"
I will pick a name on Sunday night...
with another "Cup of Joy"
it has been too get your Chamomile tea steeping..
and meet me back here...
Have a Joyfull, Love-fully Day!





The Nester

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