Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Favorite

Here is my favorite Cuppa Joy!!
I LLLLuuH-Uv fancy coffee...
it must have lots of yummy...yummy in it!
I prefer flavor...especially Cinnamon!!
I was so excited to see so many wonderful tastey comments!
Happy, You All have made me!!
I must confess..i may or may not have had the luxury of enjoying 2 Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks..this week..
I think that is the TOTAL caloric intake for me.. for the entire month of October!!(is it only the 1st??) I didn't realize you could order them "skinny"...does everyone else know about this??
Yeah...not me..i went all "Fat"... and the girl behind the counter even said.."this is the 'FAT' one"
"Oh! That would be for me!!" Thank you so much!
Yummy Yummy mmmmmmmmchhhhwa!!

This is usually what mine looks like at home!!

Love me some cinnamon creamer and some kaweshhhhweshhhhweshhhh cream on top!!!


Loving me some Sammy and Dada!

Look at those twinsies!!!

And ...can you believe this book!! The boys brought it home from school...."Too Many Pears!!" is a great book.. i will post more tomorrow...

And the Winner is..............



This was so much fun....

Thank you to everyone for participating!!

Too many pears to speak of....another giveaway on Friday!!

Have a Love-fully!


Rachel said...

Oh I'm going to have to find that book, it looks too cute!! Congrats to Melissa on her FABULOUS win!! Lucky Duck! ;)

Anonymous said...

mmMMMmmm! i'll be right over for a cuppa with you :)

congrats, melissa!





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