Monday, September 15, 2008

Good to know...and good to remember

This week's chocoholic fix is these scrumptious morsels!!
...don't forget...they are great for a little snack whilst you blog!!

This was amazing to me!!I have always loved these treats..especially at the movies...and now they are even more my favorite dark chocolate...and they are secretly good for me!!!

Did i go a little overboard on the pictures here??

This new sweet collection will be arriving tomorrow...well, the collection so far is one set of these adorable cards....i just love them...mostly because of...

Smylie has been making these pictures at OT...and i am in love with the simple-ness of them...he cut out (with some help) the shapes and put them all together to make this sweet home!!

So..sets of cards are on my to do list for now... wish i was moving..i would get them for myselfy!!! to my shop!! Look at these!!! These Falling for You frames are adorned with my Joxlettes....and look at the beautiful centers!! Handmade buttons!!Oh mY!! My friend Jes from Kadyhope made them for me..and i just could not resist putting them on these Joxlettes!! Jes makes the most charming clay pieces...Handmade goodness..from stones, to buttons, to tiny cottages and cards too.... she is amazing!

Here is another lookee...a sweet frame..or a dry-erase-type piece for sweet noties to your loved ones!!

Is fabric edible??

And look at these two yummy wreaths...not for sale...what do you think??? one is a giftie...and one is a meee-ie.....the bottom one was just yellow for spring..but i added the chocolate tulle and boy did it transform into my new favorite fall wreath...'s my only fall wreath..but still...

Okay...go check out my etsy shop....and Jes's shop
and go see my Mom's blog...for a super fun Birthday giveaway!
(and give her some Birthday love too...)
Happy Birthday Mommy!! I love you!!

And...go have a Love-fully!!

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ko said...

ok...that is my favorite candy ever!!!!!! ohh i love them..i didnt know they had dark choc...i will have to try! wonderful blog.....i just took my etsy off my page, i never have had a buyer! your blog is toooo cute! :)





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