Friday, August 22, 2008

Dreamy Special Order

Looky Looky what i've been working on!! This set of personalized stationery is for my dear friend...she is giving it to another friend for her Birthday...and i was delighted that she wanted me to make something special for her!!! I was even more satisfied by this project because I LOVE the color combinations...and i just so happened to need a paper pack of these yummy, i didn't need 60 papers...but i might!!
This set is 20 note cards and envelopes...I stamped their family using Stampin Up's "all in the family" set... colored them with their coordinating colors...and hand pieced each card...*each card is not hand stamped..i used a color copy of the original...i didn't need to go to the loony bin over this....each card is a little different...and if my family was this big i might steal them for myself...but alas...I hope she likes them!!

Dreamy extra made into a large tag for giftie giving!!

And look at all of these surprise extras!!! Super delicious tags for that last minute gift...this tag would make the best topper for a brown paper package tied up with string!!!!

"Falling"in love with these???....check back in on September 1st

for a complete price list... and more wonderful goodies!!

Have a love-fully!!


Elise said...

"Falling"in love with these???

Um, yes...Love them!! Putting Sept. 1st on my calender. Oh wait, its already there!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- These are absolutely precious! What a gift! I will be at your shop on September 1st! Lori

Anonymous said...

ooooOOoooOooohhhhh! i am sooo glad you're going to list these ADORABLE cards!!! they are FANTASTIC! is it Sept. 1st yet?...

sara's art house said...

What a sweet blog you have! And I love all of your photos.

Jenny said...

How fantastic!! I got to see the beginning process and it's fun to see the final result. Love love love them.

SanGal said...

Wow, those are great! You're very talented! Love the colors and all! Can't wait for Sept 1st.....Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Amy said...

Those are super cute!

Julie said...

I love these so very much! I have always eyed that fun stamp set in the catalog, but I am a messy stamper and go crazy when they don't line up. You have done a fabulous job, and brilliant idea to color copy them. You would be in the looney bin otherwise. Can't wait for Sept. 1st!





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