Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dino- Cam Revival!! And Joxlette GIVEAWAY!!

Hooray for me!! Maybe Dino-cam just needed a little rest!!
Don't we all!!?? I took these yesterday when we got back from the post office.. mailing first two sales from my ETSY shop!! And of course a trip to Target.. The boys were great..i mean really great!!! It is hard to know for sure if no nap will make an outing successful or does however, make the night better!
So..i made a fresh pitcher of iced tea..and took in the view!! The weather is so perfect here.. kind of like baby bear's bed..just right! I've also been "splogging" again.. Spying on blogs.... and thought i'd encourage you to check some of them out... they are all really nice..and very enjoyable to read!! So go get some iced tea.. and go visit someone!! Tell them i sent you...and then tell me you did!! I will have a drawing for one of my BIG joxlettes!!
I will custom make it just for you!!!! Go Now!! Start splogging!!
..and leave comments!! Just click on my Oh the places people on my sidebar... and don't forget my nifty Nester button!! That will take you right to her!!

Oh..and go have a Love-Fully day!!


Nanna said...

Oh I am glad I cheched out your favorite places. I added a few to my reading, one being Studio Bee Creations. THanks!

The Nester said...

congrats on your etsy sale--how exciting! Your blog is a fun place to be and I even see my sister over here! Thanks for stopping by my place!

Julie said...

Hey girlie,
Nice work on Picnik. Love the scrolly viney things. I have to try them. Glad Dino Cam is alive. Hooray for your shop sales. Lucky people. You know I visit those cool blogs everyday.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- I had a blast checking out your favorite blogs! Thanks for sharing! My swap starts tomorrow, so you should be getting an e-mail and questionnaire very soon!:-) Lori

Julie said...

your shop is getting empty! Hooray!

luke+jody said...

Hey, great blog, love it! so bright and happy! I will check back often. Again thank you so much for my pin, i love it. I can never figure out how to leave comments on here with my typepad id...but here is my blog addy if interested...

Joy said...

I just read your comment on the Nester's blog. I love when you said, "there's just enough room for someone to sit next to you, and enough room for one more." What a beautiful way to describe your home!!!





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