Friday, September 18, 2009


Thankyou my friend!!
Lori sent me this sweet cup of "me"
I just love it!
Look at the fine yummy green detail at the base...mmmm!
"Happiness is Having Someone to care for"
and the perfcet slogan for my week...since..

A sweet little baby girl will be my new companion...
yesterday was my first go at it...
She was great!
I am trying to be hospitable to her..
i want her to like it here, you know...
She LOVED the baby strappy to yourself carrier..
my babies loved it too...
i miss them while they are at school...
but the (pink) keeping me occupied nicely!!
As well as my crafting..both of my shops are filling up..
i'll be having a special each week of some sort..
gotta get some traffic through there you know!!
let me know if you have any coo-ky ideas...
Thankyou so much to the amazing friends who took advantage of my 50% off sale yesterday!
No more Oh My Word Crazy Yummy YoYO swag!!!
and Elise..where is the follower thingy...on my other blog the follower icon just showed up... where do i find one for this blog? You make me laugh...followers...of MY blog!!??!!
anyway..i'll do it for you friend!!
just show me the way...
okay, gotta go..must SHOWER!!
then lunch at school with Smylie..
Heaven...LOUD heaven, but heaven!!
Have a love-fully!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I think you have to add a gadget and click follwers... I have never cared for pink goodness either what must that be like?

Ruth said...

How sweet to have a little one there. I hope that you get all you wished accomplished for your shop.






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