Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Yummy Weekend!

This is what inspired all of my other jewelry making!!
My Big Sister Jenny asked if i would make something to donate to a fundraiser..and this is what she got!!

A Pretty Yummy clip your identification on!!

I made one for her a couple years ago..and she has really put it to good use!! This one reminds me of her...not actually the colors she loves..but her Birthday is in November..topaz!!

I hope she likes it!! i hope someone else likes it even more!!

And on Saturday.....we went to the pumpkin patch!!
This was so much fun...and there are many pictures to show..
so get comfy cozy!!
If you know something funny about Myles it is that he and spiders are not BFF's!!
This was on the hayride...and thank goodness we were safe from this guy!!

keeping my eyes on him...

that was close!!

my baby bunny with some other bunnies!!

can anyone say...bunnies for Christmas!!

some more great pictures...

"Uhhh...i'll take the pumpkin with the blue pants on please!!"

she was just hoppin around the farm....

i just love these bright beautiful mums...

and this guy!!sweet hands..sweet face...and look at those eye lashes!!

a fun maze...lost the pumpkin with the blue pants in here a couple times!!

and just some information on children with Autism.....

We are forever longing for "eyes"

"look at mommy's eyes"..."let me see your eyes"

and this is very typical for us..and maybe you too even if you don't have children with autism..

so these next few are my efforts for some "eyes"

(this will make a great thanksgiving picture...he IS giving "lubber" a hug)

even the pig got in on the eyes here..

well then...

i do however get eyes when there's trouble..

or chance..

or a miracle!!

my little pumpkins!!

and look what was waiting for me when we got home!!

my package from sweet Lori

a hand written notie...

and the yummiest packaging!!

(UGLY green!!!! this girl went all out!!)

and here she very own Creme brulee bracelet that she made just for me!! I am in love!!! It chatters on my wrist whisperings of a friend i have never met..yet hope to someday!

Thank you so very much Lori!! I LOVE IT!!

and now i am off to our first teacher's conference... just updates...and maybe some talk about eyes... but..more later..

another giveaway!!

Have a love-fully day!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

YUMMILICIOUS pics of our grandguys!!..Papa & I miss them soooo much!....are you serious about a bunny for Christmas?...beeeeeeeee so careful what you wish for! Love, Mommy

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- What a wonderful adventure you had this weekend! That spider would have scared me, too.:( I love the pictures of your sweeties- they are precious! So glad you like your bracelet, my sweet friend! Lori

Tristan said...

hOW FUN!! lOVE THE braclet!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Beautiful Lanyard! Great photos of the boys and bunnies and flowers!
AND... Isn't it great getting gifties from Lori-She packages everything up so pretty!
Love the bracelet!
Have a great week,

Rambling Girl said...

Love your pics Joy! Looks like you all had a great time at the punkin patch.

Elise said...

Your little boys are cuties!! Looks like a fun time!!
P.S. My little girlie loves the magnet clippie thingie.

ChelseaP said...

I saw your noticed your pretty bracelet today and wondered if you had made it. What a fun gift!

Jenny said...

The lanyard was drumming up bidding excitement the day BEFORE the silent auction. People think it is so gorgeous. I wondered where you got the color inspiration. I was half tempted to keep it for myself. ;) I will let you know how the fundraiser goes.





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