Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silly Love

Oh the paparazzi!!
Sweeet Sammy...
I am sure you all have heard about this muffin tin idea..
all the most fabulous bloggy super moms have talked this one up...i got these shiny disposable tins from our Publix..and they are doing the trick..we usually just use a divided tray type of plate..or just a plate...or a paper towel...or our hands..
anyway...i love this idea..and i wish some super mommy would have had this idea when i was growing up...i don't like my food to touch..well, NOW i don't mind...but THEN....yucky!

let's see..what are we having??
12 o'clock...chicky, strawberry yogurt, peaches, craisins, cucumbers, cheese...
and, although there is only some protest, the tin is emptied!!

Which's ALL worth it!!

Just a reminder!!

New in the shop!!
Go see..
Have a Joyfull day!


Anonymous said...

Love it...the wreath...gorgeous!!
If I come over can we have lunch in muffin tins?? :):) Soooooo fun :)
Is that an ugly green apron you have on? ANd did you get it at Target?....If so, we have matchy-matchy aprons!!!

love. :)

Elise said...

Love the muffin tin idea!! I've seen it before, just never given it a go. I need to now!!
Love the wreath!!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Sooooooo, sweetie pea...are you saying, IF ONLY I would have put your dinners in a muffin tin, you wouldnt have had to sit at the dinner table for 2 hours eating (er, not eating) your smashed taters, etc?, love, love the pics....miss you you more...Mommy

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my goodness, Joy! I am loving everything in your shop! How do you do it?? Your color choices are always so amazing and give me such.... JOY!:)

LOve the muffin tin idea. My girls would think it was so fun! Guess I better get some...

Love you, Sweetie! Lori

Hope Greenwood said...






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