Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hello Saturday!!

It's Saturday morning and the dishes are waiting to be put away!! This is not my favorite activity...i would rather load the dirty dishes than put away...rather wash the dirty clothes, than put has to be done...and it's my shift....

The boys are not feeling their best... Sammy is usually on the go..and the most he has moved today has been to switch cheeks as he lays his head on the hard wood floor... bless him!!


Look at Smylie...he is watching Little Einsteins at our work can't see everything he has brought with him to the table to watch as well...but he did do this with his elephant!!! awww! Skoochin' their chairs right next to each other...sweet!

Who knew elephant liked Little Einsteins too?...

What in the world??? Is it still my shift??? making some yummy...

Have a Love-fully


Anonymous said...

feel better, sweet boys!!

SanGal said...

Yummy, I would love the recipe for the scones! Sweet boys, hope they feel better soon.....thanks for sharing!

Elise said...

How cute, we have a little 'thang' for elephants(stuffed ones) here, too. Oh, and I love that green wall. Do you mind sharing the color??





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