Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cup Of Joy Sundays

We have had a great weekend.. yesterday, the boys and i went strawberry picking!! We go every year..but i think this is the first time they were slightly interested! Rows and rows of ripe strawberries for the picking!! The crop did suffer from a hail storm earlier this season..but we still found plenty.. Myles stayed close to me and Sammy stayed in the lead..i did mostly all of the picking....and as i searched for just the right ones...they would seem just so lovely...and then i would go to pick them, and the underside was ...just not the same... some were malformed..and others..were significantly bruised... i still put so many of them in our little plastic basket.... i have this thing about "the bruised fruit"... like the bananas at the grocery store... you know..the ONE poor nana that got ripped from the bunch because the stinker shopper only wanted 4 and not 5!!

Well..that goes for the fruit that has a little blemish too... ( i feel sorry for it or something..) and if i touch comes home with me... so i do choose carefully..but weren't all of those fruities made for a purpose???Even the "not the most perfect ones.." you can make a pie...or a smoothie...or some jam...or hide them in your sweeties can do all sorts of "perfectly wonderful" things with the ones that have "something wrong with them..." !! Is this just me....if should start thinkin' about all it took for that lone nana to get where it is ... all bananas over you.. and wantin' to be somethin' special in your next ...somethin' you make ..!!! ..okay back to the berries... so i washed and cut them and they are sittin' pretty in my freezer ready to make my day in a smoothie...with an of these beautiful spring days.....

So go get some fruit..and bubba gump it!!! It is fruit pickin' season!
It will also make you feel good to support your local farmer and all their sweeties!!
Have a Love-Fully!!

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Julie said...

Love the verses and the cup of joy! Really wishing there was a strawberry farm here in the plain, boring suburbs!





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