Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lets try again!!

So.. we took this out of the box today!!!! So fantastic!!
okay...same picture...sorry...but worth mentioning again...this thing is fantastic!! You just fill the little"pen" with water and let your little one doodle away... NO MESS!!!!!
Sammy was loving it...making all sorts of fun sounds..and little giggles while he was drawing!!
I highly recommend one if you have a little artist and he or she is not aware of how messy he or she is....nor how much cleaning up you do as his or her mom after each crafty project!! It will give you a break from that!!!
Again...NO MESS!!!!!
Look at Mr.Sweetums!!!!!! You can't see on his shirt here..but it has a burnin' heart with MOM in the middle!! I just Love this kid!!


BlessedUtopia said...

That's a magical thing!! Cutie patootie!!! YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! You'll find your questions over at my blog! Have fun!

mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVE the new items in your etsy shop!!!! Each color combination is yummier than the last!!! Lori





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