Wednesday, August 6, 2008

little sips....

I love this tea is coffee in the cup...but look how pretty...
I want to take the time deserved to say my thanks to each of you who responded to my "THE POST"...... I was and am so encouraged by your words...i read some blogs that have 50 even 100 comments and more every post... the 11 that i received were like 100... so Thank you so very much...

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

Catching up on some blog love...and buddy love!!

OOOOOOOOOH!!!! Look how pretty!!...I've been thinking of fall colors lately.....the cool, crisp air has not arrived yet...but there are so many colors for the picking... These HUGE buttons are going to be in the center of some Joxlettes making their debuts so soon...I am so excited...look at the pretty fabrics!!

you should see the parts and pieces ready to assemble....

Since Hubby made my craft-o-rama center (looking not as pretty as previous introduction pictures)...we have a new place for our is an old repurposed desk that we are going to paint RED in the fall...when the boys are in school...and we will have NO extra helpers...wink wink!!

I have eaten too many dark chocolates today!!! what in the world...dark chocolate and homemade croutons...and water!!

I'll take pictures of the desk another time..too much evidence now...even though i already confessed!!!

Have a Love-fully!!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- Your posts always make me smile.:-) I love the new fabric and buttons (you know I am such a button girl!) and am thinking that your joxlettes would make fabulous Christmas gifts! Once I get my lists in order I will be contacting you!:-) Lori

Elise said...

Fun stuff, your Joxlettes!! Love all the colors here, just so happy!!

Anonymous said...

a pretty tea cup, colorful fabric and BUTTONS!!!...just a few of my favorite things!!...oh yes, and my friend, JOYFULLNESS! i CANNOT WAIT to see these new pretties....:)

lots of love to you!

ChelseaP said...

I'm always excited to see a new post, but to be honest it never contents me for long... always looking forward to the new updates. You were right, by the way. Your fall colors are just my style. Pretty individually but even prettier together. Thanks for the pre-showing. And for your awesome friendship. Happy Friday!





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