Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Heart Hearts...and him...and My Goodwill

I Heart Hearts!!!
Valentine's SO speaks to me!!
I found these sweet pancake heart forms at...where???
My goodwill...ofcourse...
Sammy eats banana pancakes every morning...
and some for lunch too, if there are leftovers...
1 banana:1 egg....keep that ratio going for more fellows...
or 1 hungry banana loving feller....
anyway, i thought i would get all fancy and make him some heart shaped pancakes...they were great and then we cut them up into bite sized portions....
still, so fun to pour love into the form and present my heart..
to my heart!!

I highly recommend getting some sort of heart shaped form or a cookie cutter to shape your kiddos' pancakes, sandwiches..etc..
This will make you feel like a rock star...
and when i am not using them, i put them under a glass dome on display...I Heart Hearts!!

sweet Jes over at Kadyhope took a picture of her jammies the other morning...sweet owls...i got these adorable, NEW, UGLY green...with birdies on them..from Old Navy....but really at My Goodwill...Jammies yesterday!! They still had the tag on them from Old Navy..Yippee!! i was taking my picture...trying not to get the chip of polish in the picture on left big toesie..

Somebody else wanted to show off his yummyness...
and then, in true Sammy form...

he was standing on me!!
Talk about being in my light...
I couldn't resist the photo op..
Sammy does this all the i am a step ladder or something..anyway..I Heart him SO!!

And another Goody!!
or should i say..Goodwilly!!
Look how pretty she is...and she is wearing a beautiful
Ugly green shirt..
(why do i capitalize Ugly??hmmm)

I loved her copper wings and this heart..i did not notice that it said "Love" on it until i got home with her and was taking off the 12 stickers declaring she was only $2.50..
She goes perfectly with...

our family... Sammy's got his eyes on her...
and that copper heart i scored last week at...yes..
I've heard alot of people refer to My Goodwill as "The Goodwill" know..."I got it at THE GOODWILL"
we have always just called it goodwill...but i go so much ...i lovingly refer to it as MINE!!!
I HEART My Goodwill!
What do you Heart???
(besides the obvious, God, chocolate, and sleep...)

Have a Joy-full day!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes....God, chocolate, sleep, my Hubs, my little beautys, MY GOODWILL....(but I'd love to go shopping at yours with you:)) and oodles more! (and of course I heart you, my friend)

I am so loving your new birdie pj's!! SCORE! And also loving your delish goodies that will soon be making my walls and end table so very pretty!!!! Is there more to come??


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy! What a bunch of lovely treasures, my dear friend! I absolutely adore you, Sweetie! Someday we will meet so I can give you a BIG hug! You give me "warm fuzzies" as Snoopy would say.:) Lori

sara's art house said...

I love your new header picture. Adorable! I have sheets that are the same green/polka-dot fabric.

Cute pancakes!!! :)

Elise said...

Great deals...I too love me some Goodwill!! I also found some heart pancake molds there, brand new!! And at The Potter's House, I found some William Sonoma Christmas ones brand new in package!! I love a good deal!!

ChelseaP said...

I heart a clean house, good smelling kids, memory making...

Lisa said...

What a cute idea for heart pancakes. Your family is precious. I also Heart Goodwill and visit it often. I think I'll have to take a trip by a couple of them tomorrow...he he.

Ruth said...

We don't have a Goodwill here anymore. I wish we had one with all the treats you found at yours.

Elise said...

Okay, so I was in my Target the other day and saw zebra print rugs in the outdoor seasonal area. They are on clearance at my store. I totally thought about you.
{tringle} My word verification...guess I got a tringle at Target!!





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