Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the zoo...

I was unable to put these words in my last post.. so here it is..
we went to the zoo 2 Sundays ago with our great friends the Brownies...(that is our nickname for them.. they aren't like girlscouts) ..we had a picnic in the park and then headed to the zoo... fun for our guys!! I posted these pictures because they were the last ones i was able to download before Dino-cam finally broke!! I probably won't be posting many pictures until i can get a replacement... so.. enjoy these as long as you like!!

Oh Oh!! And did anyone see???? I sold 2 JOXLETTES in my Etsy shop!! I am so thrilled... Thankyou so much to my buyers!!
You made my day!! I hope everyone enjoys their day too!
Have a love-fully day!!

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo...How about you, you, you?!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Random acts Julie tagged me and i gave it a shot on 2 of mine...went to Picnik and did this.... clearly i need more practice...playing with all of the fun features,,, not to picture taking,,,ugh!!
so here they are... Random acts of me...
  1. I just love Ugly green
  2. I have a good sized Holly Hobbie collection
  3. I love cold ice cream spoons... i like to take the back side of the spoon when i am finished enjoying my ice cream... and rub it back and forth over my mouth... it just feels right!!
  4. I must be warm!! Always under a blanket!!!
  5. I have a weird thing about making a rectangle..then making an x inside with out picking up my pen... and oh... i envision myself doing cartwheels in order to accomplish this... it can't be done..( especially since i would probably be hospitalized if i tried to do that many cartwheels!!)
  6. and finally..when i laugh really hard or for a long time.. i have a little wheezy cough afterwards... weird?? embarrassing... TRUE!!

Well.. that's it!! actually there are more weird (hehem) random things to know about me.... we'll just leave it at these 6 for now!!!

Have a Love-Fully day!!

Fun Box Of Goodies...And Fun Goody In A Box

Our box arrived today from my mom. Look at our fun goodies!! The background is a new "blankie" for Smylie... a stand by until official blankie gets back from Mama's Blankie Repair Palace!!
She made this great sign for us with her Stampin' Up "All In The Family " stamp set! I just love it... and all of the whirly twirlies really pretty it up..ofcourse, loving the name all bold and prominent!
Look at this super cute birdie!!! My dad ..he works at Lowes... got a bunch of these on sale last season... isn't she so i have one of my own.. yay!!
One great new ball for Sammy!! He noticed that right away.. and examined it carefully.. he loves George..and fish!! Thankyou Mama and Papa for all of our new gifties!! We Love them!!
Oh... and here is Mr. Sweetums himself!! He is actually sitting IN the toybox!!! Ahhh!! These are the good old days!!

ps....i've been tagged and am putting my list together... will post soon!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Jammies, Puzzles....and What do you want from me woman?

These are Sammy's very favorite can't really tell from the picture..but trust me!
Here is our little shape wizard!! He just Loves them!! And look at him sitting so nicely at the table!! Well done sweet Sammy!!
Smylie is not impressed with my picture taking!! Clearly I am interrupting something very important!!! See this is his LION KING shirt..we have had it for sooo long.. it started as a long night shirt and now he can where it as a real shirt... He is such a wild animal lover!! The only thing that could out do this movie for him is if it was Elephant King!!

I am waiting for my pretty fabric to come in the mail... i actually have an order to complete but i ran out of my pretty Amy Butler fabric... and i have to work on my first presentation of my box of Joxlettes!! oh..and i have to set aside some time to work on a special thankyou for customers!! Julie had a great idea here... now is probably the best time to be working on that kind of thing before everyone starts buying.. they will start buying..won't they??Where are THEY??
I am working on another treat for my shop and will hopefully post tomorrow...
Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sweet Swappy....Ssss.package!??

I am so excited!!! My Spring Swap Package came with such fun goodies...just for me! Well...and everyone else who gets to see them because they are so very delicious!!! Julie... my new California friend.. my only California friend actually... sent the best package of handmade thoughtfullness!!!! We were paired up for the big Spring swap by Little Bit Funky .... okay.. on with the yummy-ness!! So ..I must admit..i really love the pink ball of is all of the ribbon she used to tie up the packages... brown paper mind you...tied up with strings...these are a few of
I just Love the triangle-pennant-garland!!! Such a nice splash of Girly!! My key chain Rocks!! I feel so fancy carrying my keys now!! And they are so much easier to find down in my purse!! Thank you!! Oh..and did you see my pretty-full new kitchen towel that NO ONE will use for anything but looking at!!! It is too pretty!!! And my BEAUTY-FULL Foster sign!!! Oh my!! It is hanging so fantastically on our front door welcoming the world!! What is that you say...??? YOU NEED ONE FOR YOURSELF!!!!
Well what are you waiting for??? GO NOW!!!
Thank you so much Julie!!! I love having a bit of California here in Carolina!! Oh happy day!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Regard the tiny boy behind the curtain!

So where is Sammy?? I didn't have my camera when i first pulled back the curtain.. he was behind it... where all my craft stuff is... colored pencils...oh, and the back of a piece of scrapbook paper... an artist needs a blank canvas right!?
He is so easy.. nothing fancy..
My sweet masterpiece...and his!!

Sam I Am

This was this past Friday on our way to take Myles to school!
Look at Sam in his green eggs and ham shirt! and those sweet plaid shorts.. i could just eat him up!! But look closer and see what he is holding... a flash card ..yes! but even closer.. and you will see it is the sky!! This kid gets it!! Does he want to take a car with him on our short car ride.. or a block.. or a puzzle...( it would be a partially intact one if he did)... noooooo!
He chooses the sky!!
Well it's yours baby boy!
The sky's the limit for you!!!
(can you tell i really love him a lot?)

Go Thomas Go!!

This was actually 2 Fridays ago.. during a Kathryn visit!
This is our Kathryn!! or Miss Kafew if Myles is saying her name.
She has been working with Sammy on "Ready..(which gets him pretty excited just at that word)... 1..2...3...GO!!"
Go Thomas Go!
and this tiny Thomas train does a figure 8 around the track..
Sammy just loves it!
He has become quite skilled at shape sorters.. this past Friday she brought the biggest bucket of wooden blocks that had a shape sorter type lid.. and he mastered that thing..
He is also really focusing in on others in the room..making more eye my prompting "Look!"
We have a new communication system that we just started at speech.. it is a small communication button... one of ours that we are starting off with says... "more please"
So all he has to do is press the button.. which has really cut down on some of the frustration ( for both of us)
we say " tell me what you need" while we show him the button, and he presses it and waits for the sound.. and looks patiently (for a 2 1/2 yr old)
in the direction of what he needs..
ahhhhhh! the sweet sound of the button!!
Myles has even taken to saying "more please" after hearing it often.. hooray for the button!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


These Beauties have taken their time in making their spring debut!!
I just love this time of year...splashes of color everywhere..
Our whole little family is suffering with various symptoms of allergy season... we do not go outside until the pollen falls and has been washed away... we are looking forward to this weekend ...
lots of rain!!
Luckily we can see these tulips from our front window!!
They made my day!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

So Sweepy!!

This is out of order... but THAT is what i call VACATION!

At the waters edge

These guys are so funny!!! Can't you just smell the water babies!


Exploring at the beach

Day at the beach!!!

Myles was loving it!!
He brought back some shells that he picked out himself..
treasures for me...
will post more tomorrow...
have a love-full-ly!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


It didn't work... lets try again!! Come see me!!

Grand Opening!!!

It's official!! Big sis helped me (in such a huge way) and I am all set up!! 2 items for sale!! Yippee!! Now i have to put my fun shop banner on the side! Until then.. come see!! (did it work??)
So excited!! I Love having a shop!!

Oh! and did i mention?.. my guys are home!! Ofcourse i am just as excited about that!! We are enjoying the rainy (again) day..
Spring straightening... and family time!! I Love days off together!! Have a love-full-ly day today too!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Half Full?

So how do you see this glass???

I miss my guys..

I was starting to see more on the empty side today..

that is not usually me..forever trying to think on the bright side

even to the point of naivity ( how do you spell that!?)

it was just one of those days.. but i realized that i really hadn't lost my half -FULL- ness

afterall, when i was talking to my brother in Mississippi (LOve spelling that)( love him)

and i said.." i'm feeling half FULL!!"

I was trying to say it the other way!!

Oh well.. so much for gloom and doom..

Be gone with you!!

Tomorrow night is the big night for me and Etsy!!

Big sis and i decided to have the Grand Opening then!! Come and see!!

Here's what i have been working on... That up there is what i have been working on..
I tried to put it HERE but.. oh, well!!
Aren't they fun...?
My mom and i have been braining about the name for them...
I have to tell you the name story... when i was little and trying to write my name,
i would make the little first slant of my "y" a little too long... so it looked like an "x" instead.
So my nickname then, and still now, became Jox..and then more girly.. Joxy.
So... i wanted to incorporate that name somehow... and i love chocolate..
and these little guys look so yummy... i was thinking of a way to package them..
and i thought of a box... like a box of chocolates... depending on how many one was receiving,
so here is the name
they will be called
I toyed with the spelling.. "Joxlates" looked like "lates" stood out.. and "lettes" looked a little i picked it instead :)
ofcourse, you need the story in order to understand Why THAT name???
But you know..." My Mama always told me.. life is like a box of Joxlettes...
you never know what you're gonna get"
I plan on doing drawings (not like coloring) i should say free-bees, for people who buy..
if they send a picture of themselves wearing it... they never know what they may get!!
Bonus points if it was a giftie!!
I hope you have liked the music selection... I like to "Turn up the music" first thing in the morning or while i am taking care of my chores..pretty much all day long... i keep adding as i think of more.. Have a lov-full-y day!!
Create in me a pure heart O God
and renew a steadfast spirit within me
Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me
Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me
a willing spirit to sustain me.
Psalm 51:10-12
and please let me always see the glass as half FULL!!





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