Friday, July 31, 2009

Box of Books..Box of LOVE

We always have...
Sammy simply adores the puppets..
They make him laugh uncontrolably
and they are a constant source of information that he seems able and willing to process...
he LOVES the books...
seriously LOVES!!!
he is carrying one right has a dog and cat and duck and frog and bird and sun on the front.. as i type he keeps coming over to show me these pictures...and HE IS saying the words... Sun sounds like /sah/
and duck sounds like /guack guack/

MMMMMM! the sound of his voice is such a treasure to me.. so here we are on the blanket under the tree out in our backyard....with a box of books i pulled down from the attic... atleast an hour was spent looking at each and every page..the bright, captivating pictures are interesting to Sam now...he wants to know what the pictures are..he takes my hand and puts my finger on each picture as if to say.."tell me about this Mommy"...
Sam, not too long ago, had no interest in being told about anything in a book...he only liked to line them up and look at the back of the books...
Seriously...we are so blessed!
We are so grateful for the entire line of Baby Einstein products
It is single handedly our "Go to"
favorite for both of the boys...and the cds and music in the dvds are easy on the ears for the Mommy and Dada
and what could be better than hearing your little guys, who have such a hard time relating to this world....actually
become an active part in what they are seeing, reading, and hearing!!
Have a Love-fully!!

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Ruth said...

What beautiful boys. They are so precious. So glad to hear that you have found a great thing to help Sam.






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