Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A breath of fresh air!!

This kid is going to be a Zoo Keeper one day!!
In our very last IEP meeting this past year..i was told that NEXT year..
I would NOT be able to hang out at the school all day long!!
And that Myles will be a big boy...and that he will need to be responsible for getting himself into his classroom all by himself...yadayada..
and i was thinking of all sorts of pictures schedule/symbols to make the transition go smoothly..
like, taking pictures of his friend Charlie..his little elephant..in all sorts of new places at his new school..like the cafeteria...and the library...on the playground...and i was told by someone at that meeting...who makes me really nervous at all of these meetings by the way...that Myles may need to start "phasing out" of his love for animals...
I said...OUTLOUD...."Seriously...Myles might be a zoo keeper one day, because of his crazy love for all animals...and you are telling me he may need to start phasing animals out of his life..i mean out of his very HEART!!!"
So...we went to the zoo on thursday...and oh my..this kid is no where near a phase out plan...
I need to go through all of our old zoo pictures...
most people have a growth chart on a corner of their wall at home...
we could measure Myles growth in front of that Elephant exhibit...
the guard rail/bar, keeps getting lower and lower on his body..
or he is growing into the little zookeeper he was made to be...

I Finally got my necklaces in the shop..no really i did....
here's one...

oh...and smell this...a gardenia...ahhhhhhhhh!mmmmmmm!

here's another....my fave!!

and another Fisher Price appearance...getting some fresh air after a long stay on the bottom of the toybox!!
ahhh...i think she cam smell that gardenia..she looks happy!!
Okay friends...
Have a Happy...Love-fully...Joy-fully day!!

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Elise said...

Should I phase out my sewing machine or my computer?? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!! You are a smart mommy and you know you should let that animal lovin' go on as long as it will. Crazy crackheads!!





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