Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the shop!!

This cute set of cards made their way into the shop yesterday!!

They can be used to tell your friends and family (well, 10 of them atleast...)that you have just moved!! Or save them as a house warming gift as a set, or use them one at a time each time you are welcomed into someone's home!! I plan on making more of these..they were so fun to make...and there are so many options for colors and patterns and embellishments!!

These are not in the shop!!! They are sweet Sammy's shoes after

school.... He enjoys the sand!!! I just love his sweet little shoes..all dirty from his long day at school....all that learning..all that growing....he is doing SO well and transitioning to the new routine in an amazing way!! He does have some pretty incredible ladies...His Ladies..shall we say...that are pretty smitten with him as well...

and let me just say...with a slice of embarrassment....last night was the FIRST night in 3 years that our little family has eaten the same thing together at the same time!!! Hooray for tortellinies!! Sam usually only eats ziti type noodles...Myles doesn't eat pasta...and i did not alter any of the meal for anyone!! It was such a treasure!! Sammy sat the whole time...

it was like our small little miracle!! Should we have tortellinies tonight too???....Making food my whole family will eat is such a happy, satisfying time for me!! i can't wait for it to happen again!!

Okay..not quite in the shop yet...but here i go........

This one too....go see...the shop is getting full!!
and Friday...a little sale...
have a love-fully!!


Anonymous said...

awww...sweet sandy shoes. cute!
your shop is looking awesome! such adorable stuff in there! and may i just say...those fabric wreaths in your last post, yes, i think those should definately make their way to the shop!! gorgeous! i love the idea of the frames being dry erase boards, too. so sweet.

ps...sorry i missed your call! i may call ya today, but hubby's actually off today, so maybe not...just know that you're on my mind, sweet friend! :)

ChelseaP said...

Hey! Happy day!... No, no, the REAL Happy Meal! I'm so glad that you had an enjoyable family dinner last night. I know that takes a lot of stress and work off of you! Congrats! Maybe this will be the beginning of a new thing... besides, making only one meal for dinner would free up more of your afternoon for enjoying your boys!
Thinking about you (as always...)





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