Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lovin' every minute of it!!

One of Sammy's new favorite things to do!!! Swing like a Super hero.... he has always loved swinging..but this is so much fun to watch him bein' a kid!!

I made these biscuits for breakfast...we are trying gluten free products now for the boys...and lets just say...we'll get use to it!!

Smylie helped me set the table and did a great job giving the biscuits a try...he spread the peanut butter and jelly on top by himself.... and even ate all of his yogurt!!
Again..McQueen making an appearance!!!



This pool took the mommy about 20 minutes to set up...with only about 8 minutes of actual play time in it...the water is still a little chilly...but the weather is just right!!!

So.. Back to the swing he went!!! I just love these kids!!

have a Love-Fully!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Pictures

....Dada brought this home from work the other day.... a box!!
Aunt Jenny..the best Aunt Jenny in the world...just sent Smylie a box of Birthday picture of of the books is..."Not a Box"...and another "Not a Stick"!!! Smylie just loves the Stick one but clearly is enjoying the BOX for his imaginative purposes!! What else could he put in there to be ready for some fun??

Mr.Sweetums!!! Ofcourse.... well, Smylie calls him "Lubber"..

but he wanted to get in on some of the action as well....

Could he be getting any more grown up!!! What in the world!!

He is Oh so happy to have McQueen with him!!! They are nearly inseparable now...

Ewwwwww! Would somebody get that baby a fwimmin'pool!!!

Look at him all decked out in his little shoes...that thing he is standing in is actually a sand box at our friend's house... it did the trick...but seriously...big plastic pool...we've gotta grab us one soon!!

Need to take new pictures of Bistro set!!! We must have deleted those pictures in all of the P-P-Inner commotion!! And i've been tagged....these things make me nervous...but i'll do my best..something about 10 years ago...WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!

I can barely remember last week!! again..i'll do my best..but it will have to stop with me...because, i don't really have any other blogger people to tag...and just makes me nervous... not like hives and all...just...NERVOUS alright??? i need some sleep...what am i still doing awake.... I'll need a big old cup of joy tomorrow....i mean

have a love-fully...

night night!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lets try again!!

So.. we took this out of the box today!!!! So fantastic!!
okay...same picture...sorry...but worth mentioning again...this thing is fantastic!! You just fill the little"pen" with water and let your little one doodle away... NO MESS!!!!!
Sammy was loving it...making all sorts of fun sounds..and little giggles while he was drawing!!
I highly recommend one if you have a little artist and he or she is not aware of how messy he or she is....nor how much cleaning up you do as his or her mom after each crafty project!! It will give you a break from that!!!
Again...NO MESS!!!!!
Look at Mr.Sweetums!!!!!! You can't see on his shirt here..but it has a burnin' heart with MOM in the middle!! I just Love this kid!!

Burn Baby Burn!!

Tried to make a snack!!!!Cheesy toast for Hubs...and cinnamon toast for me.. 5 minutes under the broiler is clearly TOOO long!!
(we are working on PPInner......sorry for the little post of toast!!!)

My cup..Okay!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! it looks like we have almost figured out the picture putter inner.... Etsy shop filled up today!!! I actually am under the the boys had been earlier this week... so we watched movies for the afternoon while i posted!!! Dada is outside with the kiddos right now..and i am thinking of all the ways my cupeth over floweth!!
let me count the ways...
*i have a wonderful husband
*2 amazing little creatures for kids
*fantastic parents (in laws included)
*sweet siblings
*amazing friends
*a warm cozy home.. with a great bistro set
(come on by..i'll make us some tea)
*a little ETSY shop
(go there on the side to the right...i no longer have linky-doo capabilities)
*a paid off car...the check engine light is on..but we are going to get that fixed 6th or something... don't worry mom (s).....
*food in our bellies
*people who always seem willing to help
(i hope you have some of those people where you are too!!)
*no plumbing that Big Bird is out of the potty
*grass seed planted in our enormous (bare naked) backyard
*plans for a playset for the boys...and a way to pay for it!!!!
i will elaborate on this...but i am waiting for a 50% off coupon at Hobby Lobby (the LOBSTER)....or for canvases to go on sale....
but for now......i tried to download the GodTube video of
Psalm 23...with the little girl reciting it...
clearly i was unable to...GO THERE and listen, watch, and think of the words...what does it mean to you that ....
The Lord is my shepherd..i shall not be in want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
He leads me beside quiet waters
He restores my soul
He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
For you are with me
Your rod and your staff
They comfort me
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies
You annoint my head with oil
My cup overflows
Surely goodness and love
will follow me all the days of my life
and i will dwell in the house of the Lord
Those words mean so much to me..for i haven't always been, nor am i always now.. faith-full to HIM!!!
This Sunday Cup of Joy that i pretty much my only
"from the word" time all week long...
HOWEVER....i am listening and HE loves on me CONSTANTLY!... He is so forgiving and shows me that..
like when the boys are not listening to me...or causing all sorts of chaos.....i may just lose patience that is...not my mind just yet...but in THAT very moment...HE is LOVING on me...
The wave of disappointment for my actions...
past and present... become forgiven...
because..He restores my soul....
I should post that...hmmmm...
maybe next week...
for now...I hope YOUR cup is overfloweth-ing!!!
mine is...
let me go check on those guys of mine....
Have a love-fully!!
ps..and don't forget to go to GodTube and type in Psalm 23..
We watch that video DAILY!!
Smylie just loves her...."Now one more time.."
"surely"...."my head"......go see... she's his favorite!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Extra!Extra! read all about it......

Okay!!! So this whole computer thing is MAKING ME CRAZY!!!
I am slowly losing the freedom i had grown to i was learning about the very high tech picture putter inner...not to mention, easily getting my pictures (from my fun new mommy's day cammy) ON TO the computer...and then easily retreiving them in order to do a post!!! UGH!!!! And now my Blogger is not letting me maneuver in order to type...or make a mistake really...and i can forget about doing any more "linky-dooing"... it won't let me!! What am i doing wrong!!!

I have been so busy going here and there with our sweet boys...
and trying to get some sewing done to fill up my Etsy shop...not that i would even be able to find a picture to show what i was selling.............!...........and i just feel like my blog is the most bleck! I was loving being able to share this little life of mine!!
and now..besides our family...and Miss Kafew...and sweet Julie..
and sometimes Brownie... Nobody even wants to come by and sit and have tea or coffee with me on my new Beautiful Ugly green bistro set..because there is no proof that i even HAVE it!!
It is stuck in this computer somewhere!!! or the pretty bracelet i got from my mom...tarnished silver...I LOVE TARNISHED SILVER!!!...because i LOVE polishing it!! it is like discovering a treasure or something someone else might not like to take the time to do...)There's a great picture for that too!!! ( it was my Nanas and she gave it to my mom..and she gave it to me...) or ...all of the latest pictures of M and S!!
They are growing up before my very eyes... NO PROOF!!!
And i have had some creamy, sweet ,/kaweshweshwesh/ cream with sprinkles on the top coffee...(so sweepy!!!)...and i wanted to share that!! or the wonderful GODIVA dark hot chocolate (thanks big sis) after we stayed out in the rain to plant grass seed..and lay wheat straw... THAT was a perfect cup of joy!!!
no picture for the viewing!!!
So if you are a mystery visitor to my blog...please stay with me!!
Don't give up on me...and if you are a tried and true family/ julie/misskafew/brownie... THANKYOU for telling me you've been visiting!!! It makes me feel happy to know you are still with me....waiting patiently!!! I will get this thing figured out!!

I'm off to bed now!! Maybe it will be all fixed in the morning!!
have a love-fully!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cup Of Joy Sundays

We have had a great weekend.. yesterday, the boys and i went strawberry picking!! We go every year..but i think this is the first time they were slightly interested! Rows and rows of ripe strawberries for the picking!! The crop did suffer from a hail storm earlier this season..but we still found plenty.. Myles stayed close to me and Sammy stayed in the lead..i did mostly all of the picking....and as i searched for just the right ones...they would seem just so lovely...and then i would go to pick them, and the underside was ...just not the same... some were malformed..and others..were significantly bruised... i still put so many of them in our little plastic basket.... i have this thing about "the bruised fruit"... like the bananas at the grocery store... you know..the ONE poor nana that got ripped from the bunch because the stinker shopper only wanted 4 and not 5!!

Well..that goes for the fruit that has a little blemish too... ( i feel sorry for it or something..) and if i touch comes home with me... so i do choose carefully..but weren't all of those fruities made for a purpose???Even the "not the most perfect ones.." you can make a pie...or a smoothie...or some jam...or hide them in your sweeties can do all sorts of "perfectly wonderful" things with the ones that have "something wrong with them..." !! Is this just me....if should start thinkin' about all it took for that lone nana to get where it is ... all bananas over you.. and wantin' to be somethin' special in your next ...somethin' you make ..!!! ..okay back to the berries... so i washed and cut them and they are sittin' pretty in my freezer ready to make my day in a smoothie...with an of these beautiful spring days.....

So go get some fruit..and bubba gump it!!! It is fruit pickin' season!
It will also make you feel good to support your local farmer and all their sweeties!!
Have a Love-Fully!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the WINNER is............

Lori..from Morning Glories and Moonflowers!!!!! Congratulations!!! Please let me know what color combo you would like for your custom made Joxlette!!! I will post some colors tomorrow..i cannot figure out my picture putter inner right now!!! Congrats!! My First Giveaway WINNER!!

And go have a LOVE-Fully!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I think today is a great day to start my new blog entry...probably on Sundays... called what else..but.."Cup of Joy"
I do start everyday out with a cup of tea (Earl)
unless i am soooo sweepy and then it must be super cinnamony..super creamy.. super sweet... maybe even a little /kaweweweshhhh/ whipped cream on top..oh, and some sprinkles too...but that's only if i am super sweepy... COFFEE!!!!! So I may switch my picture depending on how late i stayed up... but the main reason i am starting Sunday Cup of to share some verses..some Joy verses...and maybe encourage you to hold me to it!! I am not a faithfull reader of my Bible...but God ALWAYS shows me His love in fun and creative ways... so everything that may seem like a coincidence..was very much an "on PURPOSE" from HIM!!! So..maybe we can learn something together..let me know if you original thought was to work my way through the verses that had some "joy" in them... THERE ARE A LOT OF "JOY" VERSES!!!!!! I was hoping to find something having to do with Mother's day..for today's.. (just so you know.. they may not ALL have "joy" in them..i hope that's ok!!?)
Today's does for me.... "Be JOYFUL(L) always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
For my Mom... my Mommy!!!
You gave me my name..and so i will always be Joy..(Full)... it is actually a hard name to live faithfully by... but i am gratefull for it..I thank you for all that you are to me!! You are so much!! My cheerleader.. my brutally honest at creative laughing so hard you can't even hear are my most needed....most needed....did i mention...MOST needed!!!
And in the times when we have been distant the most.... it has seemed unbearable..because of what you are to me.. not ever for anything else... just because what I have in you is so special to my heart...i hope you really know that...Oh..and you are my minutes!!! You are also my example... and I am so delighted to be a "Mommy" myself now...I have a renewed appreciation for all you are to me as i see these little lives growing right before my eyes!! Thank you for being my MOMMY still...I love YOU!!
Happy Mother's Day!!
For My Mom-in-law... happy Mother's day!!
Thank you for being such a great Mom to my guy!!! I am grateful for all of the time and love that you poured in to his life! I reap the rewards daily as your constant source of love, patience and admiration have stayed with him and he now pours that over our family! Thank you, Mom, for all you have done and been..and continue to be for your son and his little family! Happy Mother's day!! We Love you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happiness..and welcome to the family!!

We are in the process of transforming our side driveway/ yucky
nothing that great to look at... into a little garden/ i would love to have a cup of tea out there..want some too??? ...wonderful place to And Sammy just so happens to always look out at that yuckiness from his window seat.. so we thought we'd spiff it up a bit for him!! It still has a long way to go..but it is coming along!! As a matter of fact.. I just received as an early Birthday present from my Mom and Dad... an amazing Bright ugly green Bistro table and chairs set..for our wonderful space!! I will post with pictures when it is all set up!! I just love it!!! (thank you Mommy and Daddy)... So tomorrow is Mother's day!
I am looking forward to a great day with my boys!! I will get to take lots of pictures with my new CAMERA!!! Hubby went all out for me since Dino-cam has lost its youthfulness!! Hurray!
Sorry Dino!! You were a good cammy...and we will always be grateful for all the memories we have shared with you!!
New cammy is all pink and yummy..(not to make dino feel any worse..) but i will have to think of a name for her... of course girly!! I actually think i like Cammy!! Yeah! Cammy it is!!
Welcome to our family Cammy! You have alot of work cut out for you!! I take lots and lots of get comfy with your new.. very important job... capturing our boys as they do all sorts of new things.. as they grow into bigger boys with even more dirt... and as we fix up our little fixer upper!! We NEED you to help our family and friends enjoy all the special events with us... we say thank you for all you are willing to do for us!!
No pressure!! But We are counting on YOU Cammy!! So rest up .. we have a big day tomorrow!!
Have a love-fully!

New Bucket...New Wonder

So it has been a whole week since my last post!! I cannot even "bee-leevy" how the time goes by!! We have had a nice week with lots of beautiful weather for playing outside!! Sammy scored big this Friday on our trip to Target!! These buckets were in the seasonal department..for holding your toys in..or your little boy and a bag of sand!! Sam just loves this new spot!! I have been working on more sewing stuff for my shop...i've been so very excited about my latest sales... Thankyou to my new customers!!
.... Also..I will be drawing the "joxlette" winner name on Monday! Take a looksee it may be you!! (be sure to comment if you haven't already!!)

Have a very LOVE-FULL-LY!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dino- Cam Revival!! And Joxlette GIVEAWAY!!

Hooray for me!! Maybe Dino-cam just needed a little rest!!
Don't we all!!?? I took these yesterday when we got back from the post office.. mailing first two sales from my ETSY shop!! And of course a trip to Target.. The boys were great..i mean really great!!! It is hard to know for sure if no nap will make an outing successful or does however, make the night better!
So..i made a fresh pitcher of iced tea..and took in the view!! The weather is so perfect here.. kind of like baby bear's bed..just right! I've also been "splogging" again.. Spying on blogs.... and thought i'd encourage you to check some of them out... they are all really nice..and very enjoyable to read!! So go get some iced tea.. and go visit someone!! Tell them i sent you...and then tell me you did!! I will have a drawing for one of my BIG joxlettes!!
I will custom make it just for you!!!! Go Now!! Start splogging!!
..and leave comments!! Just click on my Oh the places people on my sidebar... and don't forget my nifty Nester button!! That will take you right to her!!

Oh..and go have a Love-Fully day!!





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