Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here we are.... Looking upon the sign that says

"Magic Kingdom"

Mickey Mouse was on the sign so that got some attentions!

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of Myles!!
We are on the the front with the pilot,
on our way to the Magic Kingdom!!!
Such excitement!! My heart was racing...just like a kid!!

Me casa et Su casa??

Merry Christmas from The Fosters!!
It's never too early...especially for get started on Christmas Greetings!!
Love this picture..
kids corralled...not fussy...castle backdrop!!

Brought our own $5.00 hotdoggies for us thankyou!!
Did I mention we got in for FREE!!
Dada's friend from High school swiped us in...
not knowing how the boys would do...we were prepared to leave on a moments notice... after the Castle picture, of course!
but they were PERFECT!!!
No issues...we waited in line like the rest of the folks..
FYI..we'll be Fast Passing it the next time...
i held Sammy a lot while we waited..but it was a good upper body workout i had not been keeping up with ..and what better weight to wait with!!


can you say Magical Carousel?

Sweetest Dada and Sammy Bear!

30 minute wait...
1 minute ride!!
This kid was mesmerized...i know he was thinking..
"Are we actually going to ride on those Elephants!!??"
he was so patient!!

And finally!!!
60 seconds of bliss!!

and back to the buggy!
we did a good bit of rides...
and stayed for much longer than my anticipated 30 minute time!
Myles favorite ride was the Jungle Cruise!!
When we ask him now if he went to Disney World, he says,
"Jungle Cruise"

As we were leaving, we caught some of the parade...
If you have never had the privilege of witnessing a Disney Parade...get yourself some tickets and make sure you watch one of the best parades you will ever see!!
I Don't remember the exact words they were singing...but i remember it going something like...
"You can do are the best...believe in yourself..did i Rock...a lot!!!...and you are beautiful...and you are loved....oooooh......oooooooh.....
YOooooooou......Can do it...just believe in yourself.....i believe in you.....( magic fairy dust falling simultaneously )"
Yes...I quoted that...from my memory...
I had a huge lump in my throat this whole time....

Look at this!!
Our Family..
Our Little Family!!
At Disney World...for 7 hours...
no whining...
(okay, maybe once , but that was me)
watching a parade...
telling us how much we rock!!
Hubs said...when we got to the edge of the parade that he was going to put Myles on his shoulders...
I said..."He's fine"
Dada said..."I'm going to....That's what Dadas do!!!"
I Love him!!
I am sure if he could do this when they are 20...he would..
cuz..that's his job!!

And here we are at the pool!
Grandma Rose and PawPaw put it in last year..
it was SOOOOOOOOO Cold!!!
You think 85 degrees is comfy....
we only stayed in for 30 minutes at a time...but the boys really liked this mid-day activity...
here's our ninja turtle..

and our biggest surprise...Mr. Adventure!!

My sweetie and me!!

an afternoon at the park..

My totter on a teeter!!

Totally made for a kid on the spectrum!!!
a spinny, top like..sit in bucket...whirly go round..!!!
We were at this park a couple years ago and Myles liked it then...he found it again this time and was entranced!!
We had such a great, relaxing vacation...
the 10 hour ride to Orlando was just long enough..we rented a Mac daddy Mini van...and were there in what seemed like half the time it would have taken us in our little sardine can on wheels...Trusty sardine can...we love you and you have delivered us so safely to so many places...but it was time..
you deserved a vacation too...
When we got back in our TRUSTY felt like we had to put a large key in the rear of it and turn it a few times to go where we needed to go....humbling...
we have settled in nicely back into the routine....
only 3 weeks of school left for our guys...
and then a short 5 weeks of summer school...i can't wait to have them home more...
The sun is so shiny here!!!!
I hope your days have been sunny and fun!!
Have a Beautiful, you can do it.. amazing ,perfect, rockin' person...ooohhhhhh!oooohhhhhh!Yoooooooouuuuuu!!!
and have a
Love-fully whilst you are at it!!
Happy Day!


Chelsea said...

Great pics! So glad your vacation was so enjoyable. Also glad you're home!

Chelsea said...

(Is it weird to feel some sort of pride to have been your first commenter?)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a fun vacation and memories to last a lifetime. I do understand about the rusty little sardine can. We have two of them at our house. I posted about a while back. So glad it was such a fun and relaxing trip for all of you. Jackie

Elise said...

What a sweet, fun trip!! Awesome you got in FREE!!
Great photos!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fabulous vacation, Joy! Your little ones are the cutest!!! I am so glad that you all enjoyed yourselves and that you got in for FREE!! WooHoo!:) Lori

KuryKidsMommy said...

how sweet and adorable- I'm so glad you had a blast at WDW!!! The pictures are amazing and I am definitely looking forward to my awesome Christmas picture this year (you promised!!).

Ruth said...

Such great pictures. We love Disney World. We went there for the first time in October and just loved it. It looks like you had a very fun time.

Chelsea said...

Happy Big Day!!! Congrats on this wonderful (and bittersweet:o) day! Look forward to Saturday!!!

thebagglady said...

Joy, I just read your blog and this special shared vacation with your boys made me cry! I know that autism can rock,you get to enJOY things in life in a more special way. I cherish all the trips to the parks too. I just love your family pic! You have made my day. Take care,XO Fran.

Ahisha's Pinkdom said...

The Magic Kingdom is truely Magical! Loved Loved your were in my own backyard! We never get tired of that place!

Love and Hugs!





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