Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here She is!!

I Love all of her ribbony goodness.....

and her crazy hair day....but she sure can accessorize!!!

and this little gathering of cards is almost in the shop!!
I am putting a new section in the shop..
"The End Cap"
you know...where you get all those great finds for next to nothing....and then tell all your gals about how much you just saved!!!That's what i'm talkin' about!!
give me a sec...then go see...
Have a love-fully!!


Anonymous said...

love it!! love the tassel! amazing! and those little note cards are so sweet:)
hope you're having a blessed day!

Anonymous said...


EVERYONE! Go to her shop....NOW!!
seriously! what awesome deals you have!

lots of love!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I would like the tassel, please...where is it?....did someone beat me to it?? need to HURRYHURRY and make LOTS more.....SPECIAL order , please, sweetie, mommy

Elise said...

Cute, adorable!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- I wore my joxlette all day and it made me feel so GOOD! SO festive! You are so creative, my sweet friend! There is no end to your fabulous ideas!
I posted about your joxlette again today- in a silly way! But you can see how it just makes me feel that much happier than normal! Lori

Tristan said...

everything looks adorable!





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