Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Summer!!!

hello friends!!!

i've been heckled..and i am sooo glad!!

having so many posts running thru my mind over these passed several weeks...ahem, months..???...many times i have thought..this would make a great post!!

like, just for instance.....

The sweet Singer i was given by my mom and dad said,

"No Thankyou..we cannot be friends..."

so..hubby got me another Singer for Mothers day!!

(Hey..happy Mother's day everyone!!)

She is AWESOME!!!

I have been sewing like crazy... and i finally put my bobbin in right, so..we are getting to know each other really well....

I've made bunting, now hanging in the boys room...sorry no picture...and a pillowcase top..oh my!! This was such fun, and i couldn't believe i was actually doing it!! I have been so inspired lately by Soule Mama's Blog

and Julie from Joy's Hope

(sorry i don't have linky do powers tonight)

and i have made some pillows...and some appliqued onesies for gifts for little girls...

and i even dove right into a quilt top as i have been following the quilt along from Old Red Barn Quilt Co. Blog...

What in the world was i thinking????

I cannot quilt with my sweet little singer...

she would totally dump me if i tried to shove a full sized quilt through her needle for say....257 HOURS!!!


My mom says i should hand tie the next one...

i think pillows are working nicely for me though!!

What do you think??

One of our favorite-est things to do is go driving around in our
car in the evenings..
we get the boys in their jammies..
make hot tea/coffe to go..and head out...we LOVE looking at homes we may live in one day...
our conversations as of lately have revolved around "Our dream home"..what is that???
we love our little home now...i have been especially fond of the fact that we brought our babies home to this house..and they have learned so much me it is covered with tiny details in my mind of all the days we have been here...all 5 years..
which doesn't seem like a very long time as i am typing this...but it is for my heart..
okay, so i was inspired to make the pillows after we were out the other night doing our favorite route...
wouldn't a house with pompom fringe be such fun!??

And this little chickie i made in the spring, yeah, like really February...i was on top of things for spring time baby..
...they just made it into the shop tonight!!!

another home...

a little something i whipped up...
a summer photo album....
i have another..that i may get around to pretty-ing up too..

Oh these two!!!
They are having a great summer so far!!
Sammy is saying so many words when cued/prompted!!
Even MOMMY!!!!

So many things to share...including..
new wheels..
new name...
new necklace....
and projects galore!!!
I Have to go to sleep now though...must...close ...mine...eyes..
Have a Love-fully...
night night.


Chelsea said...

So excited to see a post from you... I've missed you these last couple weeks and know I need to do a better job keeping in touch. I love the chick. LOVE. So cute. And you, I love you. Miss you! Catch up soon? My three large houseguests will leave this evening, so maybe this weekend?

Chelsea said...

Oh wait, I also love the smiley boys picture, and well, just those boys! So sweet. Congrats on all the new words- I've been hearing the news through Lee's facebook!

mysteryhistorymom said...

She's BACK!:) And I could not be happier! I have a new spring in my step now, Sweets! Oh, I have missed YOU!!! So many times I have wanted to pick up the phone and call you, but no phone number.:(

Such news from your sweeties! Mommy! What could be better?:)

And the chickies... Which one is my favorite??? They are all calling to me! Precious! The pillows are cutie tootie! Love your music, too. Love YOU!:) Lori

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Welcome back to blogland! I do "sew" love my little birdie! Happy Summer...

Elise said...

So excited to see you posted!! How wonderful to hear your name!! That is great!!
And a sewing machine...I would be so sad if I lost the function to my limbs. Love your new little goodies. Please do post your bunting!!

Ruth said...

Glad your back and I can't wait to see everything that has kept you busy.
I love the pillows. Too cute.

I love to drive around and look at houses, too.

Your boys are so handsome!!!


sara's art house said...

That little chick is adorable :)





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