Monday, February 15, 2010

February Decor

Thankyou so much for all of the love-ly comments you have been leaving!!
(Chelsea..I cannot believe we are neighbors and haven't managed to see each other in so long!! What in the world?? Thankyou for leaving such great comments! i love hearing how those little friends of mine are doing!!...and you too!! let's get together soon...)
Here is my glass collection shelf...
the majority of the jars were candles..I always try to find glass candle holders that are going to have a better use after the candle burns down..
another way we are going more green... I also look for spaghetti sauce jars that we can use again...and jelly jars too... look at all the goodies these lovely shiney jars can hold!

My pink bird of happiness from Lori from last year...ahh, love.
( Lori...sweet Lori..... I got your box this week... THANKYOU so much! Everything is SOO pretty! I LOVE MY SCARF!! I wore it and got all kind of compliments...
and the chocolates..and the beautiful silver heart...and our journal!!
I Love getting sweet packages from You!!! still putting yours together...
Thankyou my friend!!)

I will keep this sentiment For-E-VER !!
My mom gave me this "Lobster" Gift certificate for Christmas...and i just love her notie to me..
In the spring we are getting a "studio" (barn-like shed) for my (addiction) crafts!!!
This will be framed and prominantly displayed..
I did not go to college.
But this is like i got my degree.
It means so much to me that MY MOM wrote this..
i'm silly. i know.
but it is so special to me.
(i love you Mommy)

I got this idea from Julie from Joy's hope.
This is my collection of used spools since the spring.
not bad, eh?

oh the pretty!

these will get put away and decorated for next year.
I "big puffy heart" love you!!


and look at this pretty!
(not too closely...i haven't been up there dusting..i was just takin' pictures, k?)
My Mom got it for us (from Lowes)
on a super duper discount!!
I love the black..i could paint it another color some my ugly green..
but we have wrought iron other places in the living room..and it helps bring everything together..
I am behind on this posting...
Half way through February, and i am just posting my decor!!
Guacamole for the Super bowl!!!
Have a Love-fully!


Chelsea P said...

Posted at 5 am? I am so confused. :o)
Anyway, I'm so glad you posted pictures of the decor because I saw a hint of decor in the background of another pic and it reminded me how I LOVE how you decorate your sweet house for all the seasons. So great to see it. Now, if only I could see you... :o)
Happy Valentines!
Sullivan is wearing those heart thermals you got her to go with her tutu and wings... they are a little faded but it's another of those things around here that reminds us of you.

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I mean it when I say....YOU INSPIRE ME!!!....keep makes me feel like you are right next door!, mommy

mysteryhistorymom said...

I LOVED seeing all the jars filled with treasures! Oh my! Your Mom adores you and how could she not?? Seriously! You make me want to create, sing, laugh, smile and love, dear friend.:) Oh, JOY!!!! So glad you liked your little package, Sweets! Lori

Fran. said...

Hi, Joy I just love your jars! It's me Fran. the one who told you to go on dates with your hubby! and I hope you are! Your family is so adorable! God is awesome! Your Mom has every right to be proud of you! Another little gift from God! Hey, I have a blog now! I did it! and I love it! I still need to get my craftyness on there. Still praying about opening an esty! You go girl! With love, Fran. XO





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