Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Fun!

Look at my yummy cake (from Publix...where shopping is a pleasure..).. Hubby was in charge of this... I Loved it!!! And look how old I am!!! Ahhhh! I love being 23!!!

Wearing a Joxlette to compliment my Birthday attire!!! Do you need one for your upcoming birthday?? Or someone else that is so special to you that they just MUST have a pretty that will let them know!!

Smylie nearly bit that rose right off the front! he Loves Happy birthdays...and the cake that goes with them!!!
The loot from that pretty bag in the last post!! all of my favorite colors.... Thankyou so much my foster family!!!

So, we packed a picnic lunch and headed downtown this afternoon... we have this amazing watery-park that shoots water up from the ground... sweetums loved it..smylie kept his distance..

And then....we headed to this secret garden.... how wonderful...

we told Smylie we were going on a bear find Winnie the pooh....and looky what we found....(notice his little piglet in the side pocket of his backpack!!) he was thrilled to see Winnie the pooh!! a distance...keeping his eyes on pooh!!

Sweetums...need i say more!!??
At our picnic sight... such a great garden...we are remembering the details...would love to have the same in our yard some day!!
Sammy sat in my lap and ate his bagel and banana... can see the bagel in this picture...

Does anyone else LU-UV These nuts like I do???
They are so very good for you... if you google "pistachio" there is tons of information on this yummy good for me (and you) snack!! Put them in a pretty bowl and grab a couple in the afternoon (or when you feel the munchies coming on).. evidently they won't make you gain any long as you just use them as a substitute and not in addition to all of the other munchies!!!

And look at my new Cuppa....isn't she a beaut !??

I don't have a long Cup of Joy post today...but lookee inside my cup... I LOVE this verse... and this midweek you will (finally) know why!!



Have a love-Fully!!!

ps....more birthday loot to show later...


mysteryhistorymom said...

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, my Sweet Friend!:-) It looks like had an absolutely fabulous day! Your little ones certainly love their Mommy!

Love your joxlette!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post from beginning to end! Such beauty in all of it! Thanks for sharing. :) I'm so happy YOU had a happy day! And you looked fabulous! That cake looks scrumptious...mmmm! Your new clothes are tooooo cute, too! those greens! And as always your pics are bright and beautiful. You're such an encouragement.
OOH! And about the pistachios...I could eat them all day (and usually do)!

Have a WONDERFUL week!

BlessedUtopia said...

Happy BIrthday!! That cake is awesome!! I have to agree with Jes...fabulous post. PUt a smile on my face the whole way through. And I have to ditto your love for the pistachio. YUMO!!! Happy birthday again, happy week!!

SanGal said...

Beautiful family! Hope your B-day was grand...always very uplifting to visit your site.......thanks for the smile you left me with!

mysteryhistorymom said...

So glad you can join the swap! Yippeee!
I loved your comments about the dog! "What tongue????" I just think about that and I start laughing!!:) Lori

Elise said...

I just found your blog from mystery history mom and her swap comments. I love it here!!
I almost hope that you are my partner!!
Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Happy b-day! I officially feel old since I am a decade older! :)
I found your site thru my friend Jes!





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