Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm feeling...

Ofcourse!! dishes?? check!

new goodies in the shop??? check!
(this one didn't get in...etsy had a hiccup...maybe i will just give it away...what is it you say...???
a surprise!!)

Getting ready for a long weekend with my guys??
Look at my great new calendar...MY goodwill!!
My Mom joked about a calendar from goodwill...
"Did it have the "Smith's" schedule on it already?"
no silly..
it was NEW..and only a dollar!!
Look at the cute stickers too...animals, ofcourse...
looks like we have a little elephant checkup on Monday!!

The boys had a field trip yesterday!!
I was on standby to go...i was all ready to hang on to the back of the bus...but there was an opening..and i was able to get on the bus for the actual ride!! Yippee!!
I went on Smylie's bus..

we sat in the back...with his sweet buddy Ash..

and the bus was a big hit!

not so much, for the first...but a few minutes in and he was clapping and repeating many of the lines..
Yeah, the lady on the microphone asked for all of the parents and teachers to turn off cell phones and cameras..and to remove disruptive kiddos during the performance...
Yikes... all of the teachers (7) from our school, looked at me right after pressure...
Smylie tried every little phrase he could to get out of the show..
"almost done"..."all done"..."Bye-Bye"..."Oh no!!!"
he sat on my lap...and covered his eyes...and then peaked through...and before he knew it...he was loving the show!!
It was little skits from children's books like
If You Give a Pig a Pancake..
ahhhh....we did it!!

That's my guy!!

I got some fun mail this week!!
No..Not yummy toaster pastries!!

another cottage for me collection!

and the flowers were a surprise along with my beautiful green buttons...and look at the envelopes..i love them!!
i will keep them on display by the kitchen sink and think of my sweet friend in California...Thank you so much Jes!!

and my super strong clippy magnets!!
Our fridge is getting an upgrade on her accessories!!
So...i guess that's all..
I'm feeling happy!!
I guess i'm having a giveaway too....
a surprise giveaway...
so...tell me something...
tell me...what qualities you look for in "Your Valentine"
I will pick a name on Sunday night...
with another "Cup of Joy"
it has been too get your Chamomile tea steeping..
and meet me back here...
Have a Joyfull, Love-fully Day!


Elise said...

I wish I were your real-life friend...We could go to Goodwill together. But then, we might have to fight over the goods. :)
Love all your new little goodies!!

Elise said...

Forgot to answer the Valentine question...He has to be tall, dark, and handsome...carry my purse on the first date, and let me slam his car(that he loves very much) door into another car. Yep, that's my perfect Valentine!!
{duumb-in Ugly green-word ver.!}

sara's art house said...

Oooh a surprise giveaway?!?!? How fun! The qualities I look for in my valentine are that he just be himself- he has been my valentine for 10 years and I love him :)

The little cottage is adorable, of course! And I love your fridge clips!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- Whenever I see that you have a new post I get a HUGE smile on my face! You have the brightest, happiest, most wonderful things to say. JOY!! Just love you, Sweetie! By the way, you have me started on those sweet little houses! Jes is such a sweetheart!

My valentine must be willing to put up with me (for 18 years- almost!), be willing to indulge my crafting, laugh at my jokes and love me each and every day. God has blessed me, let me tell you, and I am thankful each day.. Lori

Hope Greenwood said...

You should have called me and I would have gone to Goodwill with you. I love that place.

Anywho......I'm glad everyone had a great time at the play and you got to go. Now I feel better about Ash going.

Hope Greenwood said...

I forgot to say......

My perfect valentine must put up with me, stay home with the kids on his days off and go see horror movies with me even though he doesn't really like them.

Anonymous said...

OOooohh what is that little beautiful surprise?!

Well, let's Valentine doesn't have to, but always chick flicks (and watches them with me!!), encourages my crafty side, puts up with the mess that my crafty side makes, loves me when I feel unlovable, and loves our little sweeties to the moon and back. :)





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