Friday, August 29, 2008


Smylie started school this week!!
he is LOVING it and hasn't cried or clung even once!!
We are so thrilled for the new year ahead of us!

Sammy enjoying his new silver tray work!!

Kathryn was here on Wednesday and we started with the playdoh working...hiding different sorts of things in the playdoh

like large beads from a broken necklace, and some small plastic butterflies she found at our local dollar store.

I have been researching...really just blogging find as many great ABA techniques for the boys as i can..

I have spent a good while at O's Mom's blog!

She has some truly fantastic ideas as she is teaching her child through many Montessori techniques..who knew ABA was like Montessori??? (don't quote me on that or anything..from what i have seen of both..they are similar to me....!!)

So, the silver tray idea i got from her...and Sammy LOVES it!!

He gets some sensory input from the shiny-ness of it..and his attention to task is ...well...awesome...and it keeps everything confined...and it is magnetic...and it came in a set at

Wally World for something like $3.47..!!

What in the world!!

I love this idea!!

Soooo...Super Hubs came home yesterday...with this BEAUTIFUL bunch of flowers!!

These have to be some of my favorites EVER!!!

He does come home with them lots...and it makes me feel so special to sweet he is!!

Let's take a Looksee!!!!!!!!

(please don't be's just me...)

Oh my!! So September 1st is right around the corner...
I had the total luxury of being able to craft the other day while Hubs was home!! (this guy must really love me or somethin')
and i started off cleaning off my crafting table...
and was going to tear some more fabric for delicious swags..
but then i made some cards...
what do you think??

Now i know that it is not Valentine's day...

But..Hubs and i were married in the fall (nearly 7 years ago)

Our parents were married in the fall...

and of course... my new

"Falling for You"

line is coming out in 3 days!!

Can you feel the love?

I totally loved making these!!

I used the quilt heart pieces from my sweet mom's etsy shop .

And the buttons are hand made by my friend Jes from California...she makes them by hand and they are so charming and the perfect addition to these

"Falling for You" cards...

go see her here..

So..i don't know if you noticed...

but i am so excited for Monday!!

and even more glad that my computer is allowing me to linkydoo again...maybe that means Etsy will be a breeze for me too!!!

I probably won't post again until have a great weekend.. enjoy your time off with your families and friends..

or at work ! Make the most of it..and let it be a Love-fully weekend!!


Elise said...

Good to hear about your son and school!!
Those cards are deluscious!! We will also have been married for 7 years this fall!! November 3rd. Aren't you right around there too?

sara's art house said...

Sweet post! I love the hidden toys in play-doh. And your cards are ADORABLE!!

Jes said...

yay boys! they look so happy and THAT is what counts! :) and what more can i say about your creations that i haven't already said...those sweet cards are delish!! i'm not just saying this because you're the best ever, but i would buy one just to frame it! i guess this will be the last time i get to say this....I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER 1ST!!!!!!

love, jes





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