Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Pictures

....Dada brought this home from work the other day.... a box!!
Aunt Jenny..the best Aunt Jenny in the world...just sent Smylie a box of Birthday picture of of the books is..."Not a Box"...and another "Not a Stick"!!! Smylie just loves the Stick one but clearly is enjoying the BOX for his imaginative purposes!! What else could he put in there to be ready for some fun??

Mr.Sweetums!!! Ofcourse.... well, Smylie calls him "Lubber"..

but he wanted to get in on some of the action as well....

Could he be getting any more grown up!!! What in the world!!

He is Oh so happy to have McQueen with him!!! They are nearly inseparable now...

Ewwwwww! Would somebody get that baby a fwimmin'pool!!!

Look at him all decked out in his little shoes...that thing he is standing in is actually a sand box at our friend's house... it did the trick...but seriously...big plastic pool...we've gotta grab us one soon!!

Need to take new pictures of Bistro set!!! We must have deleted those pictures in all of the P-P-Inner commotion!! And i've been tagged....these things make me nervous...but i'll do my best..something about 10 years ago...WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!

I can barely remember last week!! again..i'll do my best..but it will have to stop with me...because, i don't really have any other blogger people to tag...and just makes me nervous... not like hives and all...just...NERVOUS alright??? i need some sleep...what am i still doing awake.... I'll need a big old cup of joy tomorrow....i mean

have a love-fully...

night night!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said... are doing ALOT better at posting than me!!..Love the pictures of the GG's!!Hey...Ive got a GREAT idea!...when are you moving to Tennessee????...Papa is ready to build the playground WITH swimming pool for them!! you lots! Mommy

Trish said...

What is it about those big boxes? Gotta love 'em though!!! :)





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