Saturday, September 6, 2008


Thank you so much for all of your commenting! It was a week filled with excitement...and heart palpitations...but i am getting the hang of posting new stuff... and the crazy dance of this life as a Wife and Mommy and Friend and Entrepreneur!!!! Oooh fancy! and hard!! But Blessed! So...Thank you for peeking in on me and my creations...i LOVE making things with my hands...
and am so rewarded by a completed project...and the oohs and ahhs of sweet friends and family like YOU!!!Makes me happy!

and speaking of what makes me HAPPY!!! This meal is so Delish!!! Chicken Soup with Buttermilk Biscuits!!We found it in our COTTAGE LIVING magazine last year...and it was so great!! i had to make it this week!!! mmmmmmmmm!

So...i saw these in the grocery store...YOU KNOW WHICH ONE.. and NEEDED them!! yes...NEEDED!!

MMMM! mmm! oooh! mm!ah! mmmmmm!mm!slobber!drool!

Don't worry..i didn't eat them all at once... there are plenty left!

Want some???!!

And more of what makes me happy!!! This picture should not have turned out..because i can't seem to figure out my simple camera...BUT it did!! I love pictures with crazy motion in them!
Even if they are blurry...this life goes by so fast..and sometimes it seems like it is all a get it to still for a moment is like a giftie to me...

and this makes Sweeetums happy!! He is at OT here... this is his preference for the netting to be all up in his face...???...i don't know!!

I lift up my eyes to the hills-

where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,

The Maker of heaven and earth!

Psalm 121:1&2

now..the heart palpitations....what a juggling act this is... Our Sammy goes to school next week...Wednesday...his 3rd Birthday! and we are so glad for IS the BEST for him!!

It IS where he will THRIVE!!! it IS the MOST WONDERFUL classroom...and SHE IS the PERFECT teacher!! (seriously..she is)...but i have been asked so many times lately..." So..what are you going to do with all of your time???..."...and although that may seem like i should be this overwhelming sense of relief and indulgence would sweep over me... in my heart i feel as if i am losing my most favorite job....ever!!

I will no longer have the privilege of being captivated by my boys all day!!! in Sammy learning more than the 3 signs he knows..that we have worked so hard on....or his first we have waited...i want to be there to hear his voice...maybe even say the precious time when he needs a little squeeze and some kisses...and then he goes and plays until he needs some more love...from me... now his sweet teachers will have the indulgences of my sweet boy...the touch of his tiny little boy hands leading them all around that fantastic room as he discovers new and exciting things about this world....and the playground will have the sweet privilege of his belly on the swings soaring high as he fills the air with the sound of his giggles!!! Oh...what will i do??? The first day i will be sitting in the parking lot with hubs...we have plans to indulge ourselves a little during their playtime....they play at the same time...and we hope to capture those moments...our tiny treasures...oh, please pray for my heart to withstand this pressure...just a couple more days...

What ever will i do with my time???

Have a Love-fully day!!

I sure will!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- You are SUCH an inspiration! Every time I come by you make me SMILE! You are like one of God's remarkable beams of light- and sunshine!:-)

It is so good to see that your little angels are doing well and both going to school, too! Sounds like they are in amazing, caring hands.:-)

You must put some of your darling banners/pennants in your shop! The one that is hanging from your table is cccuuuttteee!:-)

That soup from Cottage Living (love that magazine!) looks perfect for cool Fall nights! Yum! Lori

Anonymous said...

aaaaahhhh...sweet. all of it. sweet, sweet boys. and you'll be in prayers for sure, dear friend! you can do it. it will be so good for them. :)
and what sweet stuff in your shop! i love it all...and no, no box yet! but i'm waiting patiently!! can't wait! i assume you haven't gotten yours yet either??? probably not. i just mailed it a couple of days ago.
i've been meaning to the weather is over there?? well, your sweet fam is in our prayers.
much love

Elise said...

That recipe sounds delicious!! I do love some homemade soup. I hope your boys do great at school.

Amy said...

The youngest of my four kids started school this year. Everyone asked me what I was going to do with all my free time. Pretty much the same thing I did before. I was hoping I would have more time for crafting/sewing....alas, no!
You guys have fun!





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