Sunday, July 27, 2008

At Kellerman's we come rain or shine

We just returned from our annual family reunion... we went to Helen, Georgia...and it was beautiful... if you remember the movie (as if you could or would forget...sheesh!) Dirty Dancing,
it seemed as if we were there... we spent most of the time in the cabin..relaxing!!!!!!! It was so nice to not have to make it to any appointments....just my massage!!!!! Thankyou so much Dad for such a great giftie!! It was great! The Masssage Therapist came to the cabin and gave us ladies our massages...i was relaxed in the peace and quiet...the massage was icing on the cake...ahhh!
It rained a few nights..and i thought of when Lisa said in the movie..."remind me never to get married at Niagra Falls...." (was is married or honeymoon...?..i'll have to check that out..) anyway...ahhh..relaxed i am....

There was a jacuzzi at the cabin..... Lookee who LOVES jacuzzis! He was so happy in that thing....until...
well.....somebody isn't completely potty trained..... hmmmmm..
It was much fun while it lasted!!

I love this picture... this is Sammy's PawPaw....we went out for breakfast one morning and they sat together with Gamana Rose...Sammy did really well with all the new faces and places..

Here i am with Sister-in-law....Rita... she was leaving after breakfast..and hubs took this picture of us being happy! notice my Joxlette making a fantastic vacation appearance.... being my own sales representative doesn't end just because i am on vacation!!! (posting new beauts THIS week!!!)

I know this may look silly... a laundry mat on vacation....???...

But what a haven for a boy and his loot!!! I remember going to the laundry mat as a small girl... LOVED those pushy carts..

i wonder if i can get one for our house???

Pretend cereal anyone???

Ok..Truely..if you have TONS of laundry to get done...go to the laundry mat with the kids..... they LOVED it!!! Big tables for playing cars on... pushy carts for transporting loot.... and then there is...

The spin cycle!!!

and while you are waiting..(not as long of a wait as doing laundry ALL DAY LONG!!!! in your 1 washing machine......and 1 dryer...there are tons of dryers justa waiting to hurry up the process... you do have to pay though... but again.. for the time you save and the field trip for the might just be worth it!!)...anyway...whilst you wait...take some picts of you and your sweeties!!

This is where it really started feeling like Kellerman's... this little lake/beach was the perfect place for our kiddos to explore and enjoy the day!!
After we left..Sammy seemed to be so much more attentive... more eye contact... more sounds... he just Loved that place!!

This was a favorite!! He would walk out to where i was and hold his arms up so i would spin him around in the water!! Ahhhh!
No fear...only Happiness!!

I love this picture...this was right after we got there... they went straight for the water!!it is rare that they are both in the same picture...and this one so captured those first moments by the shore..

These bears were at the cabin next to ours... One of Smylie's favorite songs right now is..."we're going on a bear hunt".. evertime we would pass these guys..the song would begin...and the day we we were driving by...we told him to say goodbye to the bears...and he looked out the window and said.."Goodbye bears......We Love You!"..... awwww!
Here he is in the middle of saying something very important to that bear!!

Lastly... PawPaw and Gamana Rose.... Smylie is trying to say Grandma...but this sounds great right now too!!! Thank you both so much for such a great vacation!! We ALL needed that!

WE Love you!! and lectures jokes and music...happily combined!!

Have a love-fully!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fabulous post! You can tell that the vacation for truly a hit with everyone!!:-) Can I come next time? Lori

Amy said...

Helen is such a beautiful place! Looks like everyone had such great fun!

ChelseaP said...

I'm so glad you posted! This was good. And I'm grateful for the pictures to match your stories! I'm glad you had a good vacation, but especially glad you are back here!

Elise said...

Let's join in with one last chorus, visitors, staff, and guest,
what we have won't be forgotten, old friend's are the best...

Yeah, I watched that movie WAY too much!! I was just thinking about it the other day, actually and how my barbies used to be Baby and Patrick Swayze's character. I didn't think it would be a good one to add to my favorites though...Maybe I will.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
Oh, and its funny how we say the same things...beaut and my little 3 year old Lilly told me I was pretty-full!!
Oh, the picture of PawPaw with Blondie-I would so frame that!! What a fun trip-I'm not so far from Helen myself...

Elise said...

Hey again,
I'm adding you to my faves-hope you don't mind. Its just so fun here!!

Anonymous said...

oh what fun! what great pics to keep those precious memories!

can't wait to see the new goodies in your shop!

proudgrits11 said...

wow--such fun memories to make!! Just FYI, i'm having a card giveaway over at my Roots & Wings blog! :)





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