Friday, August 29, 2008


Smylie started school this week!!
he is LOVING it and hasn't cried or clung even once!!
We are so thrilled for the new year ahead of us!

Sammy enjoying his new silver tray work!!

Kathryn was here on Wednesday and we started with the playdoh working...hiding different sorts of things in the playdoh

like large beads from a broken necklace, and some small plastic butterflies she found at our local dollar store.

I have been researching...really just blogging find as many great ABA techniques for the boys as i can..

I have spent a good while at O's Mom's blog!

She has some truly fantastic ideas as she is teaching her child through many Montessori techniques..who knew ABA was like Montessori??? (don't quote me on that or anything..from what i have seen of both..they are similar to me....!!)

So, the silver tray idea i got from her...and Sammy LOVES it!!

He gets some sensory input from the shiny-ness of it..and his attention to task is ...well...awesome...and it keeps everything confined...and it is magnetic...and it came in a set at

Wally World for something like $3.47..!!

What in the world!!

I love this idea!!

Soooo...Super Hubs came home yesterday...with this BEAUTIFUL bunch of flowers!!

These have to be some of my favorites EVER!!!

He does come home with them lots...and it makes me feel so special to sweet he is!!

Let's take a Looksee!!!!!!!!

(please don't be's just me...)

Oh my!! So September 1st is right around the corner...
I had the total luxury of being able to craft the other day while Hubs was home!! (this guy must really love me or somethin')
and i started off cleaning off my crafting table...
and was going to tear some more fabric for delicious swags..
but then i made some cards...
what do you think??

Now i know that it is not Valentine's day...

But..Hubs and i were married in the fall (nearly 7 years ago)

Our parents were married in the fall...

and of course... my new

"Falling for You"

line is coming out in 3 days!!

Can you feel the love?

I totally loved making these!!

I used the quilt heart pieces from my sweet mom's etsy shop .

And the buttons are hand made by my friend Jes from California...she makes them by hand and they are so charming and the perfect addition to these

"Falling for You" cards...

go see her here..

So..i don't know if you noticed...

but i am so excited for Monday!!

and even more glad that my computer is allowing me to linkydoo again...maybe that means Etsy will be a breeze for me too!!!

I probably won't post again until have a great weekend.. enjoy your time off with your families and friends..

or at work ! Make the most of it..and let it be a Love-fully weekend!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dreamy Special Order

Looky Looky what i've been working on!! This set of personalized stationery is for my dear friend...she is giving it to another friend for her Birthday...and i was delighted that she wanted me to make something special for her!!! I was even more satisfied by this project because I LOVE the color combinations...and i just so happened to need a paper pack of these yummy, i didn't need 60 papers...but i might!!
This set is 20 note cards and envelopes...I stamped their family using Stampin Up's "all in the family" set... colored them with their coordinating colors...and hand pieced each card...*each card is not hand stamped..i used a color copy of the original...i didn't need to go to the loony bin over this....each card is a little different...and if my family was this big i might steal them for myself...but alas...I hope she likes them!!

Dreamy extra made into a large tag for giftie giving!!

And look at all of these surprise extras!!! Super delicious tags for that last minute gift...this tag would make the best topper for a brown paper package tied up with string!!!!

"Falling"in love with these???....check back in on September 1st

for a complete price list... and more wonderful goodies!!

Have a love-fully!!

Sweet Summer

I just love getting fresh peaches from our local fruit stand...
These are just fantastic in those yummy a cake...with some a pie...or just dripping juice down your arm....mmm! The essence of summer!!

I have been working my fingers to the bone getting ready for my new fall line.... on top of all of my other daily chores and activities...i so appreciate all of your comments on the last post..

I think you will be pleased with the goodies on their way!!

This is not the best picture to represent the true fullness of this swag!! So nice...i will keep it up on my window until someone scoops it up from the shop!!!

This kiddo is the yummiest of all these creations!! He is soaring in his development.. he just learned his address and phone number...just in case...and so many goals were recently updated on his IEP because he reached the goals already presented to him!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! Smylie starts school again next week and we are so excited for this opportunity!! He will have the same teachers and the same classroom...we are thrilled!! Go gettem sweet boy!!

Smylie has really been using his imagination alot lately..he just loves using these Baby Einstein puppets..I love watching him think up what he is going to do with them next!!

Who would have thought an umbrella could bring on such a fascinating world for a 4 year old??

We have vegetable night every couple weeks or so...complete with collards, sweet potatos, mac n cheese, corn, and muffins...
yummy...and a couple years ago this would have sent me over the edge...not now....I Love VEGETABLE night!!

And this cutie!! All i can say about him is pure adoration!!

He has learned how to jump and is so cute when he does...and he has made up his own swinging game that i just love to play with him...initiating anything by him is such a treasure!! And he loves to throw this ball around the yard..giggling and running after it in true almost 3 year old form!!! I Love Him So!!

We see alot of this that one word??

We could all use a little more order!! This characteristic is one i am not too quick to disrupt!! I love how Smylie sees this great life of his...i'm just glad he is part of mine!!!

I am so blessed!!

Have a Love-fully Everyone!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yummy.... secret ingredient to make all of my pictures FABULOUS
is not working today...."raining on the PICNIK" it you just get my average picts...without the BOOST factor.. However, these scones are anything but average...YU-ME!! They are gluten free..with white chocolate chips and fresh peaches.. oh my!..Smylie just loves these..and so do i....i double my recipe so we have extra for our afternoon snackie..if they make it that long! I will take some pictures of the ingredients..and share..

This SO would be more beautiful if i had my boosting feature..

but i still think it looks so charming and wonderful....i am calling it..."if i only had a brain" swag.. all of the colors and patterns are so harvesty and whimsical when put together..

i haven't posted it on etsy yet..still working on inventory and special orders..but this beauty is spicing up our mantel for now while i am hard at work!!

And look at this one!!! I am "Falling" in love with all of my latest Joxlettes!! I am totally a spring and summer girly...but maybe this is the year...Me and buds!!or should I say Fall and me..(or is it I ?)... i want to make a good first impression on her.....

okay..gotta go..she's calling my name again.....

"i'm coming! new friend of mine!!"

Have a love-fully!!

Hello Saturday!!

It's Saturday morning and the dishes are waiting to be put away!! This is not my favorite activity...i would rather load the dirty dishes than put away...rather wash the dirty clothes, than put has to be done...and it's my shift....

The boys are not feeling their best... Sammy is usually on the go..and the most he has moved today has been to switch cheeks as he lays his head on the hard wood floor... bless him!!


Look at Smylie...he is watching Little Einsteins at our work can't see everything he has brought with him to the table to watch as well...but he did do this with his elephant!!! awww! Skoochin' their chairs right next to each other...sweet!

Who knew elephant liked Little Einsteins too?...

What in the world??? Is it still my shift??? making some yummy...

Have a Love-fully

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

little sips....

I love this tea is coffee in the cup...but look how pretty...
I want to take the time deserved to say my thanks to each of you who responded to my "THE POST"...... I was and am so encouraged by your words...i read some blogs that have 50 even 100 comments and more every post... the 11 that i received were like 100... so Thank you so very much...

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

Catching up on some blog love...and buddy love!!

OOOOOOOOOH!!!! Look how pretty!!...I've been thinking of fall colors lately.....the cool, crisp air has not arrived yet...but there are so many colors for the picking... These HUGE buttons are going to be in the center of some Joxlettes making their debuts so soon...I am so excited...look at the pretty fabrics!!

you should see the parts and pieces ready to assemble....

Since Hubby made my craft-o-rama center (looking not as pretty as previous introduction pictures)...we have a new place for our is an old repurposed desk that we are going to paint RED in the fall...when the boys are in school...and we will have NO extra helpers...wink wink!!

I have eaten too many dark chocolates today!!! what in the world...dark chocolate and homemade croutons...and water!!

I'll take pictures of the desk another time..too much evidence now...even though i already confessed!!!

Have a Love-fully!!!





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