Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Clean Fun

This is insane!!
This is my side of the bedroom....
This has to change!!

I am inspired to clean up my act!!
we have a tiny home...and i have a serious craft problem..
and so it goes...i NEED MORE SPACE!!!
(or hubby says..LESS STUFF)
so i was looking around in the attic the other day..
yeah, just looking...
and thought..i could totally use this whole (smallest) part of the attic..for my crafts...yes...quite primitive it would be...but, I Love Little House on the Prairie
"Aah, Pa...can i please make this part of the attic my little craft room???"
Let me tell you...Pa is all for reclaiming our bedroom for it's original purpose..if you catch my drift!!??
So..a little purging...a little sweeping...a little face mask so i don't inhale all sorts of insulation...
i just may have a new craft room!!
Think Happy Thoughts...

How did these get in here?

more clean fun... I Love some nice soap and lotion by the sink..
I have given this as a giftie to a few friends...and family..
I call it the sink side saver...
I spend so much time at the kitchen sink...washing dishes, hands...dishes...and i have grown to really enjoy this time..
perspective friends..
some pretty pink soap...a pretty window...and a pile of dirty dishes..okay..i may be stretching it...but think of all the other amazing women standing at their sink taking care of their dreaded pile of dirty dishes...(or laundry...or(craft rooms))
They are taking care of so much more at that moment...
The plates and cups and bowls that held nourishment for their families... the food that they prepared...
I am feeling sentimental about food right now because our children ARE eating the food i prepare for them...
not just pbnjsandwiches...and banana pancakes...
we're talking, rotisserie chicken and steamed broccoli friends!
And we are sitting at the table...together!!
So...when there is nothing on the plates to scrape into the trash..
I delight in washing those dishes!!
I delight in knowing how far we have come...
I delight in knowing the Lord is whispering to so many of us Mommy's as we wash the dishes
for our families... we are serving more than these people under our roof...we are serving our Lord!
So go get some pretty pink soap...and
Praise God you have dishes...and serving ...and LOVING to do!!


and after...
I love silver...yucky tarnished silver is even better!!
and silver polish!!
If you have never polished silver before go find something at Your Goodwill...get some silver polish and put on some yellow dish gloves...and see what you get..
Most will be something so beautiful
under that yucky tarnish...
(this may not be every one's favorite activity...but just FYI..
i LOVE it!!)
Don't you wish silver polish worked on OUR yucky tarnish??
to be continued tomorrow...
come back for a new cup of JOY!!
Have a Joyfull day!

ps...the boys love playing with these hearts on my necklace...
i got the first heart shortly after Smylie was heart was no longer my own..
it was as if part of my heart was now living outside of me..
when he would sit in my lap i would ask him this question..
"Is that Mommy's heart"
and he would smile...and shake his head....
as i said..."Noooo, you're my're my heart......."
now, Sammy's in on the game...and gets so tickled just by my question...


Anonymous said...

warm fuzzies!
warm fuzzies!
Just LOVED this post, friend. :)
And thank you for making me see my 'pile' with a different attitude. :)

sara's art house said...

Oh my goodness! I totally relate to your need for more crafting space. I think you are on the right track- thinking outside the box. The attic could be very fun!! :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- My crafts are ALL over the house! (Sad to say, but i do have a lovely crafts/school room but we never use it. We like to spend lots of time together in the kitchen instead! Guess where most of my buttons and beads are?)

I loved your post and agreed with every word. You are so right. How wonderful that everyone is eating the same things together, too! I love it when everyone enjoys what is on the table.:) Lori

Elise said...

Love this post!! Cannot wait to see your new craft room!!





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