Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Are you ready for the big game !!??
This was what i made to snack on for the Super bowl!! Love me some Ugly Green Guac!
So, Super bowl was last week...but the Olympics are on now!!
Guac doesn't seem like a great thing to eat in the cold...but YOU aren't in the cold... YOU aren't speed skating , are you?? You are snuggled up in your cozy home, watching these amazing atheletes... truth be told..I have NEVER been interested in any event but ice skating...
but this year.. I LOVE YOU APOLO!!!!!!!....okay..i'm back... We watched last night..(Saturday..i'm preposting ,you know...)..as he blasted past the other skaters in the 1st heat!! I had never seen anything like it!! My heart was racing.!! Ofcourse, I did see Apolo compete in Dancing With the Stars and was totally rooting for him then... But Now...
I LOVE YOU APOLO!! (And you too, hubs..)
Way to go! Six-TIME Olympic medal Winner that you are!!
I was getting ready to say have a Love-fully!
I totally forgot there is Guac to get to!!
sorry about that.
So here is what you need!!
***An Avacado
***a 1/4 of a lemon
***some garlic powder
*** a pinch or two of SEA SALT
*** your favorite chips to scoop with

Here is our pretty avacado!!
slice it in half all the way around and twist the halves from each other... you will have this super slippery pit in the middle...
push your sharp knife into the pit and twist that sucker out...

use a spoon to scoop out the yummy green-ness!!

put in in your bowl.

all of it..

sprinkle about this much garlic powder over the green...
just a few shakes...maybe more if you like more!!

sqeeze that lemon wedge over ..use more if you like more..

moosh the yummy green all around...mmmmm
I like mine chunky....so i don't go mooshing too much!!

lookin' good!

oh yum!

now just sprinkle your SEA salt on the top!!
more if you like more..
keep tasting..this won't hurt a thing!!

This is such a great food!
Avacados are packed with good fat!!
I don't know exactly what kind of good fat that is...but it makes eating this yummy food even more enjoyable!!
It is also great spread over your turkey sandwich, INSTEAD of mayo...
so go make some Guac!
(go Apolo)

oh look..there is one more picture here...
Want some??
Go check out Autism Blooms if you haven't had a chance to...i've been posting alot..
there is a video of my Sammy on the 10th...
I went from not having any posts..pretty much disappearing from the face of the earth..to posting on both blogs...enjoy...
okay, i just realized that the dates are not on the posts..
sooooo....you will have to scroll all the way down the page and click on older posts..
the video is called Lucky Spaghetti..
okay..that's all.


Chelsea P said...

Hey! And Jackson has been going to ATS for speech (has been as in today is week 3) and guess what I saw? A Joxlette. Oh yes I did. And I said "You know Ms Joy!". And then my kids say, "MS JOY, MS JOY!!!" You know, there is evidence of you all over the place!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

We will definitely HAVE to have avacados on our WHOLE FOODS shopping list when you come....yummy TUTE!!!...I can almost taste it!

mysteryhistorymom said...

I looooooovvvvvvvveeeeee guacamole! I think I may make your recipe today, Sweets!;) Thanks for sharing! Lori





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