Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to..get my ZEBRA fix on!!

first..i started crafting early on Thursday!!
Dada took the kiddos to school..and it was just me and a couple cups of coffee..okay..3 cups!!
and i was on CLOUD NINE!! (after a few potty breaks)
so then...i have a couple of these frames left over from several projects i have done for family and friends and ourselves..i should post some of those, huh?
anyway..these are from dollar general..just a dollar!!...
a lovely little shadow box!!
so..i opened it up and tore out the lovely...

and put..a mystery Joxy in there..
i wonder what it looks like??

and stuck some red felt on the backing..

and Voila..there she is!!
That's how I get
My Zebra Fix ON!!
I still have the coasters and fancy tablecloth to show you!!
and..when i don't feel like keeping my Joxy all closed up in a glass house..
I can wear her..if i wasn't wearing the other one i already picture..
all for $1.20 in Zebra fabric!!

And look at that plate..
just a simple white plate..
i got the idea from Sara at Sara's arthouse..
she got a black plate from HER Goodwill..not mine..
and painted white circles on it!! She's really fantastic and artistic like that..
amazing..she'll paint anything..and everything..or put her some fancy papers all over it..and it is a work of art!! I, on the other hand.. was afraid to use paint...but i love me a dry erase marker!!
and it is just the right balance for my Zebra obsession..
speaking of obsession...did you see my new "Loving" on the left sidebar..
oh my!!
who knew..??
Zebra..AND...UGLY green..
okay..i need to take some pictures of more shadow boxes..
hopefully this pre-posting works!!
Have a VERY Love-fully Day!!


sara's art house said...

Cute*Cute*Cute!!!! Looks great!!!!

Elise said...

Oh my goh!! That is so cute-Joxy in a frame!! Only you would think of that!! By the way, totally love your little saying under leave your comment!! I'll bet you're super fun in real life!! Oh my, and that cloud nine after a few bathroom breaks!! And I think you could totally make the lightswitch cover.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy! Thank you for your sweet note, my dear, dear friend! It's amazing how you make the sun shine for me even though you are miles away...

LOVE your yo-yo swag!! Your creations make me want to get busy and get crafting! Such an inspiration you are to all of us! I can just see you in your darling craft room busily making pretties.:) Each and everything you make is so unique and wonderful! I want to paint a plate now (or use a Dry erase marker- love it!) Lori

Anonymous said...

Never in my life have I liked zebra print....til now! That Joxy is scrumptious. :)





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