Friday, September 18, 2009


Thankyou my friend!!
Lori sent me this sweet cup of "me"
I just love it!
Look at the fine yummy green detail at the base...mmmm!
"Happiness is Having Someone to care for"
and the perfcet slogan for my week...since..

A sweet little baby girl will be my new companion...
yesterday was my first go at it...
She was great!
I am trying to be hospitable to her..
i want her to like it here, you know...
She LOVED the baby strappy to yourself carrier..
my babies loved it too...
i miss them while they are at school...
but the (pink) keeping me occupied nicely!!
As well as my crafting..both of my shops are filling up..
i'll be having a special each week of some sort..
gotta get some traffic through there you know!!
let me know if you have any coo-ky ideas...
Thankyou so much to the amazing friends who took advantage of my 50% off sale yesterday!
No more Oh My Word Crazy Yummy YoYO swag!!!
and Elise..where is the follower thingy...on my other blog the follower icon just showed up... where do i find one for this blog? You make me laugh...followers...of MY blog!!??!!
anyway..i'll do it for you friend!!
just show me the way...
okay, gotta go..must SHOWER!!
then lunch at school with Smylie..
Heaven...LOUD heaven, but heaven!!
Have a love-fully!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A mini ..."get your girl scout on" banner...
this would be great on your mantel..or in your little girl's room..or a doorway..or a window...
I am choosing Jen!!!
because she was the first to get in on the giveaway..which means...she keeps an eye on me for any emerging from my cave...
so it is yours JEN!!!
(please email me with your addy...@
But wait... LORI...sweet getting a sursie too...
she went OTT (over the top) in the comment department!!
Thankyou my friend!!!
(I did get MY sursie in the mail..i am sipping from it right now....mmmmmmm! Thankyou so much!)
For those who commented on this giveaway....
I am giving a special discount in my shop!!!
you won't believe it!!
50% off....ANYTHING!!!!!Everything!!!
but only TODAY!!! (9/17/09)
whatcha waitin' for....
if you didn't get a chance to leave a comment....
you'll know better next time!!
for week....
i'll be giving away another secret sursie...
Have a Love-fully!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I feel a giveaway coming....

What do you think it will be?????
Leave me a comment...
give us a hint??
okay i will..
i made it.
you'll love it!
leave lots of comments... you know, if you want to...
i'm feeling generous...
How are you feeling?
Have a Happy..
...fabulous..secret..prize ...entry gathering.. lunchish...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New new and more new

My dream is coming true...
i started a new blog my friends...
my heart has been calling me in this direction.
i must answer.
i have been so busy with my free....eager hands....both of the boys are back in school now.
Our angel teacher is carving her name upon our hearts...we are in love.
10 days in...timeout(s) everyday.... yesterday..NO TIMEOUTS!!!
we celebrated big...1 huge cookie from Publix please!!
today...only 1 timeout...Myles did not want to come in from jumping rope...
oh well.
Sammy is so happy in his class..same teacher (of the year) as last year!!
we are so blessed.
we know it.
Lookee in my shop at my new goodies...
Happy fall is almost i'm on my way to the shop to slash some old prices...
go see here.
But my heart...Autism Blooms.
I am opening another little store too..with only Autism related pretties...
i have lots of things already made and can't wait to show everyone...
i'm crafty people...not a computer wiz hang in there..
I hope everyone is enjoying this early fall season... I wore my new (from a thrift store) brown sweater yesterday!!! I am soooo Mr. Rogers' beloved... I could wear a sweater everyday..i could change out of my outside sweater and put on my inside sweater...and change into my slippers..
i could even go around singing a song about our neighborhood...
what's become of this young gal??
ancient, i tell you!!
I also like house coats now..seriously... Mrs. Roper..or Rogers...Rogers-Roper???
I'd be so glad if you checked out my other little blog...and gave me a little hootie-hoo...
you'll be glad you did!
Thanks so much friends!!
Have a Love-fully!!





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