Friday, January 9, 2009

I Love Zebra Prints

Sammy in our new "book nook"
Look at my sweet boy..
he just loves these Baby Einstein books..
and he is actually looking through them now..not just the bar codes on the back!!
Yay Sammy!

This kiddo is crackin' me up!!
Smylie is using his imagination so much these days..
he acts out scenes from his favorite shows/movies, while he actually plays with his toys...there was just a lot of reciting before like a scratch on a's different now..
We were up in the attic cleaning out...and pulled down this cookie magnet...Myles didn't skip a beat...he knows the simple pleasures of a cookie..if even in his imagination!!
He gets that from me!!

And here is one of my favorite creations so far!!
Just a simple chocolate box that i rescued...and now is looking so sweet and Love-fully for Valentines!!
(will be in the shop later today)

And for the title of this post...I am loving a zebra print!!
I purchased this print from Sara last year and i am wondering if a zebra print rug is just what i need to accessorize with it!!
or maybe a throw...or a pillow....or...

My fun new handbag from MY goodwill!!!
i think it works very well as my print"s accessory!!
What do you think??
going to my shop to add some valentinies.....
Have a Joy-full day!!


Anonymous said...

....Can I have a bite, Smylie??? :)
Sweet, sweet boys.

I was never fond of zebra print...until now. Yes, I think a zebra print rug may be just what the Dr. ordered. That and maybe some knee-high zebra print boots for you....high heel of course.
Too much????? ;)

luv u.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to say....
Is that box in the shop yet???
Who needs chocolate? That BOX is practically edible!!!!

Elise said...

I love me some zebra prints lately and bought some fabric from HL to go with that Valentine fabric in your header for an apron. I agree with Jes, you need a rug, at least!!

sara's art house said...

I like the print against the yellow wall! It looks great! And you just need to stand next to it with your purse!





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