Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am sitting at the computer here...and turn around to see Myles playing with some blocks...
He loves to spell...and read...
i love that he has used this tool to figure out the world of spelling..
we have magnets on the fridge...foam letters..felt letters...good old paper and crayons..
and these blocks ...
he spelled home...just cuz...
i hope because he loves it here..
i hope he always has great memories of this may not always be the most tidy...
and it may not be the grandest of homesteads..
but it is filled the the corners...every crevice...filled with LOVE!!!
I hope you like it here my sweet boy!
We Love YOU here!!
MY "Home" blocks from Lori
(again..sweet Lori)

And this is just outside our gate to the side of our home!
Our dear friend Rhonda took pictures of us at our home in December.
We have gone to a fancy place once... we will not go to a fancy place again.
Last year we went to the zoo and she took amazing pictures of us there..
We Love the zoo...
We Love our Home..
Just us being us...
And Rhonda is such a sweet and great photographer...and amazing friend...
we will never GO somewhere again...unless Rhonda is there...
go see her new blog here..
if you live here in South Carolina... and need a fantastic picture of your sweet family...
especially if you have kids that don't like those fancy places...
let Rhonda take your picture!!
She is awesome!and her little family is beautiful...oh my..wait 'til you see her little girl!
Her hubs is a great guy too! They Love the Lord!
We Love them!
(and Apolo:)
FYI...She took our header picture on both blogs
yeah...she's great!
take your pictures there.
or the zoo.
Oh and Lori,
Rhonda's hub's family lives in Arkansas..
They go there sometimes..
just sayin'..

okay..have a love-fully!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Love this little man....and FYI...altho YES, I agree Rhonda takes GREAT do you!!! is evident in your posts....and the pictures you send are a creative genius!, mommy

Rhonda Danner said...

thanks for the props Joy! you're so sweet. the boys look like they are doing so awesome. love them! so proud of you and lee. love ya'll too!





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