Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Summer

I just love getting fresh peaches from our local fruit stand...
These are just fantastic in those yummy a cake...with some a pie...or just dripping juice down your arm....mmm! The essence of summer!!

I have been working my fingers to the bone getting ready for my new fall line.... on top of all of my other daily chores and activities...i so appreciate all of your comments on the last post..

I think you will be pleased with the goodies on their way!!

This is not the best picture to represent the true fullness of this swag!! So nice...i will keep it up on my window until someone scoops it up from the shop!!!

This kiddo is the yummiest of all these creations!! He is soaring in his development.. he just learned his address and phone number...just in case...and so many goals were recently updated on his IEP because he reached the goals already presented to him!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! Smylie starts school again next week and we are so excited for this opportunity!! He will have the same teachers and the same classroom...we are thrilled!! Go gettem sweet boy!!

Smylie has really been using his imagination alot lately..he just loves using these Baby Einstein puppets..I love watching him think up what he is going to do with them next!!

Who would have thought an umbrella could bring on such a fascinating world for a 4 year old??

We have vegetable night every couple weeks or so...complete with collards, sweet potatos, mac n cheese, corn, and muffins...
yummy...and a couple years ago this would have sent me over the edge...not now....I Love VEGETABLE night!!

And this cutie!! All i can say about him is pure adoration!!

He has learned how to jump and is so cute when he does...and he has made up his own swinging game that i just love to play with him...initiating anything by him is such a treasure!! And he loves to throw this ball around the yard..giggling and running after it in true almost 3 year old form!!! I Love Him So!!

We see alot of this that one word??

We could all use a little more order!! This characteristic is one i am not too quick to disrupt!! I love how Smylie sees this great life of his...i'm just glad he is part of mine!!!

I am so blessed!!

Have a Love-fully Everyone!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- Wonderful news about your little cutie pies! I am thrilled and said a quick prayer to the Lord.:-) Oh, I am loving the colors in your new line!:-) Lori

Elise said...

Such cute little fellers you have!! Lovin' the new colors of your goodies, too!!

Anonymous said...

yay boys! wonderful things for sure. :)
and you, missy, way to go! can't wait for the 1st!!!! your creations look waaaaaay too good!!
much love to you, sweetest friend.





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